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Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015

ohhhh goodness!!! Hello Family!!! How are you???:) You all seemed so good yesterday talkin to you!:) I am so glad to hear that!:) Well.....this is 2nd to last email to you guys....kinda weird. wow oh wow I don't even know what to say!! Things are going amazing over here. So many miralces and tender mercies from the Lord....literally every single day...every single hour. This week we had 2 zone trainings!!! I gave my last trainings as Sister Training leader....that was sad. Man oh man I love this so much it hurts. I gave my departing testimony at those.... so sad again.:( Got to spend lunch with our sisters and some exchanges where we saw miralces in their areas!!!:) A set of our sisters got a baptism this week!!! That was amazing! We were able to meet with a lot of people who were struggling and be an answer to their prayers.......that was really special. and Emily (we baptized her a couple months ago) was able to take her moms name to the temple and be baptized for her!!!! Oh that was such a powerful thing she later told us. Soo cool:)
Well I really don't even know what to say.....So im gonna bear my testimony:) haha sooo everybody get comfortable;) Well first off.....I would just like to say that if I could sum up my mission and everything that I learned....I would say the thing I learned the most about was Gods love. Im sure I have mentioned this time and time again through out my emails....but that's really all everything comes down. His love. He loves us so unconditionally, so permanetely. There is nothing we can do to take us away from it. Its just there. He is so forgiving and so merciful and so tender and so caring....yet so unchanging and so fair. He is perfect. He can love you perfectly.
We try soo hard to find the feeling of Gods love. The closest thing we have on this earth to compare it to is the love we feel for our families. Ive heard its the love you feel for your children....the love you feel for your spouse...but..........I aint there yet;) soooo I aint goin there.;) but I am excited to one day get to that point and understand Gods love on an even deeper level! haha but really. I have seen time and time again on this mission where we commit people to come to church, read their scriptures, these things that will help them FEEL of Gods love in their life, That will help them feel true happiness. But they don't. and then, we feel devastated. We feel so sad because we know that they are just missing out on an opportunity to find what they actually want, to find what they are actually looking for, to find what will make them happier then they can even imagine. We just feel sad because we love them sooo very much it hurts and just want them to be happy. Heavenly Father has enabled us missionaries to feel just a fraction of how Heavenly father feels when we make those small choices that bring us away from Him. He doesn't hate us, or get angry, or throw a temper tantrum....He just feels sad because He knows whats best for you, knows how to make you feel whole, and wants to fill you....but you gotta trust Him. You gotta act even when you don't see the outward results right away. You gotta trust and have Faith He truly just wants whats best for you. When you have that kinda trust in Him.....You will be completely 100% happy:) All of us want to be loved. That's a desire Heavenly father has given us. And the whole goal in this life is to find Gods love. That's why it is the fruit of the tree of life. Its the greatest of all the gifts of God. That's why we find the most happiness in this life, in the family. That's where Gods love is evident. That's why we feel so good and so happy when we read the Book of Mormon, that book is evidence of Gods love. Its got examples of Gods love alllll through out it!
Oh goodness I could go on forever talking about this....I feel like I haven't even begun to explain the things I have learned about Gods love....but I am running out of time so I will save it for another day!:) Real fast....I found this quote the other day during my studies....and its perfect. "True love lasts forever. It is eternally patient, and forgiving. It believes, hopes, and endures all things. That is the love our Heavenly Father bears for us." -Joseph B Wirthlin Heavenly fathers love is PERFECT. Our mortal brains just cant comprehend that. That's why He is the only one who can truly make us one else can. We need to stop tryin to feel whole by other sources...or other people. If somethin is missing in your life, if you do not feel whole, I promise you that if you stop tryin to rely on other people, and stop tryin to find other ways to feel whole, and just turn to your loving Heavenly Father that You. Will. Feel. Whole. You will be filled. I promise you that with all my heart. He will make you whole. I say that in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. I love you guys sooo much!!!!:) have a great week! Love, Sister Wilson:)

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