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Monday, May 26, 2014

Hey family!!! Well this week was different! Haha so Im just gonna tell ya all a funny story. So on Tuesday I started feelin real sick...we were teachin some investigators and I just kept fallin asleep and coughin but we stayed out until 9! I was sooo proud....then all that night I couldn't sleep. I kept fallin asleep then bein jolted awake cuz I would stop then my companion said it was gettin a lot worse so we needed to go to the ER. Haha so we got up at 3 in the mornin and went outside to get in the car and realized we forgot the keys and were now locked out of the house. Then this car drove by real slow playin real nasty music and then turned around to drive by us again. We got a real bad feelin so we both ran to the back of the house....By that point I wasn't breathin well AT companion was freakin out....we were prayin like crazy and then we called S (the 73 year old lady we live with) and she came and unlocked the back door and took a look at me and said "I have no idea what you 2 are doin out here at 3 in the morning but we need to get you to a hospital." Haha she didn't even ask why 2 missionaries were chillin outside at 3 in the morning. It was so funny! We got to ER and I dont really remember anything after that. Sister Bertrand got a bunch of videos of me....I was super drugged up. The only part I remmeber was wakin up 13 hours later and being alone.....without my companion. I was freakin out to the nurse saying "I NEED MY COMPANION. I CANNOT BE ALONE." Hahaha the nurse thought I was a crazy person.....but 30 mins later they found my companion waiting in the wrong waiting room. Haha. Well long story short they took a scope on my throat and saw somethin weird so they took a biopsy of my throat and I'll find out the results on thursday...they also said I had an infection so currently I am on like 6 drugs. Haha its awful. But a super funny story!!:) So this week has been kinda dull since then....the day I got home from the Hospital we had to drive down to Omaha for Zone Conference. The doctor told me I probably shouldn't go but I really wanted too......ha so we went. That whole day I was feeling sick.....President was super worried about me and told me to go and lay down on the couch outside. One of the Elders had asked me to bear my testimony earlier before they knew I was sick and President told them to take me off cuz I needed to rest but somehow they messed up and called my name so I went and bore my testimony.....on drugs. Haha suprisingly I didn't embarrass myself too bad!! Haha then for 3 days after we got home I slept and slept and slept....We have been able to manage 2 lessons every day though!!! So thats awesome!!! :) And yesterday I was even able to go to church.....and 2 investigators came!!!!! IT was AWESOME! J came we were talkin about the plan of salvation and she had a son die of cancer when he was 5...She asked a ton of questions!!!! Ahhh it was awesome!!!! She started cryin and huggin me sayin that she believied all this!!!! IT was awesome! C was the other investigator who came and last night before bed she called and thanked us so much for such a wonderful day. She has never been happier:) She wants to go again!!! It was so cool! I am so grateful that Heavenly Father is still blessing us with success even tho we are unable to go out and work our best. Well I have been able to read the Book Of Mormon a lot lately and I just wanna share a quick insight I got the other day. I am readin in 3 Nephi chapter 3 and 4 and they are awesome chapters. In verses 20-21 The people are askin God to deliver them and carry out how they think their plans should go. When God forbids it and tells them that if they do it thier way that they will be destroyed but if they do it God's way then He will deliver them. I was really thinkin of that and seein how often we do that. We pray for the things we want when really we should probably be prayin to align our will with God's and let God's will take place. God has it all figured out. He knows whats best for us. He will never put us through somethin we can't handle WITH the help of Him.(cuz we sure can't handle a whole lot on our own...) Goin through these tests and trials in life, is only gonna make our relationship with Heavenly Father stronger. So shouldnt we be grateful for these hard things we go through? ITs just hard to see things that way though. We all know that challenges will come to us wasn't meant to be easy, but as we trust in God, these challenges will strengthen our faith and lead us closer to the people we were sent here to become. I think of this whole health trial I have been dealin with this week.....its been real hard....but I can honestly say that it really has brought me closer to my Heavenly Father. No one else could help me through this, no one else knew how scared I was, and no one else could comfort and be there for me better than He could. I know that I needed to let go of all fear.....and just have faith and trust my Heavenly Father and all would work out, HIs way, the best way:) Anyways just awesome couple of chapters!! I love you guys sooo much and thanks again for all you do for me! When you go to Jared's grave today please let a balloon go for me!! I love you guys!!! Love, Sister Wilson:)

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