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Monday, June 2, 2014

Hey Family!!! This week was awesome! We got 6 new investigators!!:) Le Mars is gettin somewhere!! Ah its awesome to see the difference since when I first got here 7 months ago till now!!!!:) But one of the investigators names is J. He is this older guy who owns his farm out in the middle of nowhere. His wife died of a stroke and he needs a lot of help around his farm. So we went up there and helped around the farm. It was so cool. We were able to teach him the Restoration and give him a BOM and he says he will most definetely come to church next week!!! He was real interested in it!!:) We are so excited!! Another new investigator was a referral given to us from one of our potential investigators. They lived over in the trailer park. She just had back surgery so we helped clean everything and then were able to share a message. She has a 10 year old boy named B. His Dad is a NFL player on the NY giants team! But He never sees his Dad....he just sends him money every year. Its sad. B didn't know anything about Jesus so we were able to teach him about Jesus and God. It was really cool. He really wants to come to church with us. His mom said he could and she wanted to come when her back heals! 2 other new investigators are named N and L. We went over to the lock up and were seein T and A when they both asked if they could come in and listen. We told them of course and ended up teachin them the plan of salvation with this visual aid that Ali Peterson gave me!!! (Tell Ali thank you SOO much!!) They both started cryin!!! and sayin that that feels so right. It was SUCH a powerful lesson. But then we always have powerful lessons at the lock up. Heavenly Father really loves them and wants them taken care of. We gave them BOM's and they gave us their numbers so we can go back and teach them more. They wont ever be able to get baptized cuz they can't leave the lock up.....but it is bringing them so much peace in that horrible horrible place they are in. The feeling in the lock up is so scary and awful......but I know that we are supposed to be there bringin them peace and comfort and love from their Heavenly Father.
Some other cool things that happened this week was we were able to go to a bonfire with the G! A really really less active/part member family. They live out in the middle of nowhere and invited a BUNCH of people. Haha D is Pagan....and in a motorcycle gang so all his buddies came. We were kinda a little bit scared to go. It was a BUNCH of hard core rednecks. Haha they all brought beer and I don't think any of em believed in clothes or shoes. Haha. But it ended up bein AWESOME! First off they made a bet jokingly that if I roped this fake cow then they would wait to drink the beer till after we left. I ROPED IT! hahaha it was so funny! They were all laughin and didn't drink beer till after we left!:) They all were super nice to us and asked us a bunch of questions! It was cool! Then we were able to teach M (Their 16 year old daughter). She has been struggling with suicide because her father committed suicide. We were able to have a good message with her about Gods love....and left her a commitment to paint a picture about God's love. (She LOVES art and paints horrific drawings of suicide and death....its so sad) She was SO excited to do that!! and wants to come to church!:) Another cool thing was C!! She came to church last week and then this week we were able to meet with her. It was Such a good lesson where she asked sooo many questions. She believes all of it....then every night after we teach her she calls us and thanks us so much and says that we are angels and knows that what we say is true. It is the cutest thing in the world!!! We are really hopin this keeps goin so good and before you know it she is gonna get baptized!!!! PRAY FOR HER!!!! One other thing is M...She is the aneorix girl who has major health problems....she had to go to Arizona for health treatment and so we had to say goodbye to her this week. It was super sad. She was terrifed to go and didnt' want to go.....didn't know if she would ever see us again cuz she thinks shes gonna die. I gave her a BOM and bore my testimony so strong of the peace and comfort that book will bring into her life. She told me she would read it and thanked us soo much. I know that book will comfort and bless her life if she just reads it. Well then just some fun stuff that happened was yesterday a HUGE flash flood came and the whole 1st floor of Floyd Valley Apartments got flooded. So me and Sister Bertrand and S were there all day suckin up water with buckets and mops and vacuums. haha it was so fun!!:) Welll so many other things happened this week as well but I am runnin out of time! So I better get goin but I love ya all sooooo much and pray for you every day!!! Thanks for all you do!!!

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