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Monday, May 19, 2014

Hey Family!! So this week has been amazing!! Its amazing the success we are seein!! Ok soooo first off...we have another baptismal set!!!! haha 2!!! Its amazing! Its sooo cool to be a part of this amazing work. Both of the baptismal sets are from the L Family. (A family that lives in the trailer park). I absolutely love them! They are so humble and down to earth. They have been goin through a real tough time lately. They have lost 3 family members in the past month and B was goin in for open heart surgery this week. (They all are super less active and haven't come to church for like 20 years.) B asked if she could have a priesthood blessing. We were sooo surprised and soo happy!! She then told us she was terrified for the surgery and didn't think she was gonna make it through. So we got some priesthood holders and went over there on Thursday night. (She was getting surgery on Friday). Their WHOLE extended family was there. The trailer was PACKED with people. We were not expectin that at all. But wow it was soo cool! We taught on the Atonement and the spirit was there so strong. Everyone in that room could feel it. Then Brother Bates gave her a priesthood blessing. Wow it was so amazing. He promised her that she would make it through and that all would be well. It was a really cool experience and I am soo grateful I was able to be a part of it. Everyone in her family just came up to us huggin and cryin and tellin us how much they loved us.....I love that family. We were able to go back 2 other times this week and meet with different members of their extended family. So neat. God is allowing me to see miracles. Another really cool experience we had was one of our investigators, G, invited us to teach at her Methodist womens group. We were able to teach the Restoration to 25 Methodist women!!! Ha it was amazing!! We had a GIANT Question and Answer session.....and I just prayed like crazy that I would answer all their questions correctly. Ha it was cool cuz Heavenly Father always gave us the answer to every question they asked. (And let me tell ya....some of em were questions I honestly didn't know the answer too....but the answer just flowed out of my mouth...:) soo cool) Then afterwards 4 different ladies came up and asked if they could have a Book Of Mormon.....then one of the ladies asked about learning more!! They all asked for our number and wanted us to come back in a couple of weeks and learn more!!! When we were drivin home, Gladys told us that they absolutely LOVED us and said that was the most interesting thing they have ever heard and really want us to come back as soon as we can! G was so happy that we came and asked if we would come to another womens group she has and teach them!!! haha soo cool!!:)
One last we went and helped S serve food at a country music thing, and were able to talk to a BUNCH of different people. They all asked a ton of questions and we now have 5 new investigators who want us to come and teach them more!!! So what I that country of God. The end:) Well one scripture that I have been studyin a lot about this week is in Helaman 5:8 where it says "that ye may not do these things that ye may boast, but that ye may do these things to lay up for yourselves a treasure in heaven, yea, which is eternal, and which fadeth not away;" I really really like that. It made me think of my intentions for doin things. Like.... Do I serve others so I can look better? or because I honestly love these people and want to help them? Do I share experiences to boast of myself? or because I want to share my testimony? I think a lot of times we catch ourselves boasting of ourselves and glorifying ourselves and not God. I know I am guilty of this.....its human nature...but I really really want to purify my intentions. To purify our intentions, I think a good place to start is to purify our hearts. If we have a pure heart that would mean that we are humble, and willing to submit our will to God's will. I think it means we do things for the right reasons. We do things out of the goodness of our heart. We do things with Christ like, the pure love of Christ. Wanting or expecting nothing in return, just doin it out of love. In order to have a pure heart we need to desire pure things. If we start with desiring to have a pure heart....its amazing how that desire will turn into action. Love is an action word. If we truly love God, then we need to show Him, in all we do, say and even desire. I know that if we truly take the time and effort to purify our hearts,intentions, and desires that we will be a lot happier with ourselves and find it a lot easier to love others as well. I don't know....just something to think about this week!! haha I love ya all sooo much and hope you have a wonderful week!!! Love, Sister Wilson:)

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