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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hey family!!! So this week was soo amazing!!! We had so many cool experiences but I will only share a few. So we have been meetin with this less active A and because of that have been teachin her mom F. Her mom is really stubborn...but Its been AMAZING. We taught her the restoration and watched a video with her and she loved it and believes it and felt the spirit so strong. It was a really powerful lesson. Then we did a ton of service for the W' they are losing their job and their house and her dad is dying right now...she has been having the hardest time. Sister K and I went down and were cleanin out her office and helpin them pack stuff away and she just broke down hysterically. I feel so bad for her....I just hugged her while she cried and then Brother W was so sad and we just talked with them and comforted them. It was heartbreaking...I just want to take their pain away. Yet through all this Sister W has such strong faith. Its amazing......she always asks us for spiritual thoughts for the day:) Just like Grandpa did:) Then there is the H....Sister H is raising all her kids in the church while her husband is super anti and he is battling cancer. He never would allow missionaries in their house...but for some reason he has let me and Sister K in!!!! We have gone for dinner twice and are goin again tonight!!! Its amazing!! He isn't as rude as he was. He used to say real inappropriate things to us and make fun of the church....but now he listens to what we say. Its cool. So ya know how a couple of weeks ago I felt prompted to go knock on this specific door? Well me and Sister G went back and she let us in....and she ended up completely opening up to us and telling us about her life...her sons are all hard core into meth and drugs and so she is raising her grandchild....She has lost a lot of family members and just feels completely alone and against the world. We bore strong testimony to her that God loved her and was aware of all that was goin on in her life. We shared scriptures with her....we talked about the Atonement and how she doesn't have to face anything in life alone....She has someone who loves her more than she could imagine and that He is always there. She has the ultimate best friend. She was crying and then said that she knew God had to have a plan for her cuz whenever she is about to give up on life, He sends someone to her. She said she knew that we are God's angels sent to her and thanked us over and over for coming and just hugged us and cried. It was sooo powerful...we gave her a bunch of pamphlets and the Book of Mormon and are goin back tomorrow:) oh it was also cool cuz we had come before looking for her but her husband answered the door....and so we offered him a book of mormon and told him about it and he was real nice about it and took it. She then told us how surprised she was that he was nice!!! She told us that he HATED when the Jehovah witnesses come over he yells at them to get off his property but for some reason he was real nice to us and even took a book of mormon. :) One other amazing experience I'll share real fast is with the L. They live in a trailer park and have had such a rough life. B is struggling really bad with her health...and they just have had a rough life. We went over a couple nights ago and were just talkin with them. There was a little girl named D who just kept smiling at me and came over and held my hand. I asked her if she knew who Jesus was....she said she didn't. I then showed her a bunch of pictures of him and told her about Him while Sister K was talkin to B. I then told her about God and how He was her Daddy up in heaven and how He loves her so much and just wants to talk to her. I told her that He wants to be there to hug her when shes sad or scared and that He just wants to help her. She was like "REALLY?? Well how can I talk to my Dadddy? I want to talk to him" So then I taught her how to pray...we practiced and practiced till she felt like she could do it. It was the most precious thing ever. Then as we were gettin ready to leave we asked if we could leave with a prayer. D asked if she could say it......but if I would help her. So I helped her say the prayer and the spirit was SO strong.....After the prayer B started crying and said, "How did you know how to pray?' D said, "My missionary taught me how" B got up and hugged me and thanked me and said, "We need this in our lives....will you guys please keep coming back." It was AMAZING!!!!!! Ah watching someone pray for the first time is the most special thing....then as we were walkin out I looked back at D and she was praying in the corner again....soo precious!!! Well there was sooo many other amazing involved meeting a witch and getting a tour of her house....that was sketchy! Haha but it was really such an amazing week involving tons of miracles!!! I absolutely love this mission!!! I have met so many amazing people and been able to feel so close to my Heavenly Father. I know that He really does love each and everyone of us so much and all we need to do is turn to Him to feel that love. I know that whenever we have trials in our lives...that if we turn them over to our Heavenly Father He will strengthen us to be able to handle them and make our trial not so hard anymore....but turn it into a blessing because you feel Him so close. I'm sorry this email is all over the place! I have no time!!! But Just know you are all in my prayers and I love yall so much!!! :) Have a wonderful week!!! The E's made me Brown E's...haha get it?? Then made me actual brownies!!!:) I love them!!!!:)

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