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Monday, March 31, 2014

Well this week was good!!! An Elder taught me how to rope so I am basically gonna be a professional roper when I get home:) haha I Love it! A member was teachin us all the tips and it was way fun! We also had an old country singer singin at Floyd Valley Apartments this week and me and Sister K were asked to sing "A Childs Prayer" at it. It was sooo cool!! umm We also got to put a bunch of insulation up in an attic for a couple hours.....I was covered in spider webs and dust and itching cuz of the insulation. haha it was way fun though:) So that was some fun stuff! But this week was also full of a lot of amazing experiences!!! So we met this lady at the Floyd Valley country night and got to talkin to her...she has had such a hard life.....her husband abuses her real bad...we shared a couple scriptures with her and testified to her that the message we share can heal her in a way that nothin else can....we ended up talkin to her for an hour and got a return appointment...she was cryin and loved everything we shared. We went back and had a really cool lesson with her :) We will see where that goes:) Another amazing experience was with F. She is the super stubborn lady who wanted nothin to do with our message but listened anyways....but this week has done a complete turn around. We were watchin a church video with her...the spirit was super strong and afterwards she asked if we could teach her the lessons....we were like...whatttt?? haha but we did...we have gone back a couple times this week...taught her the plan of salvation...oh wow that was powerful. We were all tearin up and she said that it all makes complete sense....and she believed it! Then we shared with her the gospel of Jesus Christ and she asked a TON of questions about baptism and the priesthood authority! Then get the end she asked us if she could get baptized!! haha sooo crazy!!! We did nothin!! IT was all the spirit!! So amazing how powerful the spirit can touch people. The problem is she is on oxygen and not doin good at all with her health, we don't know how we are gonna get her to church and then get baptized...we will just have to see what happens:) Another really cool lesson I loved this week was with C. C is this super sweet lady. She was real sick this week and just layin in bed when we came over. She invited us in and had us sit on her bed with her and we all watched the Restoration...she loved it. She then had us sing to her...(she always makes us sing to her) so we sung "Joseph Smiths First Prayer". She said she felt something....we explained about the holy ghost and how he testifies of truth. She said she felt it every time we came over and knew God was tryin to tell her something:) Its so cool! She wants to come to church when she gets better! So we just pray that she does! Another really cool experience was the other day some members took us out to lunch. We were at this small town little café called "bob's". We were eatin our lunch and havin a really deep conversation about trials. The member we were with had just lost her mom and was tellin us how she feels her whenever she is at her lowest. She knows that Heavenly Father sends her to comfort her when she feels alone and when life gets hard. This lady came up to us and told us that she couldn't help overhearing our conversation. She saw our name tags and started askin all these questions about life after death. Me and the member bore powerful testimony of life after death and how we know that our loved ones are on the other side, waiting for us and that we will see them again. It was cool cuz when I was testifying to this lady....I started havin no idea what I was sayin....I just was testifyin and testifying then afterwards we asked if we could come visit her again and share with her our message. She said yes....she needed this in her life!! It was awesome! Afterwards, Sister Kent was all teary eyed and said, "now that was one of the most powerful testimonies of the plan of salvation I have ever heard." It was sooo sweet of her!! But the crazy thing was I didn't know what I said.....The spirit took over completely. I felt it.:) It wasn't me at all:) I gained a stronger testimony of bearing testimony:) When we start bearing our testimony the spirit is able to take over and do the rest! He is the real teacher....He is the one that touches hearts and makes people feel something within them to want to change. Well I am runnin out of time....but there was so many other amazing experiences I will have to share someday with yall! But one simple scripture that I have really loved this week is Alma 17:10. It says "And the Lord did visit them with his Spirit and said unto them: Be comforted. And they were comforted" I love that! I have felt that so many times in my life. When we are struggling with trials we are facing in our lives, when we are feelin like all hope is lost and life is just too hard, or if we are just simply havin a bad day...all we have to do is turn to our heavenly father and He will simply tell us, "be comforted" and we will feel comforted. He has the power to heal us completely. He is the only one who can make us feel whole. And all we have to do to feel ask. That's it! So simple yet I know I tend to forget too a lot. Anyways I hope yall have a great week!! Love you!!!:) P.s. Tell Grandma Ruth I LOVED her St Patrick's day package!!! It was sooo sweet!!!
Pictures - Ashley with the Headid's (Member family that feeds Ashley all the time) at Blue Bunny Ice Cream Museum, driving with the Headid's (Ashley wants Darrin to marry the girl in the picture!), Sister Weston (Ashley's Mission President's wife) just put the Mission Olympics on Facebook so I just got these pictures this week.

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