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Nebraska Omaha Mission

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Omaha, NE 68144

Monday, October 6, 2014

Hey Family!!!! Hope ya had a good week!! Well....I have a quick sad story for you...sooo one day 2 sister missionaries come home and see a sign "for rent" on their front lawn. They get all sad and think to themselves.."oh gonna miss my neighbor...I really liked her." Then they continue on their days without really carin too much....then many days later,their blinds broke so the landlord comes over to fix it and then says, "man were really gonna miss you guys around here...we really liked havin ya!".....the confused missionaries said "What? where we goin?" to which the landlord responded, " the heck do you not know? I got a notice awhile ago you guys are movin out before Halloween." TWIST. the girls are us and we STILL haven't heard a single thing from the mission that we are movin or whats goin on...but we have had people come through and look at the apartment sooo we know were movin out for sure....but why when and where we don't know. My comp is goin home this transfer....and we think that they are shuttin down our area? who knows! sooo moral AND point of the story....don't send letters here! Send them to the mission office cuz I have no idea whats goin on or where I'll be:) Anyways.....we had some cool stuff happen! So ya know how our car got wrecked? well we had to go in the back to sign a check for it to get fixed and was talkin to this real nice lady who reminds me exactly of grandma Wilson:) We got talkin and she asked us a bunch of questions....I ended up askin her if we could come by and share our message with her.....and she said.........YES she actually said YES!!! she would love that!!!:) haha so later this week we did and it went awesome!!! we are very excited about her! OH and she used to live in Le Mars!!! How cool is that??? another cool thing was...remember the wicken lady? wellll she came to church and watched general conference again this week!! awesome!!! and yesterday for the final session of general conference we watched it at our investigators house with them! it was awesome! Elder Bednar's talk was AMAZING for them.
Wellllllll we are seein a long of miracles and people progressin but we are really worried they are closin our area down this transfer:( There isn't as many missionaries as before so they are havin to shut down areas:( Wanna know somethin sad? That most likely means Le Mars and Hastings are gettin shut both the areas ive served in! and after this transfer none of my companions will still be here in the mission! Sis Kent and Frisina both go home and Sis Bertrand is in Brazil! Sooo Imma lonerrrr.....haha well ANYWAYS sorry enough about me! I wanna hear all that's been goin on in your lives! I hope ya all had a chance to watch conference! Man that was awesome! I really learned a lot about how God will not make us into something we don't choose to become. That's comforting and scary at the same time. ITs nice to know Im in control of my life. My decisions determine my destiny...but oh how little I know!!! I don't wanna be in control! I don't know squat about life! but the cool things is....I have to be in control...I just have to choose God, then allow Him the control in my life! Thank heavens!!....but how do we allow God the control though? That's kinda real hard sometimes...but I loved how President Monson's talk said, "We don't need to walk where Jesus walked...we need to walk AS Jesus walked." As we emulate Christ's actions and words then we can walk the path He walked. His spirit filling our hearts and His teachings filling our lives. President Monson went on to say that Christ walked the path of disappointment, deep sorrow, anguish, mockery, temptation, so we will all walk these paths as well but we, with Jesus's help can walk the path of obedience. It wont be fact it will be super hard....but man oh man is it worth it! when we obey God so completely like Christ did., and make God, our Father's, will our will like Christ did, then we give Him the control in our lives. I don't know about you...but I don't want to be in control of how my life turns out! I make a lotta mistakes, and I don't know too much...but with God in control...He is perfect! He don't make mistakes and He knows everything! yea... Imma let him figure my life out...not me,. Haha so I just gotta choose to obey:) Easy enough right?;) Ha not.....obeyin is hard!!! Even with that we need Gods help. Obedience is hard...but with Gods help we can and WILL be able to do it. No matter how hard:) All we gotta do is have the desire to obey and ask God for help and I know he will help us obey:) ANYWAYS wow...sorry I preach a lot....I must be a missionary....imma leave now but I love you allllll soo much and pray for you always!!! Have a great week!!!:) Love, Sista Wilson:)

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