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Monday, February 23, 2015

Hey Family!:) How was your week? I hope it was great!!:) I cant believe Kelsie leaves on her mission this week and that Alayna gets hers this week!!! Gosh sooo many changes!!! I am sooo proud of both of them! I cant wait to hear where Alayna is going and how Kelsie likes her first week in the MTC!!!:) Well this week has been good! We were able to find a couple new investigators!!! I love finding those who the Lord just leads you too!! We met this girl who is YSA age and had been praying to find a way to turn her life around!!! Thennn she met us that day:) Really cool:) Church is true:) We also had some AWESOME lessons with our Spanish investigators this week!!! Holy cow its soooo cool! teaching them has been such a priveledge because I have been able to recognize the spirit so much more and realize that it isn't me at all who does the teaching.....its all the spirit. Without the spirit...we wouldn't be able to teach them anything! literally!
Well we did have some not so good things happen this week.....but lots of tender mercies and miralces came from it as well.So there is YSA member who has been struggling really badly lately with a lot of things. We have been spending a lot of time with her tryin to help her out.....but....long story short, a lot of drama went down and she ended up attempting suicide. She was SO close. It was sooo scary. So Ill kinda briefly explain what I can.... She lives with 2 other members of the YSA. That day we had gone over and had lunch with her 2 roomates. We had felt really prompted to share Alma 14 and 15 with them. We had no idea why because its a super depressing chapter about the women and children burning in the fire, and Alma and Amulek not being able to save them. We ended up having a really powerful discussion about it. Well then the next morning we got a call from Luke telling us what had happened the night before. So apparently that morning (the morning we went to the apartment for lunch) she had left a suicide note with all her belongings on her bed...and left with a duffel bag. It got to be 11 at night and her roomates were worried about her. The whole YSA was havin a sleepover at their apartment that night. None of them had heard from her all day. They went in her room and found all this on her bed. Freaking out they called the cops. Long story short...the cops found her in the basement of her work JUST IN TIME. She is now getting help and she should be ok. Meanwhile... the whole YSA is all traumatized and havin a really hard time. After all this went down they went back to the apartment and were just horrified. They had been best friends with her their whole lives. One of them had remembered that we had read Alma 14 and 15 with them and decided to read it all together that night. They told us that when they were reading those chapters this overwhelming peace and comfort came across all of them. It answered all the questions they each were having and everything was ok They could see things with an eternal perspective. It provided clarity. It was also a really cool bonding experience for the YSA and they were able to each bear their testimony on it afterwards:) This was a huge testimony builder to me to just follow the spirit even when you have no idea why. God has a reason....He has it all planned out...and even if you have NO idea why....just act. Cuz He knows why. He is so aware of each of us....and what each of us needs....and we just need to trust in Him, and everything will be ok. I am so grateful for this gospel and the knowledge that it brings. I have no idea how people go through trials without it. Knoweldge brings power. It brings peace. I know that the Book of Mormon is Gods words. I know that as you read that book that it will bring a peace and comfort into your life that you can't find anywhere else. I know as you read it that it will bring clarity and direction into your life. I know that God speaks through that book. If any of you need answers, need peace, need direction, need clarity, or just need to feel loved, READ that book. I promise you that you will find what you are looking for. I love this church....and I am so grateful and honored to be able to be a member to have the priveldges that I do. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. Have a great week family!! I Love you all sooo much!! Love, Sister Wilson:)

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