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Monday, May 11, 2015

April 27, 2015

Hey Family!!! How was Cancun??? So not fair!! Dare was prom??;) Audrey looks sooo cute! Cant wait to meet her!;) well we had a great week!!!! :) TONS and tons of miralces!!! We taught 35 lessons this week!!! Which is insane for here!!!!!!:) it was so cool! In one day we taught 11 lessons!!! haha it was crazy!!:) Well let me tell ya about some miracles!! 1. Got pulled over..... (ready for the miracle part????.................JUST A WARNING!!! Woo hoo!! and...tried to give the guy a Book of Mormon....wasn't havin it...but hey.....Didn't get a ticket!!!;) whew. I should probably not even be tellin you guys about this....but oh well. whats done is done:) you still have to love me:) 2. We got into this families house that we had been tryin to get into for quite some time!!! They invited us to dinner and then a lesson afterwards...we were super excited!!! Well....we got there late cuz I got pulled we already were super nervous and upset about that....but we had called them and they understood....then we get there and they opened the door and were givin us hugs when their dog ran out. The lady started flippin out sayin they just got that dog and it was their new kid and now it was gone! haha soooo me and my comp ran as fast as we could after that dang dog. It almost got hit by a car and ran through this field. I ditched my shoes and seriously booked it after that dog...praying my heart out that I could catch it or these people would NEVER let us come back again! haha Sooo I prayed and jumped on top of it. It was in a bunch of poop.....BUT I GOT IT!!!! hahah I had poop all over my skirt...but I got the dang dog:) haha the family tolerated us after that and let us in and we were able to teach a lesson:) haha gosh Satan really didn't want us to teach them....dang cops, and dogs, but GOD WINS....errrrytime. 3. We had interviews with President this week. Wow it was amazing. So inspired. I came up with 3 goals I am going to do for the next 3 months. 1. I will read 30 mins of the BOM everyday:) 2. I am going to write down 5 evidences of Gods love everyday 3. Come up with 3 questions before praying and then discuss and ask and listen and find those answers in my prayer. I really know that these goals will help me keep my relationship I have with the Lord, and keep me to where my priorities need to be in these next 3 months. He then told me that the reason I came on a mission was for my future. He told me that I better never say "I don't want to go home" I better be saying "I want to go home" haha.....He told me that my mission will be a blueprint for my life... (which is cool cuz when I got set apart from the Stake President, he used the same wording) and he said that the greatest is yet to come and there are so many blessings ahead. He said I just needed to enjoy these last 4 weeks, just soak it all in, and be excited to go home. Then at the end he gave me a blessing and told me that my work was acceptable before God. It was sooooooooo powerful. I really needed to hear that. Anyways other things were said, but it really brought me a lot of peace:) Everything will be ok:) 4. one last miracle!!!! We had 5 investigators at church on Sunday!!!!!:):) We had a new family that we have been working with come!!! GOSH I need to tell you about them! THEY ARE A HUGE MIRALCE!!!! but I am running out of time!! I will tell you about them sooN!!! and then Leslie came for the 3rd time!!!! There will be a baptism this transfer!! That's our goal!!! Alright well I gotta get going....but one last thing I wanted to share with you guys. The most important thing I have learned while being on my mission has been Gods love. I feel like I understand it on such a deeper level than before, and I feel like it has changed everything. I have realized that that is our true purpose as a missionary. To bring others Gods love. HOW amazing is that??? I never want this to end!!! (cept I cant say that...President gets mad at me). But I just know that how we show others Gods love best is by being Bold. How do you know when someone loves you?? Think about that.....they are BOLD with you!! They tell you how they really feel! They show you!!! When their bold it shows their love and passion behind what they are saying. They are Bold Because Of Love & Desire they have for you. Christ was the perfect example of Gods love, the perfect example of being Bold. He accomplished the Atonement, this huge bold statement because of the love He had for us. I know how important it is that we help others feel Gods love. I know that through compassion loves can change. I know that you may think that others know how much you love them, but they don't. Be bold, let those around you KNOW how much you love and appreciate them. Help each child of God feel loved, needed, appreciated and understood. If you are doing that, you are changing lives, and you are being the best servant of God you can be. I would like to invite each of you to focus on helping EVERY person you talk too feel loved, needed, appreciated and understood. If you focus on helping them feel those 4 will be influencing and touching their life more than you could possibly imagine. You will be bringing a power into their lives that will change them forever. You will be bringing them Gods love. I say that in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!! Have a great week!!! Love, Sister Wilson:)

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