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Monday, January 5, 2015

Hello Family!!!:) Happy New Years!!!:) I hope you all had fun...and partied hard. In the Mormon kind of way. But crazy to think its 2015 now....where does the time go?? crazy!! Well this week was an amazing week full of miracles!! haha I feel like I say that every week, but ITS true!!! Doesn't mean its easy....ha there are definitely some hard times...full of trials, but in the end those trials become a blessing/ basically life is just always good:) HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK! E got baptized!!!!:) Ahh it was SOO amazing. She had her nonmember family all there! such a cool experience for them!!:) She is 20 years old and has become our best friend. She is so solid in the gospel and couldn't wait to be baptized. Its so crazy because 6 months ago...she never would believe she would be here. She was in a dark place in life, and had lost all hope. but then those darn missionaires came knockin...;) they getcha! and now the gospel has worked in her and she is a completely different person! its so great to see how happy she is!!! She has such a light about her.....and I just love to see this change in peoples lives. It is Such a testimony builder to me that this is Christs true church, and if you allow Him into your heart...He can create healing, He can create happiness, and He can create miracles:)
Another really cool thing that happened last night was with our investigator S. (ohhh I love her soo much!) Her and D only speak Spanish sooo its real hard to teach them. haha but last night we had Brother V, our ward mission leader, come with us and HOLY COW it was soo powerful. So we taught her the restoration. We would teach part of the lesson then brother V would translate it. He would also testify and say things that came to him. It was amazing because all 3 of us worked completely in unity. And the amazing thing and Sister L understood EVERY single word bein said in Spanish. When Brother V was testifying to her about what we said.....we understood it perfectly as if it was being said in English. The spirit was sooo strong in that room. We all felt it. At one point we really really felt prompted to share the first vision in Joseph Smiths words but she wouldn't understand it if we said it.....we started prayin in our heads for Brother V to feel prompted to say it. The second me and Sister L closed our prayer....he started sayin it in Spanish. We understood every word and WOW the spirit was almost tangible in that room. Towards the end of the lesson we then asked her that when she came to know of the truthfulness of our message if she would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized. She said "Oh si si si. I want it to be true, I am looking for the truth, and this feels soo good and I will do what the Lord wants me to do. That's all I want to do." It was truly a miracle. The church is true. amen. Gosh I just love being a missionary more than anything in the world. This is truly such a blessing in my life to be able to have the opportunity to do this. I am learning more than I ever thought I would, and my testimony just gets stronger and stronger every day. I know without a doubt this Church is Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ's church. Their hands are in every part of this work. Theres no way it couldnt be. I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ. What I have come to know more about on my mission is just how much the Savior loves us. I have come to understand a little better just how much the Atonement covers, and just how much the Atonement means. I have never felt so inadequate, so weak, and so helpless as I have on my mission. You really come to know your weaknesses and shortcomings...and just when you think you have finally conquered one.....a million more open up to your view. But oh how grateful I am for that. I know that despite all my many weaknesses and shortcomings... one day I can be made perfected through Christ. I know that perfection takes a lifetime. That's kinda the whole reason we are here;) We are commanded to endure to the end. That reminds us that eternal growth often involves both time and process. It doesn't just happen overnight. Even though I just want to be perfect now!!!! But I know that as I choose to daily access Christ's Atonement, that everyday I can come closer to Him, and come closer to becoming perfected :) Theres a talk by Elder Gerrit W Gong from the Seventy called "Becoming Perfect In Christ" Holy cow its amazing. READ IT. But he talks about how understanding the Saviors freely given atoning love can free us from self imposed, incorrect, and unrealistic expectations of what perfection is. I think that is soo true for me. I notice that I try so hard to be perfect. I want to do everything right and just make my Heavenly Father proud of me! But what I need to understand is that Heavenly Father is proud of me....and loves me sooo much...despite my weaknesses. I just need to understand that I just gotta do my best...and Christ will help me with the rest. That's perfection. One last thing that I have really come to know is that if we truly begin to understand the nature of God, truly get to know our Heavenly Father, then we will be able to trust in His love for us more. When we understand just how merciful, just how forgiving, just how trustworthy, and all the other MANY PERFECT attributes He has, then we will understand His love. But our human minds cant comprehend how perfect He truly is...and that's why we cant comprehend just how much He loves us. But I promise you as you continue to learn more about your Heavenly Father then you will also learn just how much you mean and how much He loves you...... and that in turn....can change everything. Once you finally see your potential.....that will change and affect every decision and choice you make. So I just really invite all of you to get to know your Heavenly Father on a personal level....really know his attributes...and I promise it will change your life. it has changed mine...and continues to still change me. I love you all so much!!!!! have a wonderful week!!!:) Love, Sister Wilson:)

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