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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hey family!!!:) How was your week?? I hope it was good!!! This week was really good for us!!! We had many exchanges with Sisters! 3 of our sisters in our stewardship are goin home this week!!! :( soo sad:( But that was really great learning from so many sisters who are so experienced and know what they are doin!!! Also we were able to teach Insitute, FHE, sacrament talks, missionary prep, and sunday school lessons! Goshhhh haha soo nerve wracking. Heavenly Father must know this is a huge weakness I have so he keeps givin me oppurtutnies to become better. I am grateful for it!! but doesn't mean its all roses and butterflies all the time...:) Well on one of the exchanges I went with one of the new missionaires and we went knockin tryin to find a bunch of former investigators. Oh wowww one of the longest days yet. Ha we kept getting rejection after rejection. Seriously allll the day long. But we laughed and laughed cuz "Staying postitive" was the goal of the exchange. Soooo Heavenly Father really helped us work hard to achieve that goal!!:) and for the most part....we had a lot of fun!!:) It was quite hilarious how not liked we were:) BUT at one house....there was this man outside workin on his truck, so we asked him if this lady we were lookin for was home. He ended up sayin that she was his next door neighbor but said that his wife was a Mormon at one point.....and had just stopped years and years ago. We ended up talkin to him, and he said we should come back and tell him more and hes sure his wife would love to see us!!!! We found a lost sheep!!soooo that made the whole day worth it:) Another cool thing was Sister L and I went to go contact a referral we got from someone in the Family ward. We had tried this referral 900 times and no one had ever answered. We had 10 mins left in the night and were really tempted to just go in a little early....but we didn't and decided to just go see if she was home. We went over there and this guy opened the door. We asked if this girl lived there and he said no, he just moved in, she had moved. We ended up talkin to him, gave him a BOM, and talked a lot about our beleifs. He was really interested. He is in his 20's and has been away for college and felt like he needed to find out more about his relationship with God. He thanked us so much for comin!! :) Miralces for exact obedience. A miracle can happen even in 10 mins!!! :) Well I have learned a whole ton this week! Holy cow! but I guess what I have just really been noticing is how important it is to know how special each and everyone one of us is. I don't think anyone really realizes how much they mean to Heavenly Father and just how much He loves us. We been dealin with a lot of people who really are strugglin with their self worth. Its so sad all the mistakes and things that come from that. If we really understood how much potential we each have, and just how forgiving and merciful and loving God is, we would be able to see our potential so much clearer. I really really want to strive more and more each day to help others feel Gods love through me. I know that even though it is such a small and simple thing, it really can mean the world to someone. It can make a huge difference in the long run in someones life. Everyone just wants to feel loved and appreciated, and if you can help someone feel that way, you are changing lives. I truly want to be God's hands, His instrument, and the most important thing God wants us, His children to know, is just how special we each are. Another thing I really learned a lot about is what Joy truly is. Joy in Hebrew means "eternal progression". I love that. So when we feel ourselves learning and coming closer to God and learning more of His ways, that is when we feel true JOY. I want to constantly feel JOY not fake therefore, I just need to strive to do Gods will always:) an acronym for the word Joy is, J is for Jesus O is for others and Y is for yourself. So if we always put Jesus first in our lives, then others, then ourselves.....that is when we will feel joy. That is when we can know of a surety we are progressing and reaching the potential that Heavenly Father wants us to have. Who doesn't want Joy in their life?? haha but for some reason we make up false concepts of what Joy is in our heads. But it really is that simple. Make Christ your first priority and all else will fall into place. :) Well enough of me talkin so dang much!!! Sorry bout it!! but I love you all soo much and......HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD MAN!!!!!!:) Dang.....Dad....yer an old man.;) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! have a wonderful birthday week!!! and Mom I hope you had the best birthday week last week!!!!:) Haha I love you guys so much!!!! Talk to ya next week!:) Love, Sister Wilson:) Download

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