Sister Ashley Wilson

Nebraska Omaha Mission

11027 Martha St

Omaha, NE 68144

Monday, January 13, 2014

Hey! So we are FINALLY not homeless anymore!!!! YAY!!! haha we moved in on Saturday! Its wayyyy creepy its this SUPER SUPER old built 100 years ago,...and everything is breaking....and S (The 75 year old lady who bought the house) isn't moving in for another week or its been WAY creepy livin there alone. haha we listen to Mormon tabernacle choir ALL night! Haha But this week was crazy busy!!!! So L (The lady who drinks like crazy and smokes like crazy and lives alone) called us bawling one night because she just found out she is gonna lose her house. So we went over there and just hugged her while she sobbed and sobbed. It was sooo sad....but it ended up being SUCH an amazing night. We shared with her a bunch of scriptures and prayed with her 2 different times, and each one of us was crying. You could feel the spirit SO strong in that room. She now is keeping EVERY commitment we give to her! Its AWESOME. She reads from the B.O.M ALL the time now and we are getting her to come to church next week hopefully! SO cool!! So we met this old lady named G. She is a Lutheran and a hard core one. She won't let us leave her with a b.o.m.....but she does let us read with her from it every time we come over! That's HUGE. She wouldn't do that before. So we are workin with her. Its been crazy hard cause everyone here is SOOOO into their ways....they are way into their religion...and we get the door slammed in our faces all the time...haha its been kinda depressing so instead we make jokes out of it. Haha the best is when they peek through the window, make eye contact with us, and sit and stare at us till we leave. Its real sad. haha but oh well. Or we have people let us in "Cuz we are just soo darn cute" but don't want to hear a thing we have to say. It's kinda frustrating but its funny cuz we always somehow slip a scripture in and get a conversation going so that's always good! They just need to let us in and we can work some magic! haha;) but We are progressing really well with L and D. D has been keeping all her commitments and we are doing a church swap with her sunday!!! She will come to ours if we go to hers! She prayed to know if the book of Mormon is true and she got her answer, it is! she also knows joseph smith and president Monson are prophets. We just need her to realize that if the book of Mormon is true, all of it is!!
So we have been down in Sioux city and got to go on transfers with the Sister Training leaders ALOT. Me and Sister V went to J and S's house. J is a major chain smoker and is constantly lighting up while we teach him...ha hes also kinda a really perverted old man...hes like 90 somethin. its kinda funny....but we had a lesson with him then asked him to give the prayer and this is what he said..."Dear God, Thank you so much for havin these girls come.....they are absolutely beuuuuuuuutiful...ya done good Lord and thank you for havin them bring the Book of Mormon. I know that's what you want me to be readin. Amen" It was SO cute. haha im so glad he finally knows the book of Mormon is what God wants him to read! then one last quick J...the 23 year old who had a baptismal date and everything, then randomly freaked out and said that the book of Mormon is from the devil and tried to convert us to his church.....randomly called us again and apologized for everything and had a referral he wanted us to share our message with...we felt really weird about that and called Brother W (our mission leader) at like 10:30 that night Brother W called us back again saying he talked to the Bishop about it at some meeting that night and the Bishop said "Don't you dare let those sisters go teach him and his referral...I have a REALLY bad feeling about it. " So we texted J and cancelled...ha It was crazy!

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