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Monday, February 24, 2014

Hey Family! Well this week was really rough not gonna lie. A lot of stuff happened and is happening...but its all good and gonna work out:) The Lord is on our side helping us and with Him we can overcome anything. So we did A TON of service this week....We went down to Sioux City and helped the H's paint and build their house. Sister H is a member but her husband wants nothin to do with the church. He is fighting cancer right now and is real sick but wont just sit down and rest. Its so sad....Sister H is a mess because shes so worried about him....and she was scared cuz he HATES being around people from the church. But we ended up painting a room with him and the elders and ended up getting into a REALLY good conversation with him. He opened up and told us how hard it was to have to keep going into surgery and not bein able to do all the things he loves. He feels like he's failing as a husband and not bein the kind of man she needs. He can't take care of her cuz shes always takin care of him. It was so sad. He's this huge redneck tough guy, but when he opened up he was the sweetest person. Anyways we were there all day....and we just talked with him. That night Sister H called us crying saying that her husband wants me and Sister K to come to dinner sometime!! It was HUGE! she was sooo happy. She kept thanking us for not bein scared of him (He puts on this huge tough guy front) and for just loving him and talkin to him. It was cool!:)
Like I said....a lot happened this week that was we literally did service ALL day everyday! haha which I LOVE! I can probably now build my own house!:) haha Ive learned how to do SOO much!!! But we did get to meet with C this week. She is J's best friend. J is struggling really really really bad. It absolutely breaks my heart...... And C is really struggling cuz its her best friend. We ended up getting into this huge deep conversation about the Plan of Salvation. She believes and LOVES everything about it. She wants us to start teaching her the lessons!! Which is huge coming from her! The spirit was SO strong in that lesson. She was a music major so music is the way to her heart. We sang 3 hymns to her and she was bawling sayin we were angels sent to her and knows that this is somethin special we are sharin. Ah we are finally gettin somewhere with her!
Well this week has been super rough....all our investigators are all goin through HUGE trials in their lives...either they have just lost a loved one or have cancer or somethin...its soo sad. We are constantly having to drop other appointments so we can go help these people in their emergencies. Its so breaks my heart. I am just so grateful for the gospel in my life. I have no idea where I would be without it. it brings such peace and comfort and happiness that you can't find anywhere else. Just like in Jacob 2:8....this gospel heals the wounded soul. It makes right what is so unfair about life. It is heartbreaking seein so much hard trials every day.....but I know that with this makes everything just a little easier. It makes our trials bearable. Its been hard cuz our numbers have dropped drastically....and Satan has been workin on us makin us feel that we aren't successful missionaires cuz we aren't gettin any baptisms even close or anything....but then this morning, we got a phone call from some lady in Colorado. She was J's daughter. She is a member of the church. She said that they went and visited J 2 days ago and all J could talk about was her "Angels" The lady was bawlin as she talked sayin she knew J was gonna be dyin soon....and couldn't begin to thank us for bein there exactly when Judy needed us. She knew that we were God sent and that we were angels. She said we were "Celestial Angels" and that to tell our parents how grateful they are that they raised us. She said she knew all Sister Missionaires are special.....but we weren't just special because we are Sister missionaires...that we are special because we are who we are. She said that my testimony about My brother Jared has never left Judy's mind and that's what brings her comfort in her hardest times. She said that Judy said I had changed her was Amazing. The spirit was SO strong...I will never forget that phone call. I know that our Heavenly Father has a plan for each and every one of us. I know that he will be there for us when we are at our weakest and I know He will send others into our path to be our angels. I am so grateful for this decision I made to be the Lord's missionary. It is the hardest thing I have ever done at times....Satan can be a mean ol guy....but it is the BEST and most rewarding thing I have ever done. Serving our Heavenly Father is a priviledge. I have never felt so much happiness and so close to my Heavenly Father. I love you all and pray for each and every one of you! Have a wonderful week!

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