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Nebraska Omaha Mission

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Hola familia!!:) How are ya all doin???:) I hope you all had a really great week and are all just doin good!!:) This week was da best!!:) Tons of miralces errrrry day allll day!!:) First miracle....I won zone Olympics again!!!! haha no idea I said it was a flippin miracle!!:) But really we had tons of miralces this week! We had 4 investigators at church on sunday:) our Spanish investigators are all progressing SOOO MUCH!!! They all come to church even though they don't understand a word there...they just love the feeling that is there:) Its soo amazing to me...they have so much faith and are so close to their Savior. But bad news....our ward mission leader...(who is from Chile and Spanish is his first language) just moved into a different ward so now.....we really have no Spanish speakers. I really need to step up my game and learn!!! Pray for me to have the gift of tongues everyone!!!! haha:) orrrr pray for them to send some Spanish missionaires up here!! But the language barrier don't stop these people!!!!:) its amazing:) Another miracle we had this week was one of the families in our ward has a foster child staying with them. She has had such a rough breaks my heart. Shes seen things that no child should ever have to see. Anyways, she ended up havin a suicide attempt and was in the hospital recovering. She doesn't know anything about God....but their family brought her to church the last sunday and we had stopped and talked to her for a bit. She never said anything to us. But we tried to introduce ourselves to her. Well anyways she was in the hospital and requested US to come see her?? we were sooo happy and so surprised she asked us to come! So we went over there and they let us take her into this room completely in lock down because it was in the mental institution. I cant even tell you how powerful that lesson was. I cant even begin to put into words what happened in there. This girl knew nothing about God. She doesn't even know what Love feels like to be honest...therefore her brain couldn't even comprehend God. Well we began to tell her about God. Honestly....I don't remember much what we said. I just remember prayin my heart out that I could just help her feel God's love. Then I remember we all knelt down and held hands and prayed and asked God that we could all feel His Love. Wow. We did. That's for sure. part is...she felt it. She cried....and when we looked into eachothers eyes....I couldn't see her. I saw her as God sees her. I saw her as she truly is. Wow.... it was the most amazing feeling...the most overwhelming feeling. She is sooo sooo special and God just wants her to know that. God is just yearning to be there for her, to comfort her, to have her know that He is there right beside her every step of the way, every day of her life. Anyways, I don't even know how to explain the feelings I felt in that room....but it is a moment I will never forget:) Afterwards...we taught her how to pray. She listened so intently...and promised she would pray. She didn't say much the whole time we were there....but as we were leavin...she grabbed my hand and just pulled me into a hug and said "I have never felt anything like what I just was so scary.....but not....I have never been happier and calmer. Please make it stay." ohhhh it broke my heart. We then went on and told her how she can have that feeling, how heavenly father wants her to have that feeling always. Man....I just absolutely love being a missionary. I love it. well lots of other crazy awesome things happen erry day but I keep runnin out of time dangit!!! :) I just want you all to know how much I love this gospel. I also want each of you to know that I know without a doubt that our Heavenly Father loves each of us sooo perfectly and so individually and knows us better than we know ourselves. I know that He wants us to feel of His love more than anything, and if we just allow ourselves to feel it...we can!! how do we allow ourselves to feel Gods love?? Well when we feel the spirit....that's God manifesting his love for you. That's why feeling the spirit is the best feeling in the world:) We all yearn to feel Gods love.....and we can if we just live our lives the way the gospel tells us to:) I love you all so much and will talk to you next week!!:) Love, Sister Wilson:)

Monday, March 2, 2015

Hola Familia! How was your week? I hope it was supa good! I really hope Kels is doin good in the MTC and that LAYNA IS SO EXCITED TO SERVE IN BOLIVIA!!!!!!! That's AMAZING!!!! I am SOOO excited for her!!! Gosh:) I am soo happy we get to spend a month together before she leaves!!! haha we can help eachother transition:) I have been prayin like crazy for both of them!!! I am so glad to hear Brother Lamay's surgery went well! I have been prayin like crazy for him as well! So this week...was real good!:) Every week is real good:) its a mission. but it was also super busy! So we had lots of mini exchanges with our sisters because a couple of them are struggling with personal problems and just needed some extra help. While on exchanges one of the sisters and I got to help with a ton of stuff on the farm....I sure loved that!:) Then afterwards, they have this girl who is from foster care living with them and she knows nothing about God. We were able to teach her who God is. Wow. Such a powerful lesson. We explained feelings she's had...but didn't recognize they were from God. IT was so powerful. I cant imagine not knowing who God is! Just think...what would your life be like without him? Anyways...we commited her to pray that night to simply just feel His love...then she came to church on sunday and wants to continue meeting us to learn more about Him!! ooh yea:) Another miracle was a member from the YSA invited us over to teach a friend on the UNK basketball team. They are teammates and she has been tryin to share the gospel with her for awhile now. HOLY COW. Yea that girl is prepared. We taught the restoration and when we said the first vision she just was cryin. Afterwards we asked how she felt when we said those words...she said, "I know this feeling is from God. I know what you said is true." Dang.:) Shes so excited to continue to learn! Heck, we are so excited to teach her! God just keeps miralces comin!!! We are soo blessed!! Ok so I gotta share just a couple more miralces then Ill be done! Sorry! Well this wasn't really a miracle...more just plain scary...but hey it counts. So we had MLC this week (Missionary Leadership council) (where all the zone leaders and sister training leaders and Assistants and President meet and discuss trainings and things goin on in our mission) and usually President gives a training, and Sister Weston, and the Assistants and that's it. But the Assistants called and asked if me and Sister Lutz would train as well.....we found out 2 days before MLC and we were on exchanges up until MLC so we had zero time to prepare. We prepared it the morning of MLC when we were drivin to Omaha. Andddd it worked!!! IT went good!! President was really excited cuz it answered a lot of questions the council had come up with! ill tell ya right now it wasn't us at all! The spirit did it ALL! It was truly a miracle. We had no idea how we were gonna pull it off but God just made it happen:) He's da best.:) Ok so 2 last miralces then ill be done!!! So the missionaires hve been meeting with this lady named L for months and months now. Shes an "enternigator" but this week...she came to church!!! We had a powerful lesson on acting...and how action brings blessings and answeres. Then she acted and came!!:) She even stayed all 3 hours! She liked it a lot and her little girl loved it! Ok last miracle I'll share!! So last night it was getting late and it was the last night of the week and we still hadn't gotten a new investigator for the week! (our mission is focusing on every companionship bein a star companionship...which is a number in every key indicator) so we really need a new investigator so we could be a star companionship again! We headed over to see S (one of our YSA investigators) and were gonna see if we could have her mom or boyfriend become a new investigator. We prayed and got out of the car and didn't feel too good about it. We were walkin up to her apartment when I hear someone say "Ashley". Haha it made no sense. I was a little weirded out. But we both just stopped and went back in the car. We felt prompted to go to this other apartment complex and go tracting. We knocked every dang door in that place. Finally it was 8:59 and we had one more door to knock.....this girl opened and guess what?? Her name was Ashley!!! she took a BOM and let us share a message!!! She become our new investigator!! ha God wanted us to find her!:) It was cool cuz I heard "Ashley" loud and clear....but had no idea what it meant. But we just started acting, and then God's purposes were made clear to us:) It was a cool testimony builder to me that sometimes we just needa act, even when we have no idea why...and trust that God has a better plan in mind:) We just needa trust Him:) Well this week somethin I really learned was its ok to not be perfect. Its ok to not be the smartest! Ha its been real nice to learn! :) I have just been beatin myself up lately because I don't know enough scriptures, or don't know all the answers to questions....and its just frustratin cuz I want to be able to know so I can help people the very best I can! But our mission president told us in our meeting that the The Lord doesn't need smart people. He needs childlike people. He said "Why do you think were constantly getting new missionaires?? cuz the old ones get too smart and need to go home!!!! The humble ones are the ones who change hearts." Haha he wants our mission to focus on bein childlike:) Not childish but childlike. Childish is silly, immature, foolish, irresponsible. Where Childlike is innocent, unworldly, unaffected. I LOVE that word...unaffected. Are we unaffected by the things around us? Do we just choose to be happy no matter what happens? Happiness is a choice. Only 10% of what actually happens affects your attitude! The rest is up to you!! Happiness is a sign of courage. A sign of faith. Just choose to be unaffected!! To be happy:) Anyways...I went off on that....but basically the reason we need to be more childlike is because then we listen to the spirit. When we know so much....we just rely upon ourselves for knowledge, not waiting, listening for the spirit. We cant let what we know....get in the way of what we can learn. sooooo basically .....don't get too smart for your britches:) that's all I have to say. Oh and one more thing.....I noticed before that I was talkin to myself in a very rude way. I was tellin myself that I wasn't very smart...and that I didn't know things. but that aint right!! He also told us that we need to talk to ourselves like the Savior would:) I have been tryin to do that lately....and its made a world of a difference!!! Anyways sorry this is all over the place with a million different ideas but I am done now!!! I love you guys!! have a great week!!:)