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Monday, May 11, 2015

March 23, 2015

Hola Familia!!!:) how was your week??? I hope it was great!!:) Cant wait to hear all about it! Well I don't have too much time this Im going to keep it short!! But this week was kinda crazy!!! So we had 2 zone trainings and some we were super busy!! They both went amazing!! The spirit was there super strong and I learned lots:) But towards the end of the exchange I started not feelin too we decided to cut the exchange short and drive home that night, because the next day we were moving into another members home for a week cuz the C's are havin family in town. Soooo we had a lot to do and plus I wasn't feelin good, so we decided to go home early:) Well then this emergency came up with a Sister so we stayed till 8:15 at night and at that point we had a 2 hour drive ahead of us...but we got permission and decided to still leave that night anyways!!! Sooo we are drivin home....and my throat decides it don't want me to breathe...soo it got pretty scary. ha poor Sister L!!!! We were drivin in the middle of nowhere when this happened so we called President C and he told us how to get to the hospital!! Then we went to the ER and they fixed me up:) It wasn't that big of a deal!!! I am totally fine!!! Just my throat and a really bad cold and stress don't go very well together:) but the best part is yet to come!!!!!! hahah soooo were drivin home from the ER....and guess what happens??? We get pulled over by a cop. hahah at that point we are just both SOO exhausted from everything that happened we burst into tears....the cop let us off. poor could he not?? and then....we gave him a BOM:) he took it:) hahah soooo maybe I went to the ER, and we got pulled over, alllllll just so this guy could have a BOM??:) That's my conclusion:)
Well that was pretty much our week:) zone trainings, exchanges, ER, and then we were commanded to sleep for 2 days by our mission President's wife:) But it was a really great week!!!:) I learned a lot!!! OHHHH WAIT. One REALLY awesome thing happened that I need to tell you about!!!! So our investigator L....shes been investigating for EVER. I think I mentioned her last week..? maybe. I don't know. But we haven't had like any contact with her this week cuz of everything, and on sunday she just showed up to church!!!! Which isn't like her...usually we have to invite her and be by her side the whole time!! But long story short....after church, she texts us and says she needs to talk to us. So we head over there and she begins to tell us that all these little "coincidences" kept happening this week and especially today that this church was Gods true church. She said she was reading in her book and a piece of paper was stuck in her book that said, "God loves you, and wants you to know the truth." Then!! she kept reading and it talked about the Mormon tabernacle choir in temple square!!! and for some reason that clicked in her brain that that was what God was tryin to tell her!:) Soooo cool!!!!!!:):):)::) Anyawys sorry this email is all over the place and doesn't make much since!!! But I just am soooo grateful to be able to be apart of Gods work! Its so amazing, because there are little miralces everyday! Its evident this is His work, because His hand is ALWAYS apart of it!! I never want to take for granted all the miralcles He allows me to see! and I pray I will recognize them more:) They are everywhere:) I also know that everything happens for a reason:) That God loves us more than we could imagine, therefor everything He lets happen to us, is ultimately for our benefit and for a reason:) We just need to trust in His love and sit back and enjoy the ride!! I love you sooo much family!!!:) have a great week!:) Love, Sister Wilson

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