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Nebraska Omaha Mission

11027 Martha St

Omaha, NE 68144

Monday, October 27, 2014

Hey Family!!!! How are ya all doin??? I hope real good!!! Ok so WOW. This was a crazy week. Such a good week but exhausting!! So there is a family in our ward named the Burmoods who are AMAZING. I love them! Brother Burmood has a best friend named Travis that we have been teachin the lessons too. (They are the ones who have taught me all I know about butcherin deer and turkeys:)) haha sooo we went over this week and butchered a turkey and cut it and washed it up then ate it for dinner then afterwards had our lesson with Travis. The lesson went AMAZING!!!!! I was soo nervous to ask him to be baptized because the Burmoods have been workin with him forever and he has never wanted to be baptized....but I did it. anddddd HE SAID YES!!!! He teared up and said he knew this was true and wanted to be apart of it. :):):):)After he left the Burmoods FREAKED out and came and hugged me and cried they were sooo happy!! It was awesome!!!:) They said that no missionary has ever connected with Travis so much and taught him in the way he needed!! They prayed and thanked God for sending me here:) It was the sweetest thing. Afterwards we were all talkin. The ward knew they were takin us sister missionaries out of Hastings so Brother B said that T said me and Sis F HAD to be at his baptism....sooo the B are gonna come get me wherever I am at so I can give a talk at T's baptism:) It was SUCH a good way to leave this area.
So.....I guess I better explain whats happenin now. So the Mission called us on Saturday to tell us that Hastings Sisters area is bein closed. :( So we cleaned and cleaned that apartment all day then Sunday went around and said goodbye to everyone and did handoff lessons with the Elders. I feel so bad for Elder G. So me Sis F and Elder C are all leavin Hastings this transfer and Elder G is takin over the whole area and he has only been here for 1 transfer!! haha But Sunday was sooooo sad.....:( The ward was all really upset we were leavin:( Everyone was cryin and wantin us to come was such a rough day. When we had to say goodbye to our investigator Trina...ahhh it was horrible!!!! she was sobbing uncontrollably. We just cried and cried. Ha I was sooo exhasuted by the end of the day that we fell asleep on the floor packin! Then today we woke up and the mission and a bunch of elders were here to pack up our apartment. Soooo now everything I own is in our car and me and sis F are just wanderin around all day today cuz we dont have a phone either....haha then at 2 today Sis F is goin to Omaha and I am stayin in Grand Island with some other sisters until Friday when I find out where I am gettin transferred too:) Soo yea:)
Well sorry this email is rushed and all over the place! I have like no time and no brain power right now! but I just wanna share a little about what I been studyin and thinkin about lately! So in the scriptures it says over and over that we need to have Faith, Hope and Charity. I really been thinkin about that and broke it down a little. So we have Faith in Jesus Christ. The more we strengthen our relationship with Him, and the more we get to know Him, the more we strive to become like Him .the more Faith we have.Then Hope. We have hope that Christ can save us. If we strengthen that Hope in Christ's Atonement and learn more about the depth of what the Atonement covers then our Hope grows. Then Charity. The scriptures say that without Charity we are nothing. We can possess all good attributes but if we dont have Charity it profits us nothing. Charity is hope that Christ can help and save others. Thats what it comes down too. If others are makin dumb choices and you think they wont ever change...they will continue to make those dumb choices, then you are denying them the Atonement. If you truly have charity for someone then you beleive that Christs Atonement will change them and you allow them to change. I just know that I am human and have made many mistakes and I am just grateful for people who do have charity towards me and dont hold my mistakes in their head, but allow me to reach my full potential by beleiving in me and that I can change. We are all gonna make mistakes, and are probably makin mistakes right now, but as long as we are repenting and allowing ourselves and others to use the Atonement, we can all reach our full potential. I think we dont just need to repent but we need to be repentant. That makes all the difference. Not just what we do...but who we are. If we all just help eachother Endure to the End then life would be so much easier. Enduring to the end is just internalizing progression....and even if that progression is soo small...hey at least its progress in the right direction. Well I love you all sooo much and pray for you everyday! Thanks again for all the birthday cards and packages!!! GOSH i have the best family and friends ever!!!! Talk to ya soon! Love, Sister Wilson:)

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