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Monday, January 27, 2014

Hey Family!!:) So a TON has happened this I'll try and fill you on some things!! So my companion has been havin major stress and anxiety issues, so I have really been trying to help her through it this week. I helped her talk to President and the Training Leaders and she's been doin a little better. I've really tried to take time and just make her feel loved and understood and done as much as I could to help her. I have experiemented and made some DARN GOOD breakfasts;)haha but she is slowly doin better! I am SO happy. It broke my heart to see her hurting and struggling so bad. But anyways so me Sister K, and S, all got Priesthood blessings this week cuz A LOT has been goin on. Ha I almost got electrocuted, then one night, Me and Sister K were sleepin alone at the house cuz S stayed in her apartment this week and I had a strong feeling all night to go check the door and make sure it was locked....but I didn't cuz the door automatically locks when you shut I KNEW the door would be locked...anyways I ended up not being able to sleep and had the same dream 3 times that there was a guy in the house and I needed to lock the door. So finally I woke Sister K up at 2 in the morning and told her I needed to go check the door. She didn't see why we had too cuz the door automatically locks...but we went downstairs andddddd the door was unlocked. Creepy. So we locked it and I felt immeadiately better. Weird? Then every Saturday night we drive down to Sioux City and sleep at the L house with the Sisters....and that night in Sioux City...5 shootings happened within a mile of us. Ha we had the WORST feeling the whole time we were drivin there and had the strongest feeling to just keep drivin fast and not was crazy. Then we get to the house and the Sisters were freakin out tellin us that 5 shootings just happened and the district leader texted us all to stay inside. Ha anyways we are safe and protected now:) But we got blessings and it was AMAZING. Ah I love the Priesthood so much. I am so grateful for the peace and protection it brings and have such a strong testimony of it. I know it is power from God and I am so grateful for every boy who is worthy to hold it. Well we have met SO many new people and have so many amazing experiences but one really special experience to me happened with J M again. She is the lady who has cancer and started chemo this week. She is the biggest sweetheart you will ever meet. We went over one night and she showed us all these pictures of her husband. They were best friends and high school sweethearts and she loved him SO much. It's so precious to hear her talk about him. He died a couple years ago and she talks about how he is always here holdin her hand through the surgeries and chemo and hard times. Mom it was could feel his love for her in that room. Her husband was there and so was Jared. It blows my mind how strong the spirit is there whenever we go visit her. We just read from the Book of Mormon with her and she asked me to sing her How great thou art cuz she loves my voice!! haha so yes...I sung a solo was so embarrassing but she was crying and hugged me. I feel such a strong connection with her. I just know that if she dies,,,,,that Jared is gonna be there with her husband to teach her the gospel up there in Heaven:) Its so cool. She's the investigator me and Jared both got to teach:) So amazing.
Well another cool experience was we were drivin back from Sioux City one day and I had a strong feeling to stop by L. We did and she was bawling when we opened the door. We went and just hugged her. I went and fixed her dinner and Sister K vacuumed and did dishes and then we went and sat and talked with her. We read scripture after scripture about God's will and comfort. I told her that we have a source that's never ending...and that is Christ. and if we are feeling down, and pour in spirit that we just need to turn to Him, and His words and He will make us whole. I told her that we are all known and loved by our Heavenly Father. It was soo cool. Sister K shared an amazing experience about her life and when she was depressed and how God comforted her. It was such a cool night. She felt so much better and we had the most amazing prayer at the end. She is so special. Ok well SO many other cool things happened but I am runnin out of time...but one last thing the Sisters told us that S is going to be calling the mission president today to tell him that he can't transfer me or Sister K EVER. She wants to call and tell him all that has been goin on and all the things we are going through and doing and how we are Le Mar's angels and she has never seen so much success and miracles since we been here and there's no way he can take us out of here. Haha oh S.....I wonder how the Mission President will react to that one. haha but I absolutely LOVE it here. I love Le Mars...its the cutest little town ever even if there are some not so nice people. But there are some of the most Amazing people out here and we are finally gettin to em!!! I can't ever leave!!! I wanna serve my whole mission here! But I know the Lord will send me where I am needed and I will gladly go wherever that may be:) I just want to serve the Lord with all I have...and give him everything. I know we cannot ever outserve the Lord's capability to fill us...but it is worth a try!!! He just always blesses us more than we can ever give back!
One thing I heard in church yesterday that I really liked was "When we are through changing, then we are through." Haha well we ain't dead yet so that means we need to be changing for the better every day. I hope I can become closer and closer to the person the Lord wants me to be every day. Well I love you all SO much and pray for each and everyone of you! Have a great week!:) Also.....I would like to give a shoutout to one of my ALL TIME FAV COUSINS Kelsie:) You are the best Kels. Thanks so much for all you do for me:) I love you so much and hope you had the best birthday week ever!!!

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