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Nebraska Omaha Mission

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Omaha, NE 68144

Monday, October 27, 2014

Hey Family!!!! How are ya all doin??? I hope real good!!! Ok so WOW. This was a crazy week. Such a good week but exhausting!! So there is a family in our ward named the Burmoods who are AMAZING. I love them! Brother Burmood has a best friend named Travis that we have been teachin the lessons too. (They are the ones who have taught me all I know about butcherin deer and turkeys:)) haha sooo we went over this week and butchered a turkey and cut it and washed it up then ate it for dinner then afterwards had our lesson with Travis. The lesson went AMAZING!!!!! I was soo nervous to ask him to be baptized because the Burmoods have been workin with him forever and he has never wanted to be baptized....but I did it. anddddd HE SAID YES!!!! He teared up and said he knew this was true and wanted to be apart of it. :):):):)After he left the Burmoods FREAKED out and came and hugged me and cried they were sooo happy!! It was awesome!!!:) They said that no missionary has ever connected with Travis so much and taught him in the way he needed!! They prayed and thanked God for sending me here:) It was the sweetest thing. Afterwards we were all talkin. The ward knew they were takin us sister missionaries out of Hastings so Brother B said that T said me and Sis F HAD to be at his baptism....sooo the B are gonna come get me wherever I am at so I can give a talk at T's baptism:) It was SUCH a good way to leave this area.
So.....I guess I better explain whats happenin now. So the Mission called us on Saturday to tell us that Hastings Sisters area is bein closed. :( So we cleaned and cleaned that apartment all day then Sunday went around and said goodbye to everyone and did handoff lessons with the Elders. I feel so bad for Elder G. So me Sis F and Elder C are all leavin Hastings this transfer and Elder G is takin over the whole area and he has only been here for 1 transfer!! haha But Sunday was sooooo sad.....:( The ward was all really upset we were leavin:( Everyone was cryin and wantin us to come was such a rough day. When we had to say goodbye to our investigator Trina...ahhh it was horrible!!!! she was sobbing uncontrollably. We just cried and cried. Ha I was sooo exhasuted by the end of the day that we fell asleep on the floor packin! Then today we woke up and the mission and a bunch of elders were here to pack up our apartment. Soooo now everything I own is in our car and me and sis F are just wanderin around all day today cuz we dont have a phone either....haha then at 2 today Sis F is goin to Omaha and I am stayin in Grand Island with some other sisters until Friday when I find out where I am gettin transferred too:) Soo yea:)
Well sorry this email is rushed and all over the place! I have like no time and no brain power right now! but I just wanna share a little about what I been studyin and thinkin about lately! So in the scriptures it says over and over that we need to have Faith, Hope and Charity. I really been thinkin about that and broke it down a little. So we have Faith in Jesus Christ. The more we strengthen our relationship with Him, and the more we get to know Him, the more we strive to become like Him .the more Faith we have.Then Hope. We have hope that Christ can save us. If we strengthen that Hope in Christ's Atonement and learn more about the depth of what the Atonement covers then our Hope grows. Then Charity. The scriptures say that without Charity we are nothing. We can possess all good attributes but if we dont have Charity it profits us nothing. Charity is hope that Christ can help and save others. Thats what it comes down too. If others are makin dumb choices and you think they wont ever change...they will continue to make those dumb choices, then you are denying them the Atonement. If you truly have charity for someone then you beleive that Christs Atonement will change them and you allow them to change. I just know that I am human and have made many mistakes and I am just grateful for people who do have charity towards me and dont hold my mistakes in their head, but allow me to reach my full potential by beleiving in me and that I can change. We are all gonna make mistakes, and are probably makin mistakes right now, but as long as we are repenting and allowing ourselves and others to use the Atonement, we can all reach our full potential. I think we dont just need to repent but we need to be repentant. That makes all the difference. Not just what we do...but who we are. If we all just help eachother Endure to the End then life would be so much easier. Enduring to the end is just internalizing progression....and even if that progression is soo small...hey at least its progress in the right direction. Well I love you all sooo much and pray for you everyday! Thanks again for all the birthday cards and packages!!! GOSH i have the best family and friends ever!!!! Talk to ya soon! Love, Sister Wilson:)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hey Family!!!!!:) Ok sooo I love all of you SO SO SO much!!!! I cant even begin to thank ya all enough for the brithday letters ya all wrote to me!!!!! Gosh serioulsy THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I have the best parents, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, friends EVER!!!!! I seriously cant even begin to tell you how much that meant to me!!! I have had the best birthday ever and it is only 10 in the morning!!!!!:) Thanks for all you do!!!!! I love ya all more than you could ever know and all of you are in my prayers!!!:)
Sorry this email is gonna be kinda short.....kinda a crazy day today!!! But sooo many things are happenin!!! I dont even know where to start! Sooo the wicken lady has come to church 4 sundays in a row and yesterday at church asked to be baptized!!!! :) She is learnin soo much and completely changin her life! it is soo cool to see where she started to just 4 weeks of participating in the gospel and seein what it has done in her life! We had sooo many less actives come to church yesterday as well!!! Ahh its soo cool!!! :) The progress here is happenin!!! We have a lot of progressing investigators who really are starting to gain powerful testimonies!! I just love love love bein apart of seein lives change!! This gospel is AMAZING. We also were able to do TONS of service this week!!! We got to tear down walls. (i really think this is my new hobbie....that and butcherin deer;) haha) I got to have this huge crow bar and just go ham in our investigators basement!!! i tore down the whole basement by the end!!!! by myself!!! haha everyone was laughin at me and just let me do it cuz I was havin too much fun!:) We also deep cleaned another of our investigators house ALL day one day! Their house was so bad that child protective services was comin to take her 2 kids away if it wasnt cleaned up in 3 days. how sad is that???/ ahh it broke our hearts.... Soooooo we went crazy there! Ahh there was mold EVERYWHERE. butttttt it looks so dang good now:) andddddd.........She got to keep her kids!!!!!:) We prayed like crazy thanking Heavenly father for allowing that to happen!!!:) She cried and cried and thanked us and said she knew we were sent from God and she wanted to learn everything we had to say!! haha service really brings miracles:) Welllll........moving update:) We are movin out next monday cuz my comp is goin home and I am goin to grand island next week and stayin there for a week till I get my new companion!!:) and mayeb new area? haha we have no idea what is goin on! But its fun:) missions are sure an adventure!:)
Well sorry this email is kinda all over the place and short but to end I just wanted to share this quote I heard the other day:) "People everywhere seek to invent some sort of happiness for themselves outside God, apart from God. And out of that hopeless attempt has come nearly all that we call human history -money, poverty, ambition, war, prosititution, classes, empires, slavery- the long terrible story of man trying to find something other than God which will make him happy. The reason why it can never succeed is this. God made us; invented us as a man invents an engine. A car is made to run on gasoline, and it would not run properly on anything else. Now God designed the human machine to run on Himself. He Himself is the fuel our spirits were designed to burn, or the food our spirits were designed to feed on. There is no other. That is why is is just no good asking God to make us happy in our own way without bothering about religion. God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing." C.S. Lewis
I absolutely loved this quote. I have seen countless times throughout my life where people try to find happiness without God. It just isnt possible. We can try and try to be happy without allowing God in our life and ignoring that He is there...We can try to not follow Him and not care about Him....but the results are the same EVERYTIME. You wont, and cant find happiness. The only way to truly be happy is to allow God in your life. The closer you are to Him, the happier you are. I know this to be true with all my heart. The times in my life where I have prayed my hardest, served my hardest, and tried to give my whole heart to Him, are the times where I felt the happiest I ever have. Those are the times where I feel whole. Where I feel peace. Where I feel so completely happy. I promise that if you are struggling now, or are unhappy, that if you just do little things to start out with to come closer to God, you will be happier. The closer you are, the happier youlll be. I know this to be true! I lvoe you guys SOOO SOOO much and hope you have a fantastic week!!!!! I LOVE YOU! Love, Sister Wilson:)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Hey Family!!! How was all ya's week this week? I hope super good! I heard about the whole "ebola" world wide epidemic deal.....scary!!! Well...this week was a really good week!! Lots happened:) Soooo first off we went on exchanges so i went down to Kearney and we saw TONS of miralces. Handed out 2 BOMs and they were both SOO prepared and solid! It was awesome!! Then we had the AP's come and give an awesome training on handing out BOMS. so our mission is havin a huge focus on handin out more BOMS and man have we seen miracles bcause of that! Ill tell ya 2 quick stories about it! So one night it was 8:40 at night and we still hadnt handed one we were stoppin and askin anyone we one would take one! Everyone was rejectin us! it was cold and dark and late and we were in a sketchy part of town so we decided we should leave...we were gettin in the car and I saw this guy comin out from under the bridge smokin and lookin all gangsta like. haha me and my comp looked at eachother got outta the car and went up and talked to him. He ended up takin the BOM and thankin God for sendin angels to him tonight. He was super low and losin all hope and this proved to him that God heard and answered his prayers. It was soo cool:) another one was well...embarassing. but hey whatever works right??? so it was 8:50 saturday night and we were real low on gas so we went to the gas station to get some. it was real cold so i was dancin around tryin to keep warm.....then well naturally it turned into a dance off between me and my comp. We thought we were the only ones at the gas station!!! its a small town...NO ONE WAS THERE. buttttttt this family had apparently drivin up and were stoppin and watchin us...laughin their heads off. soo we ended up talkin to em and after we all laughed we were able to share a message with them and they took a BOM and gave us their number!!!! It was awesome:) haha ummmm some other great things that have happened was we got to go to one of our peoples weddings! it was sooo cute:) we talked to a ton of people there:) ummmm oh we got to butcher another deer! this time practically all by ourselves!!!!:) but...we got deer ticks again!:( Then....oh heres another embarasing thing that i lost my ring at one of our Less Actives house and was on the ground lookin for it, so I lifted up this cute lil blanket to check under there and the blanket hit the fan, flew across the room, landed in the candle and sparked up. haha luckily they are super chill and we all laughed about it forever....but the little girl was sad so Im buyin her a new blanket today....haha. OH Good news though.....i found the ring. So no worries there folks.
Ok sorry enough about all that!!!...haha sooooooooooooo this week we been seein a lot of people who are just strugglin. Trials and hard things are goin on everyones lives. Every person has some sort of struggle their dealin with right? Its cool cuz they have us over and talk with us and love learning because they feel peace and hope while we are there. It made me think that everyone really is just lookin for one thing in life....peace. peace and happiness. They go hand in hand really. They just wanna be ok, even when life is throwin all sorts of curve balls their way. Richard G Scott in conference talked a lot about how to get this peace. He said that we all have to experience turmoil to feel peace, sadness and pain to feel happiness and comfort. Our whole purpose of life is to be tried and tested, pulled and stretched. During all this we MUST take time to exercise our Faith. Thats the only way we can get through it. Heavenly Father has given us tools to help us. If these 4 tools become habits...then that is where we will find what we ultimately want and need through our trials and struggles...peace. The first is prayer. We just need to tell him everything!!! Every little detail, lay it all down on Him. I promise you that you will feel peace. Peace that will help you manage challenges you are given. Because through prayer you will gain an eternal perspective. Prayer literally gives you power. Strength to overcome. 2. Study scriptures. peace will prevail if you just take the time to study them. 3. Family home evening. Never let anything become more important than time with your family. These tools take away stresss and add proection. 4. Go to the temple! Dont let anything prevent you from bein there. All these tools help us better understand the Atonement. The Atonement is where peace comes from. I really beleive that if we use these 4 tools that Richard G scott told us about that it showes we are actively respondeing to Christ's invitation to "come unto Him". Satan will try harder to prevent you from doin these things...but as you do these tools...Satans ability will weaken and you will overcome anything placed in front of you:) I really believe we just needa go out there. Work our hardest. Never give up. God is working for you and with you and everything is working together for your good:) that i the name of Jesus Christ amen:) I love you guys! have a great week!!!!!! Love, Sister Wilson

Monday, October 6, 2014

Hey Family!!!! Hope ya had a good week!! Well....I have a quick sad story for you...sooo one day 2 sister missionaries come home and see a sign "for rent" on their front lawn. They get all sad and think to themselves.."oh gonna miss my neighbor...I really liked her." Then they continue on their days without really carin too much....then many days later,their blinds broke so the landlord comes over to fix it and then says, "man were really gonna miss you guys around here...we really liked havin ya!".....the confused missionaries said "What? where we goin?" to which the landlord responded, " the heck do you not know? I got a notice awhile ago you guys are movin out before Halloween." TWIST. the girls are us and we STILL haven't heard a single thing from the mission that we are movin or whats goin on...but we have had people come through and look at the apartment sooo we know were movin out for sure....but why when and where we don't know. My comp is goin home this transfer....and we think that they are shuttin down our area? who knows! sooo moral AND point of the story....don't send letters here! Send them to the mission office cuz I have no idea whats goin on or where I'll be:) Anyways.....we had some cool stuff happen! So ya know how our car got wrecked? well we had to go in the back to sign a check for it to get fixed and was talkin to this real nice lady who reminds me exactly of grandma Wilson:) We got talkin and she asked us a bunch of questions....I ended up askin her if we could come by and share our message with her.....and she said.........YES she actually said YES!!! she would love that!!!:) haha so later this week we did and it went awesome!!! we are very excited about her! OH and she used to live in Le Mars!!! How cool is that??? another cool thing was...remember the wicken lady? wellll she came to church and watched general conference again this week!! awesome!!! and yesterday for the final session of general conference we watched it at our investigators house with them! it was awesome! Elder Bednar's talk was AMAZING for them.
Wellllllll we are seein a long of miracles and people progressin but we are really worried they are closin our area down this transfer:( There isn't as many missionaries as before so they are havin to shut down areas:( Wanna know somethin sad? That most likely means Le Mars and Hastings are gettin shut both the areas ive served in! and after this transfer none of my companions will still be here in the mission! Sis Kent and Frisina both go home and Sis Bertrand is in Brazil! Sooo Imma lonerrrr.....haha well ANYWAYS sorry enough about me! I wanna hear all that's been goin on in your lives! I hope ya all had a chance to watch conference! Man that was awesome! I really learned a lot about how God will not make us into something we don't choose to become. That's comforting and scary at the same time. ITs nice to know Im in control of my life. My decisions determine my destiny...but oh how little I know!!! I don't wanna be in control! I don't know squat about life! but the cool things is....I have to be in control...I just have to choose God, then allow Him the control in my life! Thank heavens!!....but how do we allow God the control though? That's kinda real hard sometimes...but I loved how President Monson's talk said, "We don't need to walk where Jesus walked...we need to walk AS Jesus walked." As we emulate Christ's actions and words then we can walk the path He walked. His spirit filling our hearts and His teachings filling our lives. President Monson went on to say that Christ walked the path of disappointment, deep sorrow, anguish, mockery, temptation, so we will all walk these paths as well but we, with Jesus's help can walk the path of obedience. It wont be fact it will be super hard....but man oh man is it worth it! when we obey God so completely like Christ did., and make God, our Father's, will our will like Christ did, then we give Him the control in our lives. I don't know about you...but I don't want to be in control of how my life turns out! I make a lotta mistakes, and I don't know too much...but with God in control...He is perfect! He don't make mistakes and He knows everything! yea... Imma let him figure my life out...not me,. Haha so I just gotta choose to obey:) Easy enough right?;) Ha not.....obeyin is hard!!! Even with that we need Gods help. Obedience is hard...but with Gods help we can and WILL be able to do it. No matter how hard:) All we gotta do is have the desire to obey and ask God for help and I know he will help us obey:) ANYWAYS wow...sorry I preach a lot....I must be a missionary....imma leave now but I love you allllll soo much and pray for you always!!! Have a great week!!!:) Love, Sista Wilson:)