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Friday, January 24, 2014

Well we got 3 new investigators this week! Which is CRAZY insane for Le Mars!!! we are pretty happy about that! one of them is this lady C who's house flooded so we have been over there doin service like crazy...her husband died a year ago from cancer and so we have been able to get into some REALLY cool deep conversations with her about the Plan of Salvation. One night...her, S, and her friend J all had a lesson together. J just found out that day that her cancer came back and its stage 4.....she is the cutest lady in the entire world. She's probably in her 60's. Anyways she came in C's house we all went and hugged her and cried and knelt down and J (she's catholic) asked if I would say a prayer...So I said a really heart felt prayer....The Spirit was SO strong...Then after I asked if we could share a message with her. It was COMPLETELY guided by the Spirit....we had a complete other lesson planned for them that night. Anyways I talked about who knows what...I seriously don't remember anything that I said....J just was crying and crying and squeezing my hand. .Andddd....then Me and my companion sung "A Childs Prayer" with her.....yea I DONT it was super scary...but we did it and she was bawling...and said she had never felt so at peace and calm in her life. The spirit was SOO strong..... Mom the cool thing was....I could feel Jared in that room. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. I have never felt so much peace in my life. ahhh it was amazing. anyways, afterward J hugged me for the longest time and said I was an angel sent from God to her. It was the sweetest most touching thing...Then she asked if we could come and sing to her at the hospital and share messages with her while she goes through chemo. She said, "Please just be with me every step of the way through this....there is a special comforting feeling I never wanna leave around yall" So we promised we would share with her what that feeling is...and that she can have that ALL time...without us. It was way we are meeting with her a lot now. I just know without a doubt that God is here for every single one of us through our trials. And that He hurts to have to put us through them....but if we turn to Him in our hard times...He WILL take care of us. He will comfort us...and send others to help Him. I am so grateful to be able to be the Lord's hands in helping His children feel his love. I hope I can always be His hands...and his mouthpiece. I want to help others know that hope is never lost. With God anything is possible....and the hard times.. won't be so hard when we have our loving Father in Heaven with us.
Well a lot more miracles have happened....D is SO close to baptism.....which would be INCREDIABLE to have a baptism in Le Mars. Haha everyone teases that we are the pioneers here and get all the slammin doors and yellin at cause we are the 2nd missionaries ever in this if we break through all this and get seeds planted....then later on.. Missionaries will be baptizin left and right. Its kinda not see much success....but its all good:) We do get to see hearts get softened and we get to do a LOT of service. Service is the way to hearts out here! Haha....let me tell ya....I am basically SUPER buff now....I have muscles the size of body builders. ;) not....but hey I'll get there;) I also am really good at painting and fixing all sorts of things now! I can now be a plumber, or construction worker, or landscaper, or mover, or cook when I get home!!:) haha I love it! But anyways long story short...MISSIONS are AWESOME. Everyone should go on one!! Amen. Haha well I love you all and appreciate all the prayers and letters and support!!! It means SO much to me. I pray for you all every night! Have an amazing week!! Love you!!!

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