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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hey! Ok so this week was really really good!!! So we have spent many many hours in Floyd Valley Apartments....(This really ghetto apartment building that used to be a hospital) Hospitals freak me out...and this one freaks me out even more cuz its SUPER old. There are stories that everyone tells us that there are dead bodies buried all around the hospital....yea creepy. Anyways, we went and saw this lady C. Oh my heck she is So cute! I love her to death. She smokes like crazy and has really bad health...anyways we had a strong feeling to go and see how she was doin cuz she turned us down the other day cuz she was busy watchin "The bachelor" (I don't blame her) JK! But we went in and she was crying sayin she just wanted to go smoke...we had a really powerful conversation about overcoming temptation and then she started tellin us that the reason she wanted to quit smokin so bad was because she wanted to be here on earth with her family so bad. She wasn't ready to die....then somehow we got into this super deep conversation about the Plan of Salvation. I bore testimony of the next life and how her husband was over there waitin for her and watchin over her. She was bawlin...the spirit was so strong! It was real cool:) She asked us to please come back over and teach her more:) After we saw C we went and saw J:) Man I love J. That was such a cool lesson. She was feelin real sick.....the chemo has not been goin so good with her. Her family couldn't come see her cuz they are all a little she was real lonely and sad and scared. We knocked on the door and she said, "Oh I been prayin for you guys to come" It was so sweet:) We went in and shared a bunch of scriptures to help comfort her and cheer her up...then we sung her "How Great Thou Art" Its her all time favorite song because they sung it at her husbands funeral. She was bawling and bawling and afterwards hugged us sayin she felt him right there with her. It was such an amazing moment. Ah. We are just gonna continue to go and visit her and cheer her up....she thinks she is gonna die cuz this is her 4th time havin it and she is kinda done. It breaks my heart to have to go over there and see her sicker and sicker...basically watchin her die/.....but I know it brings her such peace and we just wanna comfort her as much as we can. Another really cool thing that happened is we have been teaching A A. She is the one who has been praying to know if she should marry this guy. Well we have been meeting with her every day....really studying the scriptures and having REALLY powerful lessons. Its way cool. The spirit is really strong there. Anyways....she got a feelin she should leave this guy she has been dating. So she did....and is now dating this guy who's been her best friend basically all their life:) Its SO cute. We are SOO happy! He treats her so much better!!! Haha then we also have been meeting with this lady named G. She is full ON methodist and at first wanted NOTHING to do with us. (her daughter is on a senior couple mission in Atlanta Georgia...yes in Amanda Rueckurt's mission!!!) but we decided to keep goin back and its been like 6 visits but she NOW is letting us in, has a Book of Mormon, and is now keeping commitments!!! CRAZY!!! her daughter wrote our Mission President thanking "Sister Wilson and Sister K for not givin up on my mom. Now she can actually talk to her about the Book of Mormon and about their mission!!! Its sooo cool! The Mission President told us and sent us the email:) I'll send it home soon!:) Last thing....we went to a baby shower on Saturday. It was sooo cool! Everyone in the whole town was there and we were able to talk to SO many people about the gospel and about what we do as missionaries. We became friends with so many people and they all want to feed us! haha so great:) Then we also are now serving every week at this "Christian needs" place where we work with a bunch of people from other faiths. They all love us and want us to come and teach at their "methodist womens group" about mormonism!!! That will be cool! I hope it actually happens!!! Then this weekend we have been down in Sioux City and last night we were walkin around this sketchy part of town....and an ambulance drove by cuz of a shooting...we were right there! haha Sioux City is sketchy!!! I am so glad I am in small town Le Mars!!!:) One thought I wanna share with yall real quick that I have been thinkin a lot about. I think one of the biggest temptations we face every day is whether or not we are gonna doubt God or not. Sometimes we wonder if He has abandoned us cuz we just don't feel him.....I think whenever these moments come, we must not fall into that fear that he has abandoned us or that He does not hear our prayers. He DOES hear us. He DOES see us. He DOES love us. I think that when we are in these horrible moments and want to cry out "Why hast thou forsaken me?" We need to remember that He is right there with us, where He has always been. We need to continue to pray and plead with heaven, even if we feel for a time our prayers are not heard and that God has somehow gone away. He is there. Our prayers ARE heard. and this quote that I heard from Elder Holland, "And when we weep, He and the angels of heaven weep with us." I think that is such a comforting thought. Anyways, I love you all! Thanks for all you do!!! Have a great week!!!:) P.S. Guess what?? We are havin a mission olympics and we have only competed in our districts so far and I WON out of all the girls!!! haha its soooo fun!!!

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