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Monday, May 18, 2015

Hellooooooooooo Family!!:) How the heck are you? How is everyone? I hope ya all had a great week!:) Last week without you better enjoy it while you still can;) Oh goodness I don't even know where to start.... GOOD NEWS!!! First....We got 2 people set for baptism here in our area this week!!!!:) Their names are Marisol and Carlos:) They are 2 10 year olds:) They are so special! It has been sooo cool teaching them! I love teaching kids:) its my favorite! We also helped them plant a garden this week:)
REALLY GOOD NEWS! So I was calling people in past areas to try and get them to departing testimonies and I called a past investigator. We were really really close....I invited her then we just got talkin. I asked her if she had still been goin to church and things. She said yes. I then felt super prompted to set her for baptism....ha So I did. I asked her if she would be baptized on June 13th....and SHE SAID YES!!!!!!!!! haha soooo cool!! We talked about things she needed to do in order to make that date...she was all for it. I told her I would call the Elders in her area and have them help her get there. She said she would love that. So I called the Elders and told them. They freaked out they were so happy!!!! They had told me how they had been praying so hard for a miracle to happen with her because they had tried everything and she just wasn't havin it yet. haha sooo cool! I just talked to the Elders a couple days ago and they said she is doing AMAZING and will make it on June 13th!!! SO FAMILY!!!! when we come out here and visit WE CAN SEE HER GET BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):) She begged me to make it there!!! We gotta somehow get there!!! Its in Hastings!!!:)
Another cool story! Sooo we got a call from this lady this week sayin her boyfriend went to the hospital and her house is a disaster and she is so overwhelmed and just needs help. She said that her son used to meet with missionaries and that's how she knew to call us. So we went over with some YSA friends we gathered and ended up deep cleanin this ladys trailer. She was a mess. It was so sad. Afterwards you could just see the relief on her face. It was sooo awesome to be able to help her. We then gave her a BOM and felt prompted to share a verse on how angels are still real and miracles have not ceased, in Moroni 7. She started sobbing and saying "Holy cow you guys really are from God!!! and then she went on and told us that her boyfriend used to tell her whenever she sees pennies on the ground that it means the angels are right there with you and wanting you to know that they are thinking of you. She then told us she had found a stash of pennies that day:) and how sometimes there are angels on the other side there with us to help us through....or sometimes God uses us as His angels as well:) She then told us she knew we were directly sent from God and really wants to hear what we have to tell her:) So she became a new investigator and we are goin back and seein her this week:) Sooo cool!!! Ok ONE MORE AWESOME THING!!!! We got to meet Elder Dallin H. Oaks yesterday!!!! It was so cool cuz as missionaries in the Kearney Stake we got to usher. Sister Lambert and I were just standin in the middle of the hall talkin when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and it was Him!! He said, "Hey Sister Missionary!!! whats your name?" haha I told him then he asked where I was from. He then said, "ohhh I know where Highland is. That's a great place!!! I love it there." He then just kept his hand on my shoulder and talked to Sister Lambert. I wasn't really payin attention though because the whole time his hand was on my shoulder...I just felt whole. I felt so much peace and comfort. He had answered a prayer in such a simple way. He literally spoke to me like God would've. I have been so nervous about coming nervous of the unknown in what lies ahead...and my Heavenly Father knew that. He knew that this was somethin that has been bothering me....and He sent an apostle of the Lord to just tell me how beautiful and how much he loved Highland just so I could feel peace. It was soo small and simple that it didn't even cross Elder Oaks mind..... but it meant the world to me:) that's how God works. He answers our prayers constantly, daily,....we just gotta recognize them. They are there. Just sometimes they are so small you could miss it if you aren't lookin hard enough. There just are no coincidences:)
Well I am really running out of time......But I just want all of you to know that I know that God loves us. I know He is so aware of each of us individually. I know He answers our prayers. Sometimes its a yes. Sometimes its a no. but many times its a "Lets wait awhile and see if you will still trust me." Elder James E Talmage explained that "In mercy the Father sometimes delays the granting that the asking may be more fervent." Sometimes when the answers to our prayers are deliberately delayed, it is the Lords way of saying " Why don't you show me how much you care, so that I can show you how much I care?" He knows that the more we plead, the sweeter the joy will be when the heavens do finally open to us. The Lords "no's" are merely preludes to an even greater "yes". (Putting on the armor of God.) I know this to be true with all my heart. I know this church is the Church of God. It is sooo obvious. His works are manifested EVERYWHERE in it. There are miracles that happen every day in this gospel. This gospel has the power to change lives. I have seen it change lives...including my own. The reason it has that because it is Gods power. I know that heaven isn't far away at all. I have seen and felt angels right next to me. I know that this is Gods work because I have felt his enabling power every day. I know that 2 people can overcome anything if 1 of them is God. and I know that Gods love has the power to fix, change, heal, overcome ANYTHING. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. I love you all so very much. Thank you for absolutely everything. Thank you for your love, for your support, and most of all for the prayers. They have made all the difference. I love you so much!!!!! :) Talk to you next week....or I guess I can say...See you next week:) Love, Sister Wilson:)

Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015

ohhhh goodness!!! Hello Family!!! How are you???:) You all seemed so good yesterday talkin to you!:) I am so glad to hear that!:) Well.....this is 2nd to last email to you guys....kinda weird. wow oh wow I don't even know what to say!! Things are going amazing over here. So many miralces and tender mercies from the Lord....literally every single day...every single hour. This week we had 2 zone trainings!!! I gave my last trainings as Sister Training leader....that was sad. Man oh man I love this so much it hurts. I gave my departing testimony at those.... so sad again.:( Got to spend lunch with our sisters and some exchanges where we saw miralces in their areas!!!:) A set of our sisters got a baptism this week!!! That was amazing! We were able to meet with a lot of people who were struggling and be an answer to their prayers.......that was really special. and Emily (we baptized her a couple months ago) was able to take her moms name to the temple and be baptized for her!!!! Oh that was such a powerful thing she later told us. Soo cool:)
Well I really don't even know what to say.....So im gonna bear my testimony:) haha sooo everybody get comfortable;) Well first off.....I would just like to say that if I could sum up my mission and everything that I learned....I would say the thing I learned the most about was Gods love. Im sure I have mentioned this time and time again through out my emails....but that's really all everything comes down. His love. He loves us so unconditionally, so permanetely. There is nothing we can do to take us away from it. Its just there. He is so forgiving and so merciful and so tender and so caring....yet so unchanging and so fair. He is perfect. He can love you perfectly.
We try soo hard to find the feeling of Gods love. The closest thing we have on this earth to compare it to is the love we feel for our families. Ive heard its the love you feel for your children....the love you feel for your spouse...but..........I aint there yet;) soooo I aint goin there.;) but I am excited to one day get to that point and understand Gods love on an even deeper level! haha but really. I have seen time and time again on this mission where we commit people to come to church, read their scriptures, these things that will help them FEEL of Gods love in their life, That will help them feel true happiness. But they don't. and then, we feel devastated. We feel so sad because we know that they are just missing out on an opportunity to find what they actually want, to find what they are actually looking for, to find what will make them happier then they can even imagine. We just feel sad because we love them sooo very much it hurts and just want them to be happy. Heavenly Father has enabled us missionaries to feel just a fraction of how Heavenly father feels when we make those small choices that bring us away from Him. He doesn't hate us, or get angry, or throw a temper tantrum....He just feels sad because He knows whats best for you, knows how to make you feel whole, and wants to fill you....but you gotta trust Him. You gotta act even when you don't see the outward results right away. You gotta trust and have Faith He truly just wants whats best for you. When you have that kinda trust in Him.....You will be completely 100% happy:) All of us want to be loved. That's a desire Heavenly father has given us. And the whole goal in this life is to find Gods love. That's why it is the fruit of the tree of life. Its the greatest of all the gifts of God. That's why we find the most happiness in this life, in the family. That's where Gods love is evident. That's why we feel so good and so happy when we read the Book of Mormon, that book is evidence of Gods love. Its got examples of Gods love alllll through out it!
Oh goodness I could go on forever talking about this....I feel like I haven't even begun to explain the things I have learned about Gods love....but I am running out of time so I will save it for another day!:) Real fast....I found this quote the other day during my studies....and its perfect. "True love lasts forever. It is eternally patient, and forgiving. It believes, hopes, and endures all things. That is the love our Heavenly Father bears for us." -Joseph B Wirthlin Heavenly fathers love is PERFECT. Our mortal brains just cant comprehend that. That's why He is the only one who can truly make us one else can. We need to stop tryin to feel whole by other sources...or other people. If somethin is missing in your life, if you do not feel whole, I promise you that if you stop tryin to rely on other people, and stop tryin to find other ways to feel whole, and just turn to your loving Heavenly Father that You. Will. Feel. Whole. You will be filled. I promise you that with all my heart. He will make you whole. I say that in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. I love you guys sooo much!!!!:) have a great week! Love, Sister Wilson:)

May 4, 2015

  Weekly email:) (63) People   Ashley Wilson Hello Family!!:) This week is Christmas!:) WOOOO HOOOOO! Merry Christmas!!!:) I hope you all have a wonderful week :) Wow well this past week has been amazing. I seriously cant even tell you how grate Dec 22, 2014   Pam Wilson On Monday, December 22, 2014 10:33 AM, Ashley Wilson wrote: Hello Family!!:) This week is Christmas!:) WOOOO HOOOOO! Merry Christmas!!!:) I hope you all have a wonderful Dec 22, 2014   Ashley Wilson Hello Family!!!:) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!:) Hope you all had a great Christmas!!!! Thank you soo much for all your letters and packages!!! I LOVE it so much and soo appreciated it!! Thank you!!:) I have the Dec 29, 2014   Pam Wilson On Monday, December 29, 2014 10:55 AM, Ashley Wilson wrote: Hello Family!!!:) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!:) Hope you all had a great Christmas!!!! Thank you soo much for all your l Dec 29, 2014   Ashley Wilson I just love all these people:)  Dec 29, 2014   Ashley Wilson New Years Eve:) Started the new year a Canadian.  Jan 5   Ashley Wilson Emilys BAPTISM!!!!:) I LOVE her!!!  Jan 5   Pam Wilson On Monday, January 5, 2015 9:38 AM, Ashley Wilson wrote: Emilys BAPTISM!!!!:) I LOVE her!!! Jan 5   Todd Wilson No picture was attached??? Todd Wilson YBA Shirts 1-800-825-4625 Ext. 501 Jan 5   Pam Wilson On Monday, January 5, 2015 9:39 AM, Ashley Wilson wrote: Emilys BAPTISM!!!!:) I LOVE her!!!  Jan 5   Ashley Wilson Hello Family!!!:) Happy New Years!!!:) I hope you all had fun...and partied hard. In the Mormon kind of way. But crazy to think its 2015 now....where does the time go?? crazy!! Well this week was an a Jan 5   Pam Wilson On Monday, January 5, 2015 10:28 AM, Ashley Wilson wrote: Hello Family!!!:) Happy New Years!!!:) I hope you all had fun...and partied hard. In the Mormon kind of way. But Jan 5   Ashley Wilson Hey Family!!! How was your week?? ITS MOMS BIRTHDAY WEEK! haha soo sad I am missin that;) Boys, you know what that HAVE to do everything she says or else youll hear her say, "But its my b Jan 12   Pam Wilson On Monday, January 12, 2015 11:01 AM, Ashley Wilson wrote: Hey Family!!! How was your week?? ITS MOMS BIRTHDAY WEEK! haha soo sad I am missin that;) Boys, you know what t Jan 12   Pam Wilson On Monday, January 5, 2015 10:28 AM, Ashley Wilson wrote: Hello Family!!!:) Happy New Years!!!:) I hope you all had fun...and partied hard. In the Mormon kind of way. But Jan 15   Ashley Wilson hey family!!!:) How was your week?? I hope it was good!!! This week was really good for us!!! We had many exchanges with Sisters! 3 of our sisters in our stewardship are goin home this week!!! :( soo Jan 20   Pam Wilson Begin forwarded message: Jan 20   Ashley Wilson Hey Family!!:) How was your week?? I hope Dad had the best birthday week ever!!! and didn't get too many gray hairs ;) Well life here is AMAZING. Wow I just love this area, my comp, and the people her Jan 26   Pam Wilson On Monday, January 26, 2015 11:31 AM, Ashley Wilson wrote: Hey Family!!:) How was your week?? I hope Dad had the best birthday week ever!!! and didn't get too many gray h Jan 26   Todd Wilson Any pictures??? Todd Wilson YBA Shirts 1-800-825-4625 Ext. 501 Jan 26   Pam Wilson not yet  Jan 26   Ashley Wilson Hey Family!!:) How are you doing?:) Have you been gettin lots of snow there? How was the super bowl? haha man.....that was real hard to find anyone to teach!!! it better had been worth it dangit!!!:) Feb 2   Ashley Wilson Bowling:) We got the best ward missionaires ever!!! and I beat the record as the SLOWEST BOWLER EVER. Yup. Im that good. NOTICE: This email message is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and  Feb 2   Pam Wilson On Monday, February 2, 2015 1:59 PM, Ashley Wilson wrote: Hey Family!!:) How are you doing?:) Have you been gettin lots of snow there? How was the super bowl? haha man... Feb 2   Ashley Wilson A gas station that literally is the middle of the United States:) andddd that man was some dude who made us take his picture while we were there.......weird people out in the boonies. NOTICE: This ema  Feb 2   Pam Wilson Hi Melissa, I just wanted to let you know about a few dates coming up! Feb. 23rd @ 9:30 - Mock Battle of the Books and ice cream party. March 10th & 11th @ 9:30 - Battle of the Books March 13th - Batt Feb 4   Ok. I will ask someone from the board to go on the 23rd. Don't stress about being to all of them, I just wanted to let you know of the dates! Pam Sent from my iPhone Feb 4   Ashley Wilson Hey Family!!!:) How has your week been?? Dare bear! HAPPY BIRHTDAY!!! ew your 17. That's old. Hope you liked the video of me and the YSA singing to you!!:) just know...I DID remember your birthday! We Feb 9   Pam Wilson On Monday, February 9, 2015 11:53 AM, Ashley Wilson wrote: Hey Family!!!:) How has your week been?? Dare bear! HAPPY BIRHTDAY!!! ew your 17. That's old. Hope you liked th Feb 9   Ashley Wilson Hey Family!!! How has your week been? I hope you all had a great Valentines day!! I love and miss ya all sooo much!!:) Well we had a really good week!! Ahh so many miralces...I say that every week but Feb 16   Pam Wilson On Monday, February 16, 2015 10:32 AM, Ashley Wilson wrote: Hey Family!!! How has your week been? I hope you all had a great Valentines day!! I love and miss ya all sooo Feb 16   Ashley Wilson Hey Family!:) How was your week? I hope it was great!!:) I cant believe Kelsie leaves on her mission this week and that Alayna gets hers this week!!! Gosh sooo many changes!!! I am sooo proud of both Feb 23   Sent from my iPhone Begin forwarded message: Feb 23   Ashley Wilson Pictures didn't send last week....but this was my Valentines Date:) We love eachother. a whole lot. NOTICE: This email message is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain confiden  Feb 23   Ashley Wilson Hola Familia! How was your week? I hope it was supa good! I really hope Kels is doin good in the MTC and that LAYNA IS SO EXCITED TO SERVE IN BOLIVIA!!!!!!! That's AMAZING!!!! I am SOOO excited for he Mar 2   Sent from my iPhone Begin forwarded message: Mar 2   Ashley Wilson Hello Family!:) how are ya all doin? I sure hope you had a great week!:) This week was busy. We had transfers and me and Sister Lutz are stayin here in Kearney!!:) SO happy about that! I LOVE it here. Mar 9   Pam Wilson On Monday, March 9, 2015 11:03 AM, Ashley Wilson wrote: Hello Family!:) how are ya all doin? I sure hope you had a great week!:) This week was busy. We had transfers and Mar 9   Ashley Wilson Hola familia!!:) How are ya all doin???:) I hope you all had a really great week and are all just doin good!!:) This week was da best!!:) Tons of miralces errrrry day allll day!!:) First miracle....I Mar 16   Pam Wilson On Monday, March 16, 2015 11:16 AM, Ashley Wilson wrote: Hola familia!!:) How are ya all doin???:) I hope you all had a really great week and are all just doin good!!:) T Mar 16   Ashley Wilson Hola Familia!!!:) how was your week??? I hope it was great!!:) Cant wait to hear all about it! Well I don't have too much time this Im going to keep it short!! But this week was kinda crazy Mar 23   Pam Wilson On Monday, March 23, 2015 11:15 AM, Ashley Wilson wrote: Hola Familia!!!:) how was your week??? I hope it was great!!:) Cant wait to hear all about it! Well I don't have Mar 23   Ashley Wilson Only pics I have taken in a while....hahah I am so bad!! I will do better mom!!! Me and Lutz:) my bestie:) and gam gam:) (Sister Carlson) (lady we are living with who spoils us!! just like living with  Mar 23   Pam Wilson Those are better pictures of you two! Most of the picture I have is of you two making faces! :) Mar 23   Pam Wilson On Monday, March 23, 2015 11:25 AM, Ashley Wilson wrote: Only pics I have taken in a while....hahah I am so bad!! I will do better mom!!! Me and Lutz:) my bestie:) and ga  Mar 23   Ashley Wilson Hello family!!!:) How was this week???:) I hope great!!! My week was fantastic!!! no ER experiences, or bein pulled over by a cop:) now that's a miracle. Well this week has been crazy!!! We have been Mar 30   Pam Wilson On Monday, March 30, 2015 11:27 AM, Ashley Wilson wrote: Hello family!!!:) How was this week???:) I hope great!!! My week was fantastic!!! no ER experiences, or bein pull Mar 30   Ashley Wilson The YSA:) Love them sooo much! NOTICE: This email message is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain confidential and privileged information. Any unauthorized review, use, disclo  Mar 30   Sent from my iPhone Begin forwarded message: Mar 30   Ashley Wilson Hello Family!!! Sorry I never emailed yesterday!:) It was a crazy busy day! Sister Lutz left me and went home....:( saddest day of my life. but that's ok! Well I don't have much time today!!!! But I j Apr 7   Sent from my iPhone Begin forwarded message: Apr 7   Ashley Wilson Hello Family!!:) How was your week???? Sounds like you had a good week!! St George???? ahhh so jealous. Dare bear and Ry flipped a razor????? what happened?? Well this week was crazy busy and insane!! Apr 13   Pam Wilson On Monday, April 13, 2015 10:28 AM, Ashley Wilson wrote: Hello Family!!:) How was your week???? Sounds like you had a good week!! St George???? ahhh so jealous. Dare bear Apr 13   Ashley Wilson Helllllllllooooo family:) Sooo jealous mom and dad are in Cancun. not fair. they could've waited just a couple more weeks and taken me too....but noooooooope. rude. ill get over it. hopefully. Well th Apr 20   Pam Wilson Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android From:"Ashley Wilson" Date:Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 11:27 AM Subject:weekly email:) Apr 20   Pam Wilson Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android From:"Ashley Wilson" Date:Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 11:27 AM Subject:weekly email:) Apr 20   Pam Wilson Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android From:"Ashley Wilson" Date:Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 11:27 AM Subject:weekly email:) Apr 20   Pam Wilson Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android From:"Ashley Wilson" Date:Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 11:27 AM Subject:weekly email:) Apr 20   Ashley Wilson Hey Family!!! How was Cancun??? So not fair!! Dare was prom??;) Audrey looks sooo cute! Cant wait to meet her!;) well we had a great week!!!! :) TONS and tons of miralces!!! We taught 35 l Apr 27   Pam Wilson On Monday, April 27, 2015 11:25 AM, Ashley Wilson wrote: Hey Family!!! How was Cancun??? So not fair!! Dare was prom??;) Audrey looks sooo cute! Cant wait to Apr 27   Ashley Wilson To Pam Wilson May 4 Hellooooo Family!!!:) Wow the weeks have flown by!!! how are you guys??? gosh I don't even know where to begin.....Heavenly Father is just blessing us sooo much lately. There aren't words to explain all that He has done:) Ill try and explain some of the miralces that happened this week:) Soooo first off....on Tuesday we got 14 lessons!!!!! haha gosh He is just blessing us with people to teach!!! I begged and begged Him to just keep me super busy so I don't have time to think about having to come home...and He sure has answered that prayer:) The backing miracle!! Ok so ya know how us missionaries have to back each other every time we reverse the car? Well I was on exchanges with one of our sisters and we were in a trailer park and completely hit a dead end. So I got out of the car to back her...haha she had to make like a 50 point turn to get out of I was just chillin out there while she backed and there was a lady waterin her flowers so I went up and started talkin to her (while watching the car of course;)) and we ended up gettin in a long conversation:) I gave her a BOM and we taught a lesson and got a return appointment. She had her 2 kids come out and we gave them BOM's too:) They are so prepared and it was such a miracle cuz we had been praying to find new investigators to teach!!! Heavenly Father blessed us with this miracle because we were obedient to the mission rules and chose to back the car:) haha Another miracle was we were able to teach one of our YSA members brother who is super catholic. She has been praying sooo hard for him to be open to the gospel....he gave us a chance to hear us out. We were sooo nervous....but we prayed like crazy and the lesson went sooo good! The spirit was soo strong! We talked about Christ and all bore our testimonies and he bore his and said we could come back and continue to share our message!!:) Our YSA member just cried and cried she was soo happy!! We committed them to read from the Bible and Book of Mormon together each night...they said they would they have been doing it!!!!! Its really brought them closer together and closer to the Savior:) Haha ok so funny miracle... sooo we were travelin to York to spend the night with our Sisters there on our way to our missionary leadership training in Omaha the next day. We had a ton of lessons in our area that day so we didn't get on the road till later that was 9:30 at night and we still had 30 mins to drive....we were supposed to be in York by 9. Well we realized we had nooo gas and really needed to get some but we were so late so we kept driving!!!! finally we decided we NEEDED gas or our car was gonna die so we pulled over into this TINY town called Giltner Nebraksa. Haha theres literally nothing in that town....we searched that whole town...and couldnt find a gas station!!! finally we saw a car drive through and we went and asked them where a gas station was...she told us to follow her...haha we drove another 10 mins to the middle of no where where that was 1 gas pump in the middle of all these fields. Haha we seriously barely made it there. Well since we were in the middle of nowhere alone with this lady, naturally we had her in a good place where she couldn't run away so I whipped out a BOM and started talkin to her. Haha her name was Pam!!!:) She took a BOM:) Ok last miracle I will share even though there are TONS. Sooo we went to Omaha for MLC then we came back to York afterwards and did a little mini exchange with our sisters there:) So they were havin a real hard time gettin in with some investigators that I had taught when I was there so we all went and made a stop there. Wow. sooo they let us in. We talked to them for awhile...we shared a message....and the discussion became really powerful!!! Towards the end I felt prompted to commit them to baptism.....??? Sooo I did...and 2 of them said yes and the 3rd committed to praying and asking Heavenly Father specifically tonight if this was His will for her!!!!! SUCH A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!:) Ok I really gotta wrap this up....I just am so overwhelmed with how loving our Heavenly Father is. I have really been struggling with my mission coming to a close. I love this soo much...and it honestly breaks my heart to see it coming to an end. I am just so happy here. So happy. But heavenly Father knows this...and He keeps allowing me to have closure and tender mercies to make it feel like the work I have done here has been acceptable to Him:) Its really been so amazing. I have been nervous that I didn't do enough...or could've done more...but He keeps sending miralces and tender mercies my way to comfort me and let me know that I did do enough. That my work was good enough for Him:) man so cool:) I just would like to bear my testimony on how if you need specific answers from our Heavenly Father, then you need to ask specific questions to Him. It has really built my testimony lately when I ask such specific questions then I see Him answer them. I recognize the answer so much clearly and it makes Him feel so much closer. versus when I ask a general question...I don't normally notice His answer as much. I would like to invite each of you to ask our Heavenly Father more specific questions....and then I know you will get those answers and I know you will build a special relationship with Him that will, in turn, change you:) I love you all so much! Have a Happy Mothers day!!!:) Talk to you soon! Love, Sister Wilson

April 27, 2015

Hey Family!!! How was Cancun??? So not fair!! Dare was prom??;) Audrey looks sooo cute! Cant wait to meet her!;) well we had a great week!!!! :) TONS and tons of miralces!!! We taught 35 lessons this week!!! Which is insane for here!!!!!!:) it was so cool! In one day we taught 11 lessons!!! haha it was crazy!!:) Well let me tell ya about some miracles!! 1. Got pulled over..... (ready for the miracle part????.................JUST A WARNING!!! Woo hoo!! and...tried to give the guy a Book of Mormon....wasn't havin it...but hey.....Didn't get a ticket!!!;) whew. I should probably not even be tellin you guys about this....but oh well. whats done is done:) you still have to love me:) 2. We got into this families house that we had been tryin to get into for quite some time!!! They invited us to dinner and then a lesson afterwards...we were super excited!!! Well....we got there late cuz I got pulled we already were super nervous and upset about that....but we had called them and they understood....then we get there and they opened the door and were givin us hugs when their dog ran out. The lady started flippin out sayin they just got that dog and it was their new kid and now it was gone! haha soooo me and my comp ran as fast as we could after that dang dog. It almost got hit by a car and ran through this field. I ditched my shoes and seriously booked it after that dog...praying my heart out that I could catch it or these people would NEVER let us come back again! haha Sooo I prayed and jumped on top of it. It was in a bunch of poop.....BUT I GOT IT!!!! hahah I had poop all over my skirt...but I got the dang dog:) haha the family tolerated us after that and let us in and we were able to teach a lesson:) haha gosh Satan really didn't want us to teach them....dang cops, and dogs, but GOD WINS....errrrytime. 3. We had interviews with President this week. Wow it was amazing. So inspired. I came up with 3 goals I am going to do for the next 3 months. 1. I will read 30 mins of the BOM everyday:) 2. I am going to write down 5 evidences of Gods love everyday 3. Come up with 3 questions before praying and then discuss and ask and listen and find those answers in my prayer. I really know that these goals will help me keep my relationship I have with the Lord, and keep me to where my priorities need to be in these next 3 months. He then told me that the reason I came on a mission was for my future. He told me that I better never say "I don't want to go home" I better be saying "I want to go home" haha.....He told me that my mission will be a blueprint for my life... (which is cool cuz when I got set apart from the Stake President, he used the same wording) and he said that the greatest is yet to come and there are so many blessings ahead. He said I just needed to enjoy these last 4 weeks, just soak it all in, and be excited to go home. Then at the end he gave me a blessing and told me that my work was acceptable before God. It was sooooooooo powerful. I really needed to hear that. Anyways other things were said, but it really brought me a lot of peace:) Everything will be ok:) 4. one last miracle!!!! We had 5 investigators at church on Sunday!!!!!:):) We had a new family that we have been working with come!!! GOSH I need to tell you about them! THEY ARE A HUGE MIRALCE!!!! but I am running out of time!! I will tell you about them sooN!!! and then Leslie came for the 3rd time!!!! There will be a baptism this transfer!! That's our goal!!! Alright well I gotta get going....but one last thing I wanted to share with you guys. The most important thing I have learned while being on my mission has been Gods love. I feel like I understand it on such a deeper level than before, and I feel like it has changed everything. I have realized that that is our true purpose as a missionary. To bring others Gods love. HOW amazing is that??? I never want this to end!!! (cept I cant say that...President gets mad at me). But I just know that how we show others Gods love best is by being Bold. How do you know when someone loves you?? Think about that.....they are BOLD with you!! They tell you how they really feel! They show you!!! When their bold it shows their love and passion behind what they are saying. They are Bold Because Of Love & Desire they have for you. Christ was the perfect example of Gods love, the perfect example of being Bold. He accomplished the Atonement, this huge bold statement because of the love He had for us. I know how important it is that we help others feel Gods love. I know that through compassion loves can change. I know that you may think that others know how much you love them, but they don't. Be bold, let those around you KNOW how much you love and appreciate them. Help each child of God feel loved, needed, appreciated and understood. If you are doing that, you are changing lives, and you are being the best servant of God you can be. I would like to invite each of you to focus on helping EVERY person you talk too feel loved, needed, appreciated and understood. If you focus on helping them feel those 4 will be influencing and touching their life more than you could possibly imagine. You will be bringing a power into their lives that will change them forever. You will be bringing them Gods love. I say that in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!! Have a great week!!! Love, Sister Wilson:)

April 13, 2015

Hello Family!!:) How was your week???? Sounds like you had a good week!! St George???? ahhh so jealous. Dare bear and Ry flipped a razor????? what happened?? Well this week was crazy busy and insane!!! So Sister L left me on Monday....and I got put with Sister T (a new missionary who just finished training). I was the only Sister Training Leader for transfer week.........ahhhh it was insane!!!! The phone was ringin nonstop alllll day errrry day allllll the live long week....but luckily everythin got figured out and I didn't mess anythin up too bad;) Well Sister T and I did some work here in Kearney, then we went to York for the other half of the week.
We had a miracle happen in York!!! Ok so ya know how I used to serve in York??? for only 6 weeks? haha well there was one investigator there who I REALLY connected with. Her name was D. Gosh I just loved her so much. She was SOO close to gettin baptized when I was there....but she has not progressed much since. Well Sister T and I were prayin for her all week....and felt good about settin her for baptism again. That night, we had a really powerful, intense lesson with her....and at the end, we just layed it all down. We invited her to be baptized. anddddd guess what....???? She said..........not yes. BUT her root concerns came out....and now we know what we can do to help her....and she said once that was figured out...she would get baptized!!!!!!!!! It was a huge miracle!!!! It was ssoo good to see her again!!!:) We also had a bunch of little miralces happen here in Kearney. We have ran into some new less actives and are going to try and get workin with them to get their testimonies rekindled:) Also, I got a new companion!!! Her name is Sister L:) I was her sister training leader a couple months ago!!! Now were companions!!:) It should be fun!!! I am training her to be a sister training leader!:) So that's fun!:) We also have Sister T, one of our sisters, staying with us till Wednesday because her companion hasn't arrived yet!! So we been in a trio for a week!:) Well....I cant believe this is my last transfer!!! Wow the misson has flown by!!! I am gonna work my absolute hardest this transfer!!! I am so grateful for the priveledge I have had to serve. This has changed my life. I cant imagine how I would be able to live the rest of my life without this. I know that these last 6 weeks are going to change me and I cant wait to learn what Heavenly Father has planned for me to learn. This is my last chance I get for awhile to serve Him with all that I am, and so I am going to give Him my absolute everything!!!
Alright before I go I just wanted to share this scripture that really stood out to me yesterday at church. In 3 Nephi 7:18 at the end of the verse it said "he had greater power than they, for it were not possible that they could disbelieve his words, for so great was his faith on the Lord Jesus Christ that angels did minister unto him daily." I read this during sacrament meeting and it struck me really hard. That is something that I want more than anything. I want to be able to have so much faith in the Lord, that when I teach, everything I say are the words of our Savior. I want to be a complete pure vessel in the Lords hands. I also want to live my life in a way that angels will minister unto me daily. I want Jared by my side everyday. I know the power that comes from the other side, I have felt it, and I want to continue to feel it ALL the time!!! All these blessings came to Nephi because his faith was so strong. That's it. It all comes down to faith. I know that as I continue to be obedient in the little things, making time to always read from the BOM, and just constantly striving to put the Lord first before ANYTHING else....have Him be my focus and motivating factor in every decision that I make, then I can increase my faith, that I can literally have the power to have angels minister to me daily, and have the power to speak the words of the savior. This is my goal, and I am going to try my hardest to accomplish it, especially these last 6 weeks.:) I love you soo much family!!! be safe!!! no more flippin razors dangit!!!!!!!!! Have a great week!!:) Love, Sister Wilson:)

April 7, 2015

Hello Family!!! Sorry I never emailed yesterday!:) It was a crazy busy day! Sister L left me and went home....:( saddest day of my life. but that's ok! Well I don't have much time today!!!! But I just wanted to make sure I at least sent out a little email!!! We saw tons and tons of miracles this week! I'll quickly share some!! FIRST: Funny story. So we went on exchanges to York this week and their apartment had carbon monoxide poisoning!! The alarm went off and the police showed up....but they are volunteer and didn't have the right equipment soooo they couldn't tell if it was carbon monoxide or not. Haha so we continued on our day and then whenever we went into the apartment we got real light headed and sick.....sooo the members came over and felt the same way!! We ended up goin and sleepin at some other members house that night while they got things figured out!! :) They aren't allowed to go back in that apartment for a couple weeks while they get it all cleared out and stuff! The mission is very strict when it comes to that stuff so they want to make sure all is well!!! Poor sisters!!! It was Sister C's last week on her mission too...what a crazy last week!! but we are all alive and good:) ok noooow miracle for the week!!:) So we had a lesson right after conference with one of our YSA members. Her friend came over and she introduced us to her. We ended up talkin to her about Christ and shared that video "Because He lives" with them. We then discussed Christ and what He has done for us personally in our lives. We all took some time sharing our testimony. When it got to her turn she said, "Well I don't have a personal relationship with Christ. I don't know Him. Hes not really there....and if he was....he doesnt care about me and my small problems. Hes got enough to deal with." It was sooo sad......Can you imagine not having a relationship with Christ? We then bore powerful testimony about how He DOES care about her and her small problems....we testified of personal experiences we have all had and promised her that she can have these experiences as well. We then committed her to come up with a question of the soul that she really needs help with or needs an answer to from God. She sat there forever...and finally said, "ok I will try it. You really believe He will answer me?" We testified with all we have that we knew He would, she just needed to be sincere about it and believe He would answer her and then actually do something with her answer. She said she would do it. Then she asked us to come meet with her next week and teach her more how she can come to have a personal relationship with Christ. :) It was SOO cool!:) She really desires that relationship!!! something changed within her in that lesson!! The spirit really has the power to change hearts:) So cool to see that time and time again!:) One other really cool miracle. So with Sister L goin home....we went and said goodbye to E:) E is the girl we baptized in January:) Ahhh it was soo sad. We are all best friends. But one of the most powerful lessons Ive ever had. So we shared a message on Christ then I went to the bathroom. I came back in and the second I got to the door this overwhelming feeling came to me. I just knew without a doubt there were angels in the room. It was so weird. I felt Jared right next to me. And there were others there as well. I went and sat down by Sister L and E.....Then E started crying. She looked up at us and said, "Im preparing my moms name to take her to the temple and get her baptized. " (E's mom passed away a couple of years ago...because of drugs). when she said that the spirit just became even more powerful.....which was crazy cuz it was already INSANELY strong. Then....these words just fell out of me and Sister L's mouth. We told her that her mom has been listening to all of the lessons we have had with her...and that every time E testifies..her mom hears it and she is accepting this message because of Emily. We just knew her mom was there....and her mom is going to accept baptism. OHHH it was sooo cool. Then Emily said...."I believe that...I feel its right. My mom is here right now. I can feel her." We all just sat there. Mom and Dad, Jared was right next to me. He was there. E's mom was there. I know this. It was such an amazing feeling. Such a powerful lesson. I just would like to testify and let you all know that angels really are among us. They are here. They are here to help us, they are here to be with us. We are never alone. The other side is soo much closer than we think. Well so many other amazing things have happened but that is all I have time for! I just would like to testify to each of you the amazing power of the knowledge of the gospel. I am so grateful for what we know. Knowledge brings power. It brings peace. It brings comfort. I am sooo blessed to know the things I know.....and I just want to share them with everyone!!!! Being a missionary is such a priveledge...something I never want to give up...and never will!!! We can constantly be sharing the knowledge we have with others to build them up and strengthen them!! I know that the more we study the words at general conference, study the scriptures, study Christ himself, the more knowledge we will gain, and the more use to our Father In Heaven we will be. I know the more knowledge we gain, the happier we will be. I know that with this knowledge He can make us into who He wants us to be. President Uchtdorf said in this conference, "He can make of you the genuine spiritual being of light and truth you desire to be." We just need to study Him, get to know him personally.....and we can then become like Him. I love you all soo much!!!! I gotta go!! but just know you are all in my prayers DAILY!!! Have a great week!!! Love, Sister Wilson

March 30, 2015

Hello family!!!:) How was this week???:) I hope great!!! My week was fantastic!!! no ER experiences, or bein pulled over by a cop:) now that's a miracle. Well this week has been crazy!!! We have been living with another family because the C have some family in town!! Its been hard cuz we have had to fit all our exchanges in....sooo this poor family has had to take 4 missionaries in their home:) They are soo happy to do it!! such christlike people:) Maybe one day Ill live out in the mission field and let missionaries live with me to repay all that these people have done for us!!:) We been so lucky to have so many members coming with us to see people!!:) Sister L was sick the other day so this girl who is 17 came out on team ups with me all day!!! It was so fun!!! She is preparing to go on a mission and we just had a really great time together!!:) she was super nervous but did a great job!!:) She will be a great missionary one day!!! we were so blessed to literally have someone from the ward with us EVERY DAY! So many amazing members!!!:) Well one miracle we have had was this guy named J:) We have been struggling finding new investigators for the YSA to teach. All the girls want more guys in the YSA. Marriage material ;) sooooo we all been prayin for it. Well me and Hermana B went tracting in this trailer park...and the first door we knocked this guy opened the door. We gave him our little spill on how he can strengthen his relationship with his Heavenly Father and told him about the Book of Mormon. He got really interested and asked tons of inspired questions:) we had a great conversation, he took the BOM and asked us to come back and tell him more:) He wants to come to church!!! haha answer to all the girls prayers in the YSA!!!:) That then got the whole YSA excited for missionary now we came up with a plan after church yesterday. We had everyone get in a big circle and pray to have certain peoples names come into their minds of who of their friends are ready for the gospel. We all prayed and everyone wrote down some names that came to mind. Then we set goals on how we are goin to take a step in sharin the gospel with these individuals. They all LOVED it and are sooo excited!! We are goin to have them accomplish a goal each week and follow up each sunday! We know as they do this, that we will be able to find new investigators and bring those who are prepared into this gospel. And THEY will be the means of doing it:) they are great:) Well sorry this email is short!!! :) Just know a lot of good things are happenin :) Life is SOO good!:) Well as easter is comin up we been focusing a lot about Christ and the resurrection. I think its really interesting that our church doesn't really dwell on the fact that Christ died. Our focus is on the fact that He lives.:) What a beautiful message of hope in and of itself:) We been thinkin a lot about what it means that He lives. How does it affect us now? What does it mean to me individually? Well I think the song "I know my Redeemer lives" says it perfectly. He lives to bless me with His love, He lives to plead for me above, He lives my hungry soul to feed, He lives to bless in time of need, He lives to grant me rich supply, He lives to guide me with his eye, He lives to comfort me when faint, He lives to hear my souls complaint, He lives to silence all my fears, He lives to wipe away my tears, He lives to calm my troubled heart, He lives all blessings to impart, He lives to grant me daily breath, He lives so I can conquer death, He lives my mansion to prepare, and He lives to bring me safely there. He He can do all these things and so much more for us. The reason our church focuses so much on the fact that He lives, is because that's everything:) The fact that He lives, is the reason He is able to enable us. Because he overcame death, overcame temptations, and our pains and trials, He can be there for us to enable us to overcome these things as well. So this Easter, really think about what a wonderful gift it is that our Savior does Live. What that means for you individually:) I know because He lives, we can live too. We can live to our fullest capacity and potential on this earth, and we can live again when this life is over:) I know because He lives, I am never alone. That He is right by my side, walking every step of the way with me:) Because he lives, I can truly live:) I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen!! have a great easter week and Happy Conference!!!!:)

March 23, 2015

Hola Familia!!!:) how was your week??? I hope it was great!!:) Cant wait to hear all about it! Well I don't have too much time this Im going to keep it short!! But this week was kinda crazy!!! So we had 2 zone trainings and some we were super busy!! They both went amazing!! The spirit was there super strong and I learned lots:) But towards the end of the exchange I started not feelin too we decided to cut the exchange short and drive home that night, because the next day we were moving into another members home for a week cuz the C's are havin family in town. Soooo we had a lot to do and plus I wasn't feelin good, so we decided to go home early:) Well then this emergency came up with a Sister so we stayed till 8:15 at night and at that point we had a 2 hour drive ahead of us...but we got permission and decided to still leave that night anyways!!! Sooo we are drivin home....and my throat decides it don't want me to breathe...soo it got pretty scary. ha poor Sister L!!!! We were drivin in the middle of nowhere when this happened so we called President C and he told us how to get to the hospital!! Then we went to the ER and they fixed me up:) It wasn't that big of a deal!!! I am totally fine!!! Just my throat and a really bad cold and stress don't go very well together:) but the best part is yet to come!!!!!! hahah soooo were drivin home from the ER....and guess what happens??? We get pulled over by a cop. hahah at that point we are just both SOO exhausted from everything that happened we burst into tears....the cop let us off. poor could he not?? and then....we gave him a BOM:) he took it:) hahah soooo maybe I went to the ER, and we got pulled over, alllllll just so this guy could have a BOM??:) That's my conclusion:)
Well that was pretty much our week:) zone trainings, exchanges, ER, and then we were commanded to sleep for 2 days by our mission President's wife:) But it was a really great week!!!:) I learned a lot!!! OHHHH WAIT. One REALLY awesome thing happened that I need to tell you about!!!! So our investigator L....shes been investigating for EVER. I think I mentioned her last week..? maybe. I don't know. But we haven't had like any contact with her this week cuz of everything, and on sunday she just showed up to church!!!! Which isn't like her...usually we have to invite her and be by her side the whole time!! But long story short....after church, she texts us and says she needs to talk to us. So we head over there and she begins to tell us that all these little "coincidences" kept happening this week and especially today that this church was Gods true church. She said she was reading in her book and a piece of paper was stuck in her book that said, "God loves you, and wants you to know the truth." Then!! she kept reading and it talked about the Mormon tabernacle choir in temple square!!! and for some reason that clicked in her brain that that was what God was tryin to tell her!:) Soooo cool!!!!!!:):):)::) Anyawys sorry this email is all over the place and doesn't make much since!!! But I just am soooo grateful to be able to be apart of Gods work! Its so amazing, because there are little miralces everyday! Its evident this is His work, because His hand is ALWAYS apart of it!! I never want to take for granted all the miralcles He allows me to see! and I pray I will recognize them more:) They are everywhere:) I also know that everything happens for a reason:) That God loves us more than we could imagine, therefor everything He lets happen to us, is ultimately for our benefit and for a reason:) We just need to trust in His love and sit back and enjoy the ride!! I love you sooo much family!!!:) have a great week!:) Love, Sister Wilson

Monday, March 16, 2015

Hola familia!!:) How are ya all doin???:) I hope you all had a really great week and are all just doin good!!:) This week was da best!!:) Tons of miralces errrrry day allll day!!:) First miracle....I won zone Olympics again!!!! haha no idea I said it was a flippin miracle!!:) But really we had tons of miralces this week! We had 4 investigators at church on sunday:) our Spanish investigators are all progressing SOOO MUCH!!! They all come to church even though they don't understand a word there...they just love the feeling that is there:) Its soo amazing to me...they have so much faith and are so close to their Savior. But bad news....our ward mission leader...(who is from Chile and Spanish is his first language) just moved into a different ward so now.....we really have no Spanish speakers. I really need to step up my game and learn!!! Pray for me to have the gift of tongues everyone!!!! haha:) orrrr pray for them to send some Spanish missionaires up here!! But the language barrier don't stop these people!!!!:) its amazing:) Another miracle we had this week was one of the families in our ward has a foster child staying with them. She has had such a rough breaks my heart. Shes seen things that no child should ever have to see. Anyways, she ended up havin a suicide attempt and was in the hospital recovering. She doesn't know anything about God....but their family brought her to church the last sunday and we had stopped and talked to her for a bit. She never said anything to us. But we tried to introduce ourselves to her. Well anyways she was in the hospital and requested US to come see her?? we were sooo happy and so surprised she asked us to come! So we went over there and they let us take her into this room completely in lock down because it was in the mental institution. I cant even tell you how powerful that lesson was. I cant even begin to put into words what happened in there. This girl knew nothing about God. She doesn't even know what Love feels like to be honest...therefore her brain couldn't even comprehend God. Well we began to tell her about God. Honestly....I don't remember much what we said. I just remember prayin my heart out that I could just help her feel God's love. Then I remember we all knelt down and held hands and prayed and asked God that we could all feel His Love. Wow. We did. That's for sure. part is...she felt it. She cried....and when we looked into eachothers eyes....I couldn't see her. I saw her as God sees her. I saw her as she truly is. Wow.... it was the most amazing feeling...the most overwhelming feeling. She is sooo sooo special and God just wants her to know that. God is just yearning to be there for her, to comfort her, to have her know that He is there right beside her every step of the way, every day of her life. Anyways, I don't even know how to explain the feelings I felt in that room....but it is a moment I will never forget:) Afterwards...we taught her how to pray. She listened so intently...and promised she would pray. She didn't say much the whole time we were there....but as we were leavin...she grabbed my hand and just pulled me into a hug and said "I have never felt anything like what I just was so scary.....but not....I have never been happier and calmer. Please make it stay." ohhhh it broke my heart. We then went on and told her how she can have that feeling, how heavenly father wants her to have that feeling always. Man....I just absolutely love being a missionary. I love it. well lots of other crazy awesome things happen erry day but I keep runnin out of time dangit!!! :) I just want you all to know how much I love this gospel. I also want each of you to know that I know without a doubt that our Heavenly Father loves each of us sooo perfectly and so individually and knows us better than we know ourselves. I know that He wants us to feel of His love more than anything, and if we just allow ourselves to feel it...we can!! how do we allow ourselves to feel Gods love?? Well when we feel the spirit....that's God manifesting his love for you. That's why feeling the spirit is the best feeling in the world:) We all yearn to feel Gods love.....and we can if we just live our lives the way the gospel tells us to:) I love you all so much and will talk to you next week!!:) Love, Sister Wilson:)

Monday, March 2, 2015

Hola Familia! How was your week? I hope it was supa good! I really hope Kels is doin good in the MTC and that LAYNA IS SO EXCITED TO SERVE IN BOLIVIA!!!!!!! That's AMAZING!!!! I am SOOO excited for her!!! Gosh:) I am soo happy we get to spend a month together before she leaves!!! haha we can help eachother transition:) I have been prayin like crazy for both of them!!! I am so glad to hear Brother Lamay's surgery went well! I have been prayin like crazy for him as well! So this week...was real good!:) Every week is real good:) its a mission. but it was also super busy! So we had lots of mini exchanges with our sisters because a couple of them are struggling with personal problems and just needed some extra help. While on exchanges one of the sisters and I got to help with a ton of stuff on the farm....I sure loved that!:) Then afterwards, they have this girl who is from foster care living with them and she knows nothing about God. We were able to teach her who God is. Wow. Such a powerful lesson. We explained feelings she's had...but didn't recognize they were from God. IT was so powerful. I cant imagine not knowing who God is! Just think...what would your life be like without him? Anyways...we commited her to pray that night to simply just feel His love...then she came to church on sunday and wants to continue meeting us to learn more about Him!! ooh yea:) Another miracle was a member from the YSA invited us over to teach a friend on the UNK basketball team. They are teammates and she has been tryin to share the gospel with her for awhile now. HOLY COW. Yea that girl is prepared. We taught the restoration and when we said the first vision she just was cryin. Afterwards we asked how she felt when we said those words...she said, "I know this feeling is from God. I know what you said is true." Dang.:) Shes so excited to continue to learn! Heck, we are so excited to teach her! God just keeps miralces comin!!! We are soo blessed!! Ok so I gotta share just a couple more miralces then Ill be done! Sorry! Well this wasn't really a miracle...more just plain scary...but hey it counts. So we had MLC this week (Missionary Leadership council) (where all the zone leaders and sister training leaders and Assistants and President meet and discuss trainings and things goin on in our mission) and usually President gives a training, and Sister Weston, and the Assistants and that's it. But the Assistants called and asked if me and Sister Lutz would train as well.....we found out 2 days before MLC and we were on exchanges up until MLC so we had zero time to prepare. We prepared it the morning of MLC when we were drivin to Omaha. Andddd it worked!!! IT went good!! President was really excited cuz it answered a lot of questions the council had come up with! ill tell ya right now it wasn't us at all! The spirit did it ALL! It was truly a miracle. We had no idea how we were gonna pull it off but God just made it happen:) He's da best.:) Ok so 2 last miralces then ill be done!!! So the missionaires hve been meeting with this lady named L for months and months now. Shes an "enternigator" but this week...she came to church!!! We had a powerful lesson on acting...and how action brings blessings and answeres. Then she acted and came!!:) She even stayed all 3 hours! She liked it a lot and her little girl loved it! Ok last miracle I'll share!! So last night it was getting late and it was the last night of the week and we still hadn't gotten a new investigator for the week! (our mission is focusing on every companionship bein a star companionship...which is a number in every key indicator) so we really need a new investigator so we could be a star companionship again! We headed over to see S (one of our YSA investigators) and were gonna see if we could have her mom or boyfriend become a new investigator. We prayed and got out of the car and didn't feel too good about it. We were walkin up to her apartment when I hear someone say "Ashley". Haha it made no sense. I was a little weirded out. But we both just stopped and went back in the car. We felt prompted to go to this other apartment complex and go tracting. We knocked every dang door in that place. Finally it was 8:59 and we had one more door to knock.....this girl opened and guess what?? Her name was Ashley!!! she took a BOM and let us share a message!!! She become our new investigator!! ha God wanted us to find her!:) It was cool cuz I heard "Ashley" loud and clear....but had no idea what it meant. But we just started acting, and then God's purposes were made clear to us:) It was a cool testimony builder to me that sometimes we just needa act, even when we have no idea why...and trust that God has a better plan in mind:) We just needa trust Him:) Well this week somethin I really learned was its ok to not be perfect. Its ok to not be the smartest! Ha its been real nice to learn! :) I have just been beatin myself up lately because I don't know enough scriptures, or don't know all the answers to questions....and its just frustratin cuz I want to be able to know so I can help people the very best I can! But our mission president told us in our meeting that the The Lord doesn't need smart people. He needs childlike people. He said "Why do you think were constantly getting new missionaires?? cuz the old ones get too smart and need to go home!!!! The humble ones are the ones who change hearts." Haha he wants our mission to focus on bein childlike:) Not childish but childlike. Childish is silly, immature, foolish, irresponsible. Where Childlike is innocent, unworldly, unaffected. I LOVE that word...unaffected. Are we unaffected by the things around us? Do we just choose to be happy no matter what happens? Happiness is a choice. Only 10% of what actually happens affects your attitude! The rest is up to you!! Happiness is a sign of courage. A sign of faith. Just choose to be unaffected!! To be happy:) Anyways...I went off on that....but basically the reason we need to be more childlike is because then we listen to the spirit. When we know so much....we just rely upon ourselves for knowledge, not waiting, listening for the spirit. We cant let what we know....get in the way of what we can learn. sooooo basically .....don't get too smart for your britches:) that's all I have to say. Oh and one more thing.....I noticed before that I was talkin to myself in a very rude way. I was tellin myself that I wasn't very smart...and that I didn't know things. but that aint right!! He also told us that we need to talk to ourselves like the Savior would:) I have been tryin to do that lately....and its made a world of a difference!!! Anyways sorry this is all over the place with a million different ideas but I am done now!!! I love you guys!! have a great week!!:)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hey Family!:) How was your week? I hope it was great!!:) I cant believe Kelsie leaves on her mission this week and that Alayna gets hers this week!!! Gosh sooo many changes!!! I am sooo proud of both of them! I cant wait to hear where Alayna is going and how Kelsie likes her first week in the MTC!!!:) Well this week has been good! We were able to find a couple new investigators!!! I love finding those who the Lord just leads you too!! We met this girl who is YSA age and had been praying to find a way to turn her life around!!! Thennn she met us that day:) Really cool:) Church is true:) We also had some AWESOME lessons with our Spanish investigators this week!!! Holy cow its soooo cool! teaching them has been such a priveledge because I have been able to recognize the spirit so much more and realize that it isn't me at all who does the teaching.....its all the spirit. Without the spirit...we wouldn't be able to teach them anything! literally!
Well we did have some not so good things happen this week.....but lots of tender mercies and miralces came from it as well.So there is YSA member who has been struggling really badly lately with a lot of things. We have been spending a lot of time with her tryin to help her out.....but....long story short, a lot of drama went down and she ended up attempting suicide. She was SO close. It was sooo scary. So Ill kinda briefly explain what I can.... She lives with 2 other members of the YSA. That day we had gone over and had lunch with her 2 roomates. We had felt really prompted to share Alma 14 and 15 with them. We had no idea why because its a super depressing chapter about the women and children burning in the fire, and Alma and Amulek not being able to save them. We ended up having a really powerful discussion about it. Well then the next morning we got a call from Luke telling us what had happened the night before. So apparently that morning (the morning we went to the apartment for lunch) she had left a suicide note with all her belongings on her bed...and left with a duffel bag. It got to be 11 at night and her roomates were worried about her. The whole YSA was havin a sleepover at their apartment that night. None of them had heard from her all day. They went in her room and found all this on her bed. Freaking out they called the cops. Long story short...the cops found her in the basement of her work JUST IN TIME. She is now getting help and she should be ok. Meanwhile... the whole YSA is all traumatized and havin a really hard time. After all this went down they went back to the apartment and were just horrified. They had been best friends with her their whole lives. One of them had remembered that we had read Alma 14 and 15 with them and decided to read it all together that night. They told us that when they were reading those chapters this overwhelming peace and comfort came across all of them. It answered all the questions they each were having and everything was ok They could see things with an eternal perspective. It provided clarity. It was also a really cool bonding experience for the YSA and they were able to each bear their testimony on it afterwards:) This was a huge testimony builder to me to just follow the spirit even when you have no idea why. God has a reason....He has it all planned out...and even if you have NO idea why....just act. Cuz He knows why. He is so aware of each of us....and what each of us needs....and we just need to trust in Him, and everything will be ok. I am so grateful for this gospel and the knowledge that it brings. I have no idea how people go through trials without it. Knoweldge brings power. It brings peace. I know that the Book of Mormon is Gods words. I know that as you read that book that it will bring a peace and comfort into your life that you can't find anywhere else. I know as you read it that it will bring clarity and direction into your life. I know that God speaks through that book. If any of you need answers, need peace, need direction, need clarity, or just need to feel loved, READ that book. I promise you that you will find what you are looking for. I love this church....and I am so grateful and honored to be able to be a member to have the priveldges that I do. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. Have a great week family!! I Love you all sooo much!! Love, Sister Wilson:)

Monday, February 16, 2015

Hey Family!!! How has your week been? I hope you all had a great Valentines day!! I love and miss ya all sooo much!!:) Well we had a really good week!! Ahh so many miralces...I say that every week but its da truth!!!!! I just love being a missionary!!! soo sooo much!! But ok sooo we were gone out of our area a whole lot this week. We had zone trainings in North Platte and in Grand Island so we were on exchanges for a couple days with our sisters and had to train in those meetings! We were exhausted when we finally got home to Kearney. But everyone is just so amazing, we didn't even have to make appointments, our investigators texted us setting up appointments!!!! The work is progressing so much even though we aren't even here!!! God just makes miracles happen!:) Ok soooo the R family I was tellin ya bout last week....WOW. They came to church again this week!!!! They came to the Ward Valentines Party and we have had them over at a members house 2 different times this week!!! They are soo prepared!! They listen so intently to every word we say (probably cuz they cant understand my Spanish.......haha). Its just such a priveledge being able to teach them. So I will tell you about our lesson we had with them last. It was awesome. We followed up with the Restoration and then started talking about the Plan of Salvation. (Thanks to my Al pal Peterson I used the visual aid thing she sent me and man it helped SOO much!!!) It was real spiritual and they asked a ton of inspired questions that the spirit was able to just testify through us over and over again. Ah it was awesome. Then towards the end we invited them to be baptized. They stopped and looked at eachother with tears in their eyes....then asked if we could all kneel down together and pray to know if this was the right thing. (yup....they are amazing) So we all knelt down and held hands and they prayed and asked God if it was the right thing for them to do. The spirit filled the whole room. We all just sat there...In heaven...pretty sure;) and then they stood up and looked at eachother and said yes they would shoot to be baptized on March 7th:) :):):) Gosh I cant even tell you how amazing it is to see what this gospel does to people. Their whole countenances just change!!! Its amazing how willing and close people are to the spirit and that they recognize this is from God, and will do anything to come closer to Him. It really strengthens my testimony each time. I just know this is Gods true church, and that every principle in it is there for a reason and brings us closer to Him if we just will choose to live it. Anyways, a lot of other great things are happening!!! E's cousin told us this week she wants to be baptized as well!! haha but shes not progressing as well as we would like her too. haha.....we are kinda worried its cuz she likes our branch mission leader L. Haha. He's 23 and comes on team ups with us to see her cuz hes the branch mission leader right?? Well the past 2 times hes come with us....She gets real distracted and doesn't really pay attention to the lesson. So we booted L and told him he cant come anymore haha hopefully things will move forward with her and she can feel the spirit and not be distracted;) haha gosh. Well this week I decided I was going to focus my studies on how I can change my heart. Then the topic we got asked to train on in zone trainings was how the Book of Mormon changes our heart:) Haha answer to prayer? heck yes. But in the way I wanted it to be answered? HECK Nope!! haha but God sure knows what we need most, and He also knows the way we need to learn things best:) So in Mosiah 5:2 it talks about how a change of heart is that you don't desire to do evil, and want to do good continually. Well its not necessarily that I want to do evil....haha but I just don't feel like my heart and my intentions are always in the right place. A change of heart is a process of perfecting our motivations and intentions. So that's exactly what I need to do, but how does one go about changing their heart? Well basically what I believe it comes down too is that a changed heart is one that does everything out of a pure intention to show their love to Christ. When every decision, every thought, every action, is made to show your love for Him, your heart is changed. Its perfected. Well how the heck do we get to that point where all we do is out of love for Christ?? well really its the simple things. The quest for a "change of heart" begins with a sincere desire. It comes through the quiet influence of the Holy Ghost. It doesn't come all at once, it will continually be changing through experiences that we have in life. Our heart changes as our willingness to serve increases, it changes as we make decisions to keep commandments, it changes as we serve others, as we pray and align our will to Gods, as we study the scriptures and apply what they teach into our own lives, and as we attend church and hear others testimonies. Evidence of our heart changing is when we walk away from things with a determination to try a little harder to be better. That's not so bad!!! I can handle that;) haha I just know that as we try and purify our inmost parts of our heart that we can feel Gods love so much more personal and real. That we can feel true Joy in our lives, and that we can look forward with faith in knowing we are trying our best to become more like our loving Savior and Best friend.:) In the end, where our heart is, is really all that matters. Our hearts are what the Lord looks on, its what we will be judged on one day, and I just really want my heart to be in the right place. If your hearts in the right place, then everything else just follows suit.:) I love you all so much and know that if we just take the time to read the BOM daily for even just a couple minutes, that it has the power to change our heart. A quote I love says, "The Book of Mormon is our handbook of instructions as we travel the pathway from bad to good to better and strive to have our hearts change" I say these things in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ, Amen:) Have a great week!!!:) Love, Sister Wilson:)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Hey Family!!!:) How has your week been?? Dare bear! HAPPY BIRHTDAY!!! ew your 17. That's old. Hope you liked the video of me and the YSA singing to you!!:) just know...I DID remember your birthday! Well this week was crazy!! haha I always say that but this time FO REAL. So Tuesday we had exchanges with some of our sisters and a member from the Stake Presidency called me and asked if I would give a training in this priesthood training meeting they were havin that night. He said that all the Stake Presidency, all the bishops, high group leaders, elders quorums presidents, etc would be there and we would be the only we could train then leave. And it would be broadcasted to everywhere. I got real scared. I didn't even have my companion!!! Sooooo poor Sister C had to do it with me!!! haha which was ironic cuz her goal for that exchange was to "eliminate all fear" haha God sure helped us accomplish that goal!!:) It ended up turning out really good:) We knew it was inspired for us to do it, and we were able to teach by the spirit and not be nervous!!! It was an awesome experience, one that I will never forget:) Another amazing miracle was we found this Spanish family who is SUPER prepared to hear the gospel!!! Sister L and another sister found them street contacting and gave them a BOM on exchanges...but couldn't talk to them cuz they only speak spanish!!! So the next day, me and Sister Lutz went over and were able to teach them the restoration!!! (the best we could) We watched the Restoration video in Spanish so that helped a whole lot!!:) But her husband came home while we were watching it and was upset askin us what we were selling their family. We explained (in the best Spanish we could) that we were just missionaries and hear to share a message about Christ with them. He sat down watched the movie, and heard us testify afterwards of the Book of Mormon. THEN A MIRACLE HAPPENED...ya ready??? He started tearing up.....big old Mexican man,.....started to cry and said "I been lookin how to bring my family closer to God....and God just told me He's answering my prayer." :):):):):) we gave him a BOM and testified like crazy. He asked us where our church was and promised to come on sunday. They invited us to come on Saturday to teach us more before church. (remember this is all in this whole experience is a flippin miracle!!!) We came back on Saturday and they had read some of the BOM, had questions, and we tried to answer them. The spirit was sooo strongly there!!! We weren't able to get a Spanish speaker to come with us so we prayed like crazy all would go well and it did!!! At the end of the lesson, they followed us to church so they could know where the church was exactly:) haha then the next day, the Dad came to church!!!!! HE LOVED IT!!! he was raving about it afterwards and sooo excited to go back and bring his family!! we had a ward member translate for him the whole time and now today we are eating dinner with this ward members family and their whole family!!!:) It is sooo cool being able to teach a whole family who don't know anything about Christ!!!!:) It is such a priveledge!!! And to be able to teach them in Spanish!!!
Ok sooo cool thing about that!!! I got a blessing the other night because my throat has not been likin me so much!! And in the blessing he said that I have been blessed with the gift of tongues to share the gospel!!!! and that it would continue to increase!!! HOW COOL IS THAT??? Its been such a miracle cuz we have no Spanish missionaires up here but we are finding soo many prepared Hispanics!!! Our ward mission plans goal is to have a Spanish group here by the end of next transfer!! I am soo excited!!:) and so grateful Heavenly Father is helpin me be apart of this!! Sooooo many other miralces happened this week....we were in Omaha for a missionary leadership training meetings and we had 2 exchanges this week so we weren't in our area a whole lot, but the Lord blessed us with so many lessons when we were here, and with sooo many cool miralces. Another cool thing was, on exchanges in Grand island, we were teachin this investigator and her boyfriend and he was just being really rude. He was just yelling and throwing all sorts of Anti at me and this missionary who is still pretty new...(only been out a couple months) He was yelling at us and tellin us we were liars and didn't know anything and askin all these crazy questions....and it was cool cuz we were able to be so calm and the spirit told me exactly what to tell this man to leave us alone:) Afterwards we actually had a good lesson with the girl again:) haha hopefully she dumps this dude. He aint cool.
Well I cant even begin to tell you guys how much my testimony continues to strengthen each day. I just am so priveledged to be learning SOO much!!!:) I feel like my brain is just gonna explode from so much knowledge! But all that the gospel really comes down to is the basics. All the knowledge in the world...just backs up the basics. So we just learn the basics,....stick with the basics, and throughout our lives just learn more about the basics to help you have a stronger testimony of that specific principle!! One basic that truly is the most powerful principle we can ever learn is Prayer. We need to stop and think and truly understand that when we pray, we are talking to GOD. To our creator, to the creator of all, the One who comprehends and understands all, the One who is the master of everything. When we truly understand that, and that we are talking to HIM, then our prayers might change a bit. We might begin to realize what a priveledge and blessing it is to pray. We need to also understand that even though He is the most powerful being, the most perfect being, and the One who is in control of all, He is also our LOVING, Father. He is our Dad. When we understand that He loves us as His own. We are his own. When we truly comprehened that He loves us sooo much more than we could possibly comprehend, then our prayers will also change. They will be more meaningful, more close and personal, they will bring miracles. We need to understand that we can depend on prayer to get through anything. We have the priveledge of reaching out and tapping in to this unseen power, which no man can do by himself. "Prayer will open doors, prayer will remove barriers, prayer will ease pressures, prayer will give inner peace and comfort during times of stress and difficulty. There is no place for fear among those who place their trust In God and who do not hesitate to humble themselves in seeking diving guidance through prayer." (I don't know where this quote came from....haha) Prayer BRINGS MIRACLES. Theres a poem that I love, it says, "I know not by what methods rare, But this I know God answers prayer, I know that He has given His word, wich tells me prayer is always heard, and will be ansered, soon or late, And so I pray and calmly wait, I know not if the blessing sought will come in just the way I thought But leave my prayers with Him alone, whose will is wiser than my own, assured that He will grant my quest, or send some answer far more blest." -Eliza M Hickok I just know that if we try to understand our relationship with our Heavenly Father better, that our prayers will improve soo much more and we will be able to see more miralces in our lives, and feel the comfort and peace of knowing how we are never alone. That we have the most powerful being as our loving Father and best friend. There is no knowledge greater than knowing that. Knowing that can change your life.:) I love you all soo much and cant thank you enough for your love and support!! And remember that satan tries to limit our prayers, cuz he knows our prayers limit him!!! I LOVE YOU!! Have a great week! Love, Sister Wilson:)

Monday, February 2, 2015

Hey Family!!:) How are you doing?:) Have you been gettin lots of snow there? How was the super bowl? haha man.....that was real hard to find anyone to teach!!! it better had been worth it dangit!!!:) Well this week was good for us! more miralces!!! andddd we got tons of snow!:) at the beginning of the week it was, no lies, 70 degrees!!! now its -14 wind chill and FREEZING!!! the weather here is insane. ok sooo I have no time this week so this will be a super short email, but Ill just hurry and share 2 cool experiences that happened. 1. Sooo we got a referral from church headquarters and so we went and contacted it the other day. It was on the college campus so we couldn't get in, without being let in. We were super bummed cuz we didn't get a number for her...just her address. So we were real sad cuz there was no way we would be able to contact her ever. Well we were about to leave and this girl that we knew walked by!!! We asked her if she could let us in and if she knew how we could contact this girl where it would be legal and not be breaking any trespassing rules at the college haha....she said "Oh that's my neighbor, Ill go with you!" soooo we all went and contacted her!! she was super open to listening!! her best friend was a Mormon and went on a mission and she is the one who referred her to church headquarters. :) She is super prepared and really interested in taking the discussions:) She already had a BOM and had loved it but had lost it so we gave her another one:) We are so excited to be working with her:) It was really cool that God took that situation into his hands and made it all work out so that we could contact her:) 2. We also had the opportunity to go and teach our investigators who only speak Spanish this week!!! We brought our ward mission leaders wife and man it was such a powerful lesson!!!! The spirit was soo strong!!!! Its so cool cuz we are both able to understand the whole lesson and whats going on....but I just cant speak back to them!! But at the end Sister V asked me to bear my testimony the best I could in I did. (They have been teaching me Spanish so I could try) So I tried to bear my testimony...haha it was super rough....I stumbled through all of it and didn't speak it right....but the spirit was there. That's all that matters. After I finished, S looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said "Gracias". (yes I actually did understand that part) After the lesson, Sister V told me that after I bore my simple testimony that S said to her that she really believed this could be true...she felt something and felt it everytime we came over and just wanted to learn more. It was sooo cool. It was such a testimony to me that if we just try...and open our mouths,....that even though we may not say the right things, or make no sense at all really.....He can change our weak attempts to miracles. He can have the spirit work through our feeble attempts. God can make us, his weak servants, into His strong disciples.
I have learned so much throughout my entire mission just how involved the Lord is in each of our lives! He is always there, blessing us, his children, with tender mercies. Elder Bednar once said, "The lord's tender mercies are the very personal and individualized blessings, strength, protection, assurances, guidance, loving kindnesses, consolation, support, and spiritual gifts which we receive from and because of and through the Lord Jesus Christ." I think its so important that we truly take the time to notice the tender mercies the Lord blesses us with. It will help us feel of His love for us more strongly, and also help us just be happier in this life. We just need to recognize what tender mercies are, and then we will recognize just how much the Lord is involved in our lives. One of the ways the Savior comes to each of us is through tender mercies. Elder Bednar explained more about tender mercies....he said, "For instance, as we face challenges and test in our lives, the gift of faith and sense of personal confidence that reaches beyond our own capacity are two examples of the tender mercies of the Lord. Repentance and forgiveness of sins and peace of conscience are example of tender mercies. The persistence and the fortitude that enable us to press forward with cheerfulness through physical limitations and spiritual difficulties are examples of the tender mercies of the Lord." "The simpleness, the sweetness, and the constancy of the tender mercies of the Lord will do much to forify and protect us in the trouble times in which we do now and will yet live." We need to realize that tender mercies do not occur randomly or by coincidence. So how do we invoke tender mercies in our lives? By faithfullness, by obedience, and by our humility. These are what invite tender mercies into our lives. They are available to ALL OF US, even those of us who don't feel worthy of them. We are all Gods children, and he loves each of us, therefore He will give each of us His tender mercies:) I know this to be true because I have seen sooo many in my life, even at times where I haven't felt worthy of them. I love you family!!! Have a great week!!! and notice the tender mercies!!:) Love, Sister Wilson:)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Hey Family!!:) How was your week?? I hope Dad had the best birthday week ever!!! and didn't get too many gray hairs ;) Well life here is AMAZING. Wow I just love this area, my comp, and the people here SOO much. Heavenly Father really is spoiling me!!! I am so beyond grateful!! I don't have much time this week so I will try and share as much as I can!:) We had a couple awesome things happen this week!:) So we have been tryin to find through our former investigators in the area book and have seen a lot of success from it lately!! We have 3 new progressing investigators from it now!!! They are just more prepared this time!!! Its so cool how God just leads you to those who are prepared for the gospel:) He truly is in every phase of this work, because it is HIS work:) We also have been getting SOOO many referrals from the members!!! its CRAZY. The YSA IS GREAT!! They all are constantly calling us sayin "Hey I invited a friend to church, can you introduce yourselves and come to my place and teach them the gospel?" haha sundays ARE jam packed full because of the 2 different wards we attend and all the meetings and all the member present lessons!!! its a miracle!!:) The members here are fantastic examples of member missionaries:) They do all the finding, all we do is show up and teach the gospel:) And the best part is, these people are so much more prepared to hear the gospel because they have a solid friend to help them along the way. The members bear powerful testimony and you can just see how much it affects them to hear their friends testimony:) All we do is simply share the gospel, the members do the actual work:) Well things are honestly going sooo soo great!!! I am happier then ever:) We see so many miracles everyday, and the work is really hastening!! But one miracle I would like to share with you guys this week is what happened earlier this week. So me and Sister L were drivin to go and try a former investigator...we were both distracted by tryin to find the address that we took a right at a light and there was a car coming and we didn't see it. Sister L slammed on the brakes. Time felt like it completely froze. The car should've hit us cuz we completely slammed on the brakes but the next thing we realized was we were in the parked on the side of the road. We both looked at each other super confused cuz Sister Lutz had slammed on the brakes and we just didn't realize how the heck we got to the side of the road?.....we both thought we were delusional and just were super confused and weirded out so we continued on finding the former investigators. That night me and Sister L got into a super deep conversation after we said our prayers that night. We had both really prayed deeply about repenting fully about little things and being completely clean so that the Lord could work through us more effectively because we would be a pure and clean vessel. Afterwards we were discussing different ideas and thoughts we had received during our prayers when this huge overwhelming spirit filled the room. We both sat there in silence and holy cow I have never felt a feeling that strong before. I knew without a single doubt Jared was there. Then Sister Lutz said, "Sister Wilson, Jared protected us from that car tonight. I know that." We both were so confused and the whole situation made no sense....but in that moment, because we had completely purified ourselves before the Lord, the Lord allowed us to have a clear perspective and receive powerful revelation to us. I learned a lot of other amazing things that night....and it just really helped me have a powerful testimony of repenting daily so that the Lord can work through us more powerfully. I know if we make an effort to repent daily, that answers to our prayers will come. That we will be able to be an effective tool in the Lords hands, and that we will see miracles in our lives. Anyways sorry this is kinda a continuation of what I said last week, but hey we learn by repetition right?:) Also, sorry I didn't say much else!! I have no time this week! but I just want each of you to know I love you so much and you are each constantly in my prayers!!!! Thanks for all you do!!:) Love, Sister Wilson:)