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Monday, March 24, 2014

Hey family!!!! So this week was interesting!!! Lots of drama....first We got to tour the Methodist church and meet the pastor who absolutely HATES us....He was nice to our faces though!! It was cool cuz we were able to tell him that we are Christians and what we believe because he has been telling his congregation all these lies about Mormons. Then we were able to meet with A and F a bunch this week. F isn't doin good at all.....she is super sick and is most likely gonna pass away here soon. It breaks my heart.....She is LOVING the lessons though and knows its true!!! She wants to get baptized but can't cuz shes super sick....but I know that Jared will take care of her on the other side if she goes. Please keep her in your prayers. Another sad thing is Sister W's Dad passed away. She has been super depressed because they are losing their house, job, office and her Dad all at once. We have been over there holding her while she cries and talkin to her a bunch this week. It's so sad. Please keep them in your prayers as well. Another really sad thing was L. I can't really give details but a lot of stuff is goin down with her....she is bein scammed by some guy online....pretending he "loves" her and because of that has gotten herself in this huge mess. She is losin her house and the cops are gettin involved now.....She is sooo we are havin to go there every day and share spiritual messages tryin to get her away from the drugs and drinking. Its sooo sad. Please keep her in your prayers as well. And one other really sad J. J is real real sick.....she isn't doin good at all. She is most likely not gonna make it....but we will see. She called us the other day sayin she was comin over to see us but we found out she was confused and just tryin to get out of the hospital. We are gonna try and go see her this week:( Please please keep her in your prayers!!! So now that all the sad depressing stuff is done with...:) Let me tell ya the good stuff!!! So me and Sister K got an opportunity to go up to Orange city (Which is in the middle of nowhere, in a dutch community) We got to teach a high school class about our religion! It was awesome! none of them had ever heard of Mormons so we taught them the restoration and plan of salvation. The spirit was really strong and so many kids asked such good questions! It was weird teaching a high school class cuz I'm their age....but it made it fun:) Then Diane's lesson was awesome!!!! She believes that this church is the only true church on the earth and that Joseph Smith was a prophet...she wants to come to church but can't cuz she we are working on her!!!! Shes soooo close!!!! Pray for her!!! Then P told us this week that she knows we are sent to her for a reason and that she feels something so special every time we come over. She listens soo intently when we teach her....She is gettin it, I know it!!! Anyways, so many miracles happenin! Well so much happened and its so hard to be able to tell it all in an email!! But one thing that I have been thinkin about a lot this week is that when we are teaching the gospel we are teaching people transformation not information. I think a lot of times us as missionaries, get caught up in teaching the lessons and all the information they need to hear....instead of realizing that what we are sharing with people is the ability to transform their lives into something amazing. Something worth living. I think that life is hard enough as it is, and we are giving these people something that makes it so much easier, so much happier. We give them something worth living for. I was readin in Alma 44 this week and in verse 3 at the end it says, "and now ye see that ye cannot destroy this our faith." I think that's so powerful because in this chapter the Lamanites are tryin to take away all they have; their religion, families, right to worship, lands. But the important thing the people of Moroni realize is that they cant take away their faith. I think that's true in our is so unstable and we can lose everything. We can lose family members, our health, friends, jobs, anything...but the one thing that we are in control of, and the one thing that no one can take away, and that life can't take away, is our faith. It is the one thing that is stable and constant in this ever changing world. That brings me such peace to know that I can always rely on my faith. And if we have faith...we have everything. Faith is all that we need. Faith in our Savior Jesus Christ. If we have that, we have everything. And there is nothing to be afraid of or to worry about:) Ok sorry one more thing I wanted to we have been dealin with a lot of sad horrible things. These poor people are goin through so much in their lives right now. A bunch of women that we are teaching all have been, or are currently, bein abused by their husbands. The women in our ward are all members but their husbands are not. It breaks my heart because you see their lives and their children's lives bein torn apart and it makes for so many problems. I just really have the strongest testimony of the priesthood and the importance of having it in our home. I am so grateful for my Dad and the amazing example he is to me of being a loving father and husband and a worthy priesthood holder. I want that in my future family. Women should want someone who puts the Lord first, before her. If he does that then he will treat her right, and their children. I have realized the HUGE need to center our homes on the gospel and there wont be as many problems. Life will be so much easier and we will be able to find the happiness life has to offer. The gospel is ALL that matters in life.....that's what life should be about. Last thought....Ive also been thinkin..that pain helps lessons stick and makes them more valuable. We shouldn't be afraid of pain and hate it....we need to learn from it, let it make us stronger:) .....and also that blessings withheld may teach more than blessings granted. I have learned that a lot this week! We just need to remember that God knows what He is doin and trust in Him and life will all work out:) Sorry I preached a lot this email....haha I love you guys soooo much! Have a wonderful week!!!:)

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