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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

hello family!! I felt like I basically already told you everythin yesterday when I talked to ya!! haha so this is gonna be a shorter email....lucky for you!!;) Well this week we were able to get 4 new investigators!!!:) 2 of em are kids. I absolutely love teachin kids! We were able to teach them how to pray and who Christ was and we taught them the song, "A childs prayer" It was so cute!! Another lady that we are teachin was a Nun for 28 years! We been helpin her move in and been teachin her the lessons but then a couple days ago she fell and broke her hip and is in the hospital...not doin so good:( Then we were visitin with a less active family in the trailer park and one of the girls husband walked in and started listenin.It was a powerful lesson. Afterwards, we asked him if he was a member and he said no. Then we felt strongly prompted to ask him if he wanted to be baptized.....and then he said "YES! I really would love too....I need this. I been waitin for this. This is the answer to my prayer!!! " haha we stood there in shock....didn't even know what to say. Then told him that he would have to take all the lessons and come to church. He said "Ok!!! Can you come back tomorrow and teach me?" It was such a miracle!! It was awesome cuz we had been prayin for a baptismal set because we have never had one in Le Mars...and we have been workin so hard and tryin our hardest and fasted and prayed that we would get one THAT day and then it happened!! God really does answer our prayers if we are tryin our hardest and doin our best...then He will make our efforts enough. It was such a testimony builder to me that God can make ANYTHING happen. Anyways then one other thing I want to share with ya is what happened on Saturday night. I was really struggling with my throat and havin a hard time. Brother W and the Elders gave me a Priesthood blessing. It was one of the most amazing blessings I have ever received. I really felt like every word was directly from God. He told me that I would be healed. That a solution to my problem would arise in the next couple days and that I would know it was my answer from God. He repeated again that I would be healed. I felt so much peace. Then He went on to say that I had so much here that I still needed to accomplish...that I had people I needed to find and love. He said that I had a way of brightenin peoples lives and that way will be the way home to so many people. He then said that after my mission I had much to accomplish as well. he started talkin about my family life....he said I would find much joy in my family life. That my home would be a joyful home full of love and laughter. He said I would have many kids and love them with all my heart. It was soo cool. Afterwards everyone was teared up and I just felt soo much peace. Heavenly Father had answered my prayer once again. I loved it because He answered me in a way that to others didn't make any sense...but to me, meant the world. He talks to us in the way that we understand. I am soo grateful that He loves us and cares about each of us so much that He would take the time to answer and calm our worries and concerns. One last thought I would like to share with ya before I leave is somethin I learned the other day while readin "Jesus the Christ" by James E. Talmage....What did Christ die from? We all know that He died because he voluntarily let go.....but one interesting fact that I learned is that when he had the spear thrust into his side it could have punctured his heart...which then would mean that in a physical sense...Christ literally died from a broken heart. If you really think about it....that's super symbolic. In order for Him to return back to His Father In Heaven He had to have a broken heart. (He had to die). So it is with us. In order for us to be near Gods presence and return to live with Him someday....we need to have broken hearts and contrite spirits. Christ really did set the ultimate example. So what does it mean to truly have a broken heart? I have been really thinking about that lately....I think to have a broken heart means to be truly humbled. It means you are willing to submit your whole will to God. You are willing to submit your whole self to God. You truly desire to be one with God. A broken heart is not a sad one...its a submissive one. Michael Wilcox explained that it in a way that I really liked. "So just as broken horses follow the slightest commands of their master, so does a person with a broken heart. They are willing to submit to all things which the Lords seeith fit to inflict upon them." I absolutely love that. I hope to be able to have a broken heart. I know that if I submit to all that God sees that I need..that I will become all that I am meant to become. I know that God knows whats best for each of us and I trust Him with all my heart. I love you guys sooo much and hope all is goin well with all of you!!! Have a wonderful week!! you are in my prayers!! Love, Sister Wilson

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