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Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

Hey Family!!! Hope ya all had a wonderful week!:) This week was good! So at the beginning our car was in the shop for a couple days so we got to ride bikes!:) haha ILOVED IT! It was soo fun!!:) My companion though....absolutely hated it. She had never riden a bike before! she learned when she was a kid then that was the end of it. Soooo it was a rough couple days....she fell a lot and just hated life. Haha so I felt real bad and asked members if we could borrow some pegs and we attached those on and i pegged her around the rest of the time! Haha man we were a sight to behold:) ohhhh and not to mention...we had to wear these super saaaweeeet flower power helmets! heck YEA! we were rockin it. Lemme tell ya. ;) haha ohh so another fun thing me and my comp did this week was...ok so i have pepperspray in my bag and my comp wanted to spray it and see what it looked like...soo she sprayed it outside away from us but the wind caught hold of it and it came right back in our face.... HOLY CRAP IT HURT LIKE HECK. hahah once again...we were quite a sight to behold:) haha man....ohhh and ps. apparently there is a vampire apocolypse goin on in case ya didnt know. Our friend L who weve met like 2 times is a "vampire hunter" and he told us all about it. Apparenlty their all on their way to Hastings this lets hope I make it. Oh but dont worry, L said he would protect us from the vampires forever if I would just marry now the question is should I marry him and live through this week or take my chances?.....We dropped him. haha:)
Oh so one last crazy thing I'll tell ya about! Soo ya know that wicken/witch lady I've told you about? Well she called us the other day freakin out. So apparently she was gettin married this weekend to her boyfriend. Well they went to the bar and apparently someone "slipped something into their drink" and they went crazy. He abused her and did all sorts of other stuff so badly that he's in jail for maybe up to 2 years. Then she beat up 2 cops and 2 other bystanders and also got raped and is potentially pregnant because of it. Gosh.....soooo awful and sad! Anyways she calls us and says, "The reason I'm tellin all yall this is cuz well...I've had a bad week....I need God. Can i come to church with you?" ha so she did yesterday. She listened sooo intently. The talks were on the first vision and then covenants. PERFECT for her! When they talked about the covenant of baptism she leaned over to me and said, "I feel somethin really really strong...what is that?" i explained to her that the Holy Ghost makes you feel that way and that He testifies of truth..she says.. "I know I need to be baptized and start my life over." ha whatttt?? Then they talked about the covenant of marriage...and eternal family relationships and she started cryin sayin she wanted to marry for eternity and be with her daughter forever. She asked, "Can i have that?? How do i get that??" I told her that we could teach her how and one day she can have that! She cried and hugged and thanked me...and wow i just thought about how just 2 days earlier all those horrible worldy things were in her life...and because she came to church for 1 could just see her change. You could see hope in her eyes. you could see joy. It was soo cool to see that! This gospel literally has the power to change the worst of worst situations to something amazing.
I really just didn't understand how blessed i am to have this gospel, and all the principles it teaches me to not only avoid some of the horrible consequences that come in worldly things, but to find joy in the very worst of times and always have hope even when everythings wrong. I know without a doubt this is Christs true church with the fullness of the gospel in it. You can find peace and comfort in any church...cuz church in general brings you closer to God. But this church...not only brings you closer to God...but it helps you learn to become like God. This church brings you a feeling that you cant find anywhere else. Its an overwhelming peace and comfort, that for one second you see the eternal perspective...and everything is ok. Everything will be ok because we have the gospel! What more do we need? We have the map to go home to our Loving Father In heaven right in front of us everyday...we need to make sure we are always lookin and studyin that map so we don't lose our way. We met with another investigator yesterday and she was tellin us that she went to the baptist church cuz shes just tryin to find the true church. We asked her how she felt when she was there...she said, "I felt nothing...was I supposed too?" ha...we then ended up teachin her the Restoration again...after we recited the first vision the spirit was Sooo strongly there so i asked, "Do you feel anything now?" she was all teary eyed and said, "yea...i have goosebumps." Then we asked, "Do you like this feeling?" she said, "yea..i dont ever want it to go away! I feel total peace and comfort and just soo happy" We then said...."Thats what christ would want you to feel...dont ya think His true church would give you such a feeling?" The lightbulb went off in her head and she said, "This is a feeling only God could give it must be God and this must be his true chruch then cuz when you were talkin about that joseph smith guy i felt it was true." Ahhh the spirit was soo stongly there again! It was something none of us could deny! you cant deny the feeling that is felt in this church. That is how you KNOW it His true cant make a feeling up like that:) Anyways...I gotta go now but I love you all sooo much and am so grateful for all of your examples to me!!! I pray for you all every day!!! i love you!! Have a great week!!!:) And watch out for them vampires!! Love, Sister Wilson :)

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