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Monday, May 11, 2015

April 7, 2015

Hello Family!!! Sorry I never emailed yesterday!:) It was a crazy busy day! Sister L left me and went home....:( saddest day of my life. but that's ok! Well I don't have much time today!!!! But I just wanted to make sure I at least sent out a little email!!! We saw tons and tons of miracles this week! I'll quickly share some!! FIRST: Funny story. So we went on exchanges to York this week and their apartment had carbon monoxide poisoning!! The alarm went off and the police showed up....but they are volunteer and didn't have the right equipment soooo they couldn't tell if it was carbon monoxide or not. Haha so we continued on our day and then whenever we went into the apartment we got real light headed and sick.....sooo the members came over and felt the same way!! We ended up goin and sleepin at some other members house that night while they got things figured out!! :) They aren't allowed to go back in that apartment for a couple weeks while they get it all cleared out and stuff! The mission is very strict when it comes to that stuff so they want to make sure all is well!!! Poor sisters!!! It was Sister C's last week on her mission too...what a crazy last week!! but we are all alive and good:) ok noooow miracle for the week!!:) So we had a lesson right after conference with one of our YSA members. Her friend came over and she introduced us to her. We ended up talkin to her about Christ and shared that video "Because He lives" with them. We then discussed Christ and what He has done for us personally in our lives. We all took some time sharing our testimony. When it got to her turn she said, "Well I don't have a personal relationship with Christ. I don't know Him. Hes not really there....and if he was....he doesnt care about me and my small problems. Hes got enough to deal with." It was sooo sad......Can you imagine not having a relationship with Christ? We then bore powerful testimony about how He DOES care about her and her small problems....we testified of personal experiences we have all had and promised her that she can have these experiences as well. We then committed her to come up with a question of the soul that she really needs help with or needs an answer to from God. She sat there forever...and finally said, "ok I will try it. You really believe He will answer me?" We testified with all we have that we knew He would, she just needed to be sincere about it and believe He would answer her and then actually do something with her answer. She said she would do it. Then she asked us to come meet with her next week and teach her more how she can come to have a personal relationship with Christ. :) It was SOO cool!:) She really desires that relationship!!! something changed within her in that lesson!! The spirit really has the power to change hearts:) So cool to see that time and time again!:) One other really cool miracle. So with Sister L goin home....we went and said goodbye to E:) E is the girl we baptized in January:) Ahhh it was soo sad. We are all best friends. But one of the most powerful lessons Ive ever had. So we shared a message on Christ then I went to the bathroom. I came back in and the second I got to the door this overwhelming feeling came to me. I just knew without a doubt there were angels in the room. It was so weird. I felt Jared right next to me. And there were others there as well. I went and sat down by Sister L and E.....Then E started crying. She looked up at us and said, "Im preparing my moms name to take her to the temple and get her baptized. " (E's mom passed away a couple of years ago...because of drugs). when she said that the spirit just became even more powerful.....which was crazy cuz it was already INSANELY strong. Then....these words just fell out of me and Sister L's mouth. We told her that her mom has been listening to all of the lessons we have had with her...and that every time E testifies..her mom hears it and she is accepting this message because of Emily. We just knew her mom was there....and her mom is going to accept baptism. OHHH it was sooo cool. Then Emily said...."I believe that...I feel its right. My mom is here right now. I can feel her." We all just sat there. Mom and Dad, Jared was right next to me. He was there. E's mom was there. I know this. It was such an amazing feeling. Such a powerful lesson. I just would like to testify and let you all know that angels really are among us. They are here. They are here to help us, they are here to be with us. We are never alone. The other side is soo much closer than we think. Well so many other amazing things have happened but that is all I have time for! I just would like to testify to each of you the amazing power of the knowledge of the gospel. I am so grateful for what we know. Knowledge brings power. It brings peace. It brings comfort. I am sooo blessed to know the things I know.....and I just want to share them with everyone!!!! Being a missionary is such a priveledge...something I never want to give up...and never will!!! We can constantly be sharing the knowledge we have with others to build them up and strengthen them!! I know that the more we study the words at general conference, study the scriptures, study Christ himself, the more knowledge we will gain, and the more use to our Father In Heaven we will be. I know the more knowledge we gain, the happier we will be. I know that with this knowledge He can make us into who He wants us to be. President Uchtdorf said in this conference, "He can make of you the genuine spiritual being of light and truth you desire to be." We just need to study Him, get to know him personally.....and we can then become like Him. I love you all soo much!!!! I gotta go!! but just know you are all in my prayers DAILY!!! Have a great week!!! Love, Sister Wilson

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