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Monday, February 3, 2014

Hey family!! Ok so this week was crazy busy!!!! A lot of amazing things happened!!! Ill start with J:) (me and Jared's investigator) It was her birthday this week so we went and brought her some fuzzy socks and then wrote her a card. We ate cake and ice cream with her and talked with her....she was feelin real sick cuz of we couldn't talk long. But she pulled me aside and hugged me and started crying sayin she was so happy that she met us because of the peace and comfort she feels whenever we stop to see her. She said we are helping her through this trial in her life and makin it easier....we bore testimony there were angels on the other side helpin her through and that all was gonna be well. She said she really hadn't felt pain and that for some reason...this time around chemo hasn't been as painful. I know its cuz I have prayed for Jared to watch over and comfort her. I know that he has:) I also know her husband is as well. I have felt him a lot:) Its so cool.
Another really cool experience was when we drove out to Strubel. Its honestly in the middle of no where. There are a total of 15 houses in that town. I LOVE IT. Anyways the G live there. They have had SUCH a rough life. They watched their Dad commit suicide and the daughter who is 16 has tried to commit suicide many times....ah its so sad. The parents drink like crazy and beat their kids but the kids are SO special. So we had a feeling to go over and visit. It was really scary cuz when we first got there the Dad was yelling at the kids and locked them outside. It was 5 degrees out so we were FREEZING. But it ended up bein a blessing. We got there and started talkin to G (the 12 year old) He started crying saying how much he missed his Dad and couldn't deal with all this anymore. We bore testimony to him that his Dad was with him right now....the Spirit got SO strong and he looked up and said "He's hugging me" Oh my gosh. The spirit was so strong. It was the coolest thing ever. His Dad was there. I testified that if he prayed to his father in heaven that He would feel that more....and if he read the scriptures that he would felt hat peace he was feeling. He said he would. Then His parents came out and we went inside and it was one was listening and they were talking about inappropriate things so we tried to teach a one listened except for G. He listened to every word and looked like he was in complete peace. That was such a testimony builder to me that Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us SO much. He loved that little boy so much that He sent us to tell him that. I know that God really does know us and wants to help us....all we gotta do is turn to him for strength. Strength isn't something you is something God helps you find. And I saw that little boy find the strength he needed that day because he turned to God. Another really cool experience was S (the 75 year old we are livin with) wanted to have a potluck and invite a bunch of people. So we ended up invitin the 3 members that live up here and our investigator L and S invited all these people who have helped us move. IT WAS AWESOME! we got like 10 new potentials! They were asking us about mormons and about missionaries and we were able to answer tons of questions!!! One newly married couple invited us to their baby shower and asked if I would give a prayer there cuz they loved the prayer I said for dinner. Ha it was way cool!!!:) So we will see what happens with all these new potentials:)
So this week we did A TON of service. That's about the only way we can get into peoples houses:) But we cleaned this hoarders house....and it was real real real bad.....ha I felt sooo sick after we were done. She was a chain smoker and had bugs ALLL over the kitchen and all her food was expired. It was sooo sad. But it took ALLLL day but we got it lookin SOOO good!!! Then after we were able to share a lesson with her and she was bawling saying she was so grateful we wouldn't judge her and help her clean up. It was so cute. She is the biggest sweetheart. She invited us to come back over for dinner for this we will see what happens:) But Its amazing the love you feel for these people. You just know that Heavenly Father loves each of us SO much and just wants to help us and let us feel his love. I am so grateful I could be able to feel this type of love towards all these people I meet everyday. I can't imagine how much he loves us. ne last experience I'll share is about A. She is this Less Active that we found and are tryin to get to come to church. She was baptized 2 years ago then stopped coming so she really don't know too much about our religion. She has been dating this guy and wants to marry him but doesn't know if its the right thing. She asked us to come and see her every day and prep her to know everything about eternal marriage and our beliefs on marriage. We started last was soo cool. She listens to every word we says. She says she wants someone who holds the priesthood and who will love and respect her wholeheartedly and who will be there to stand by her side through whatever trials come in life. She said she wanted someone who would love her despite all her flaws and who would be there through thick and thin and never give up on her. we told her that that is exactly what she deserves and that's what her Heavenly Father wanted her to have. So if she prayed and asked, Her Heavenly Father will lead and guide her to end up with someone like that. It was soo cool.....I just want her happiness so bad!!! I just want her to end up with someone who will love her unconditionally and love her the way she deserves. She deserves someone special...and I know that Heavenly Father will lead him to her:) Ah its so cute!! haha Anyways it was cool....made me realize how much I am grateful for our beliefs on eternal marriage and know that one day I can have that blessing in my life.

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