Sister Ashley Wilson

Nebraska Omaha Mission

11027 Martha St

Omaha, NE 68144

Monday, May 5, 2014

Hey Family!!! I hope all of ya had a really good week this week!! This week was really awesome again! haha I feel like I say that every week! But it really was at the beginning of this week we were servin at Christian Needs and sortin through all the clothes and then I noticed that I recognized all the clothes I was foldin....then I looked on the tag and they had J's name on all of em. Her family had brought all her clothes to Christian needs!!!:) P (the Lady in charge) told me that I could take as many sweaters of J's I wanted home!! So I have a sweater or J's Im gonna keep forever now:) It was a little tender mercy:) Another cool thing was P (The Lady at Christian needs) is now an investigator!! We ended up sharin the restoration with her and a bunch of scriptures and she is now readin the book of Mormon and LOVING it!! Its sooo cool! we will see where she goes with it:) Another highlight of this week was we got our investigator D to fast with us for her answer to know if this is the true church. We went over after church to see her and she said it was a really good opportunity but she didn't have her answer yet...I know her answer is gonna come...just not quite yet. Its after the trial of our faith that miracles we just told her to not give up:) She said she wouldn't and is gonna come to the Elder's baptism with us on Saturday!!! We are really excited!!! Plus she said she wants to come to church too!! So she is moving forward!! She will get her answer if she keeps pressing forward with faith! Another highlight was one of our investigators/Less active family called us over to help do M's hair and makeup for prom. It was so sweet....she was soooo happy that she had someone do it for her. She had never gone to prom and was soo excited! We were also able to have one of the best lessons with them while we were there. The spirit was so strong. We really learned a lot more about their concerns and how we can best help them. M shared with us that she finally feels like there is a God because he keeps sending us to her when she needs someone the most. It was a huge step up with her and her family!!:) another cool thing was we went over to the "lock up" last night to see "the girls". They are the 2 that have been molested and abused their whole lives and are now in a care center. It breaks my heart every time to go over there....but its also always the most amazing experience. One of the girls was real upset....a lot of stuff was goin on and she just couldn't calm down...we then started to share a scripture with her and bear our testimonies and she started to calm down. She asked if we would sing to her so we sung a bunch of hymns...afterwards she got all teared up and said, "Can you stay forever? You always bring the spirit with you when you walk in...Please never leave me...It will go away." We then shared with her that it wasn't us.....if she read her scriptures and sang these songs...then she can bring that exact same spirit into the room and she will never have to leave that feeling. It was so sweet....they are soo special to our Heavenly Father...I know it. I love them so much:) One other thing that happened this week was we got a call from Mission Presidents wife sayin that Sister B (my companion) her aunt passed away in a car accident. It was soo sad....Sister B was really strugglin at first...she had never lost someone and it just really hit her hard. It was so sad...that night she cried all night and I just held her hand and hugged her all night. But now she is doin so much better. Death really doesn't seem as hard out here on a mission. I guess you see the whole persective a little more clearer. Its been cool the conversations we have been able to have:)
So another really awesome thing that happened this week was Stake Conference!! Our stake got a whole new presidency so 2 Area Seventies came!!! Elder Gifford Neilson and Elder Stanfield? or somethin like that. The Saturday night Adult session was ALL on missionary work! It was amazing!!!!!!!! He had all us missionaries come up and shook our hands and thanked us for the work we were doin and how much the First Presidency loved us. It was sooo powerful. :) well I am so grateful for the decision I made to come on a mission. Its crazy the things I am learning everyday and the experiences I am able to have. One thing I have seen a lot of is trials and hard times in life. It made me think of a plane ride and how we all are goin to go through our storms and winds in our lives. There will be times when its "gonna be a rough ride." But we need to remember who the pilot is. Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer. Yes there will be turbulence, but we also need to remember that there are beautiful times up ahead. And that the destination is all gonna be worth it in the end.:) We WILL land safely with Christ as our pilot. I think we need to remember that Christ is always offering his Atonement to us. And I think we need to extend the benefits of the Atonement to others. How can we do that? By living as Christ lived. Loving everyone, comforting them, forgiving them, strengthening them. We need to help others feel the Atonement in their lives. We are all goin through our own "turbulence" in our lives. We can't do life alone. We need Christ. We all need to find a safe place in a troubled world that's only gonna get more challenging. That safe place is Christ. He will never leave you. He is the definition of safety. Cling to Him and you WILL find peace and safety. I have such a strong testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for the Atonement that He made for each and everyone of us. I have seen the miracles His Atonement does. It changes lives. I know that if we all take the opportunity to utilize the Atonement in our lives, and also help others have the benefits of the Atonement that life wont be as hard, in fact, life will be full of peace and happiness:) I love you all so much and hope you all are doin sooo good!! you are in my prayers!! have a wonderful week!!! Love, Sister Wilson!!:)

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