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Monday, March 10, 2014

Hey family!!! So this week was really good! We finished moving S in last Monday and Tuesday so now the house is just FULL of a bunch of stuff! But its slowly coming together!!:) So on Tuesday we went to Christian needs where we do service for 3 hours every Tuesday and this lady came in and she was talkin to this guy and out of the corner of her eye she saw me...and she said" Hey you look familiar!" I had never seen her in my life...we got to talkin and she kept sayin over and over how she swore she knew me....we got a long really well and I explained that I was a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and what that meant....she was like "Oh so your bringin back the good in the world?" I was like "yea....yea that's exactly what were doin" And she then said she would love to meet with us again....she loved us already she couldn't explain it!! So cool!!! So we just hope she actually will! Pray for her!!:) Then later this week we went and saw J. J is amazing. We watched "Consider the Blessings" conference talk by President Monson and the spirit after we watched that was SO powerful. She kept saying, "Wow....I have never felt my son so close to me...hes here. he's here." ( Her son was named Z,...he died of leukemia when he was 5) The amazing thing was....I also felt Jared that close was crazy. I then bore my testimony to her that her son Z loved her so much and was right here and wanted his mom to have this gospel, this happiness, in her life. She shook her head and said..."yea you are so right...he wants me to have this" IT WAS SO COOL! She is going with us to the relief society general broadcast at the end of this month and we are going to watch conference with her!:) We are tryin to get her to come to church with us too! The spirit was soo strong.....and when we left...Sister K said that she knew Zach spoke through me to her today. I felt it...I felt Z's love for her....and I knew that's what he wanted her to know. It was cool cuz when we left we prayed and she said, "Let Z and Jared know we love them and are tryin our best to make them proud" It was sooo sweet. I just know Z and Jared are friends up there:) And that means we have 2 angels helpin us with Jane:) It's all gonna work out:) We met with A a bunch this week...we have been teachin the Plan of Salvation with her. She has been strugglin a lot lately. We talked about how sometimes we pray and ask for help for others but not for for some reason we don't feel worthy enough to ask for ourselves because we should/could be doing so much better than what we are already doing....but that we need to realize that we DO deserve his love and help. He knows were human and not always gonna be doin the very most we can. He has mercy and compassion on us and all we have to do is ask and He will pour out blessings to us....anyways it was really cool. That also reminded me that ANY blessing we ever receive is because of our obedience to something God has told us to do. In D@C 130:20-21 It tells us that. All blessings come because of obedience. So if we want more blessings in our lives...then we just needa be more obedient:)
We met with soo many people this week and had AMAZING lessons with ALL of them..I don't have time to tell all of them ...but I wanna share what happened Friday night....So all day Friday we could just feel Satan workin on many weird things kept happening...J (the 22 year old who we used to teach and almost baptized but then went all weird and creepy) met up with us and it was the worst meeting ever....the spirit was not there and so I just kept readin out of the Book of Mormon to keep the spirit there....but the second I stopped readin that horrible feeling was back...then we met with a bunch of ladies in Floyd valley apartments and they were bein all weird and it was just a horrible day...but AMAZING whenever we taught..Anyways we get home and are helpin S prepare her training for The Stake Relief Society meeting and S just started crying (She NEVER cries...toughest person i know) saying, "I can't take this anymore...I have felt Satan ALL day...He is right here and I can't do it anymore." We begun to tell her that we had felt the exact same thing all day... So she commanded Satan to leave with SUCH strong force...she was shaking and crying and I have NEVER felt the spirit so strong as I did right then. Most amazing feeling in the world. Immediately I felt peace and comfort and then right after that we were able to come up with the PERFECT training for the Stake Relief Society and then me and Sister K were able to have the most powerful lesson with C and then with others. Then the rest of this week we have been able to have such AMAZING powerful lessons!!! It's been sooo cool!!! But in my priesthood blessing I got a week ago I was told that Satan would be all around me but that Angels would also be all around me and I would need to draw upon them to keep Satan from attacking. Its been cool cuz me and Sister K have been SO exactly obedient so that Satan can't get in Anywhere into God's work.....Its crazy....we seriously have to be EXACTLY obedient or else he gets in. Ok so another cool thing is we went tracting and I felt real prompted to go and knock on this specific we did and this man opened the door and looked SO sad.....I started bearing my testimony on the Book Of mormon and how you can feel God's love for you when you read it and apply its teachings in your life....He took it and thanked me so much and said its what he needed right then. It was cool:) We will see what happens:) Last thing I been thinkin about lately...I think the most important thing we need to understand is how the spirit speaks to us YOU. you can't do anything or make correct choices without knowing how the spirit speaks to you. It may be feelings, it may be thoughts coming to your mind, it may just be a peace from all the confusion in your head but whatever it is...try and figure it out. God speaks to each one of us differently because each one of us is different. He speaks to us in our language. If we get that down...then life will be easy!! we will be led and guided every day by The One who knows the long run, the whole perspective. The One who knows whats best for us and The One who knows the best way for us to be most happiest. I know that if we find out how the Spirit speaks to us that we will ALWAYs be making the right decisions in our lives and have no need to worry. I love yall and your in my prayers!! have an amazing week!!! Love, Sister Wilson:)

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