Sister Ashley Wilson

Nebraska Omaha Mission

11027 Martha St

Omaha, NE 68144

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hey Family! How was your week? I hope really good! I can't wait to hear about it! Well this week was good for us! A lot of miralces everday! new invesitgators, people really progressing in the gospel, and Im changin and learnin so much! Its amazing what God can make of us if we just allow Him too. For so long Ive been fighting it because Im scared to lose controll..its so much more safe and comfortable when you feel in charge of your own life...but if you really want to make your life meaningful and make the most out of it...then we gotta lose control, we gotta give it all to God, but its so much eaiser said then done! Haha im workin on it every day.... One thing Ive really come to understand more is just how much the Atonement truly covers. As a mission goal we are all reading the BOM from now until Christmas and marking everything that the Atonement can do for us. Its truly amazing to see how much is marked! How broad the Atonement is and what a truly remarkable gift it is! We also are circling the word "heart" because the Atonement truly begins in our heart. The Atonement purifies our heart. it purifies our intentions, our character, who we really are. The heart is the core of us and if we are chaged there...we are changed. Our heart is what the Lord uses to measure us as an individual. He measures the heart as "an indicatior of the persons capacity and potential to serve others." The measure of our hearts is the measure of our total performance. Where our heart is in the end, all thats really gonna matter! It just really m ade me see how desperately i need the Atonement to change my heart. I dont always do things with the right intentions, heck a lot of times i do good things for selfish reasons! but i dont wanna be like that anymore. I want to have pure christlike intentions, i want to have a pure heart. IN order to have that...I need christs help himself. HE can turn Pride to Humility, selfishness to charity, despair to hope, fear to faith, a heart full of worldy cares to a broken heart, yet a complete "full" pure heart. A heart like Christ's. Christ has the power to do this to our own hearts. We just have to allow it to happen, We have to let control and put compolete faith in Christ, and He will fill our hearts with His Atonement. He will bless us with His own love, His own appreciation, His own companionship, His own strength to endure. We recieve His happiness, His healing, and His peace. And if we have these...then what more are we lacking? There was a quote I found by a guy named James L Farrell. It says, "Those deprived of love can recieve His love. The companionless can find a companion in HIm. Those with a cross to bear can find another who carries and makes it light." When we lose control and let the Atonemtn work in our hearts, thats where we will find strenghtn beyond our own. Thts where we will find true peace, true comfort, and true happiness. The atonment was a changed everything and made everything possilble. I want to let it do that in my life. Well theres so much i could say about christs atonement..ha it covers so so much! but its also soo individual. SO i dont wanna talk and talk about how its affceted me, i want ya all to see how it affects you, not me! haha so i was hopin yall would do this challenge with me and start readin the BOM right now and mark EVERYHTING that the atonemtn does for YOU.:) ITs individual so different things will stick out to different people, but also circle the word "heart" cuz everytime they use that word, either someone is choosing to use the Atonement in their lives or "hardening their hearts" and choosing to reject the Atonement in their lives. (which is what we all do from time to time). I dont think any one of us actually fully takes advantage of the Atonemtn like we should. But anyways I know that as you do this challenge, your life will be immensely blessed. I know you will come to know your Savior and Redeemer so much more. He will become so much more real to you and I know you will start to have the faiht necessary to allow Him to change your heart. I know with all my heart that this is HIs true church, that He loves us more than we could ever comprehend and is right there waitin gwith open arms for us to just let HIm in so He can make miralces in our hearts...and then in our lives. I say that in our Savior's name, Jesus Christ, Amen. Ohhh and Dare bear....homecoming....DANG!!!! You looked GOOOD! Yer growin up so fast!!! haha gosh im not gonna even recongnize anyone when I get home!!!! weirddd!!!!! Well I love ya alll SOOOO much!!! And pray for you everyday!!! And thanks so much for all the lettesrs! They mean more than you could know!!! Have a wonderful week!!:) Ohh and P.S.. What do you call a line of rabbits hopping backwards?? ...a recedding hair line...... (Dad...this wasnt aimed at you;) haha jkkkkkk) LUV YA! LOve, Sista Wilson!!!:)

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