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Monday, March 3, 2014

Well this week was crazy! So at the beginning of this week, a resident at Floyd Valley Apartments died...:( He visited with the Elders a couple times but was "not interested" S found him watching General Conference in his cool is that?? So anyways we had a memorial service for him and the pastor of T's church asked us to sing "How great thou art" So me and Sister K got to sing that together!! It was fun!! The spirit was so strong and then afterwards we talked to the Pastor for quite awhile. He is thinkin about havin us come teach about our church cuz a lot of people are wondering what 2 young girls are doin walkin around in -20 degree weather all day every day! haha so that would be super cool!!:)
Alright so S had to be completely moved out of her apartment this week and sense we are clear up here in Le Mars we couldn't get help because the roads have been closed because its been such bad weather. SOOOO me, S and Sister K moved ALL of S's stuff by OURSELVES. Haha ALL the furniture and everything!!! We would work literally ALL day Thursday Friday and Saturday and half of Sunday till 10:15 every night.....I Have never been so dang tired in my life but we finished it this morning!!! We woke up and finished patching holes and drilling and takin all the shelves off and everything from 6:30 to 11 today!!!!:) WE FINALLY FINISHED!!!! It was awesome!! I will send pictures of the house today!! We just had to pile everything in it....haha but I feel soo bad for S!! She is 72!!! and the only help she had moving was me and Sister K!!! Ahhh I feel so bad for her!
So the Olympics were this week!!!:) It was Zone Conference and it was AWESOME! President Weston gave an amazing training and I learned sooo much! Then afterwards we had the Olympics!!! Haha I WON!!! I got a medal and everything!! It was sooo much fun!! I'll send pics of the winners! I was the winning running/ladders sister in the mission!!!
Alright well our cars were grounded because of the weather this week....its gotten down to -30 ...its freezin!!! and the roads are all iced over bad! but we have had to move S so we been out in it all day everyday!! haha its kinda fun tho!!! We got to go and see the G earlier this week....M made me this really pretty bracelet!! Its amazing how we are friends!!! Sister K said she would never talk to them AT ALL whenever they went over and now she even made me a bracelet!!! I love her!! Then we also have been workin with this lady named T. She's a less active but doesn't come to church because of family situations. Her husband is abusive and its such a sad situation....we are tryin to figure things out. She's really hard and won't let anybody in and tell us anything...but me and her have gotten a long REALLY well this week and were finally gettin somewhere!! but I'ts so sad.......most of our investigators are single women and all of them are abused by their husbands either emotionally or physically or in most cases, both. It breaks my heart....but I know that with the gospel in their lives that it can heal the pain they are feeling. I see it in their eyes every time we go over there and teach, the glimmer of hope they are still holding onto. I just hope we can continue to reach them so they will accept and their lives will be blessed. We haven't been able to see J....shes real real sick....Please keep her in yall's prayers. Well sorry this email is all over the place....the computers not workin well so I'm tryin to hurry!!! But one quote that has been stickin out a lot to me while helpin these girls who have all been abused by their husbands and who because of that are completely broken....they have no respect for themselves and have no hope. It breaks my heart. But Elder Holland said, "Broken minds can be healed just the way broken bones and broken hearts are healed. While God is at work making those repairs, the rest of us can help by being merciful, nonjudgemental, and kind" I think that is such an amazing quote and something we can all strive to do. One thing I would like to leave with yall is in Alma 33:4-11 it has an amazing example of prayer. If yall can please look it up. It shows that God hears our cries no matter where we are or in what situation. Then in Verse 11, my favorite, it says that He hears us because of our sincerity , and He can hear us all because of His Son, Jesus Christ. Because of Christ, Our Loving Heavenly Father CAN have mercy on us and CAN answer our prayers and all His judgements can be turned away. All of this because of Christ. I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and for all He did for me and does for me everyday. I know that this gospel and living the way it teaches, is the only true way to be happy in this life. I know that if we just turn to Our Loving Heavenly Father that He will be there to comfort and love us when no one else is. He can make us feel whole. He is all we need. I love yall and pray for you every night!! Have a wonderful week!!!:)

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