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Monday, December 15, 2014

Hey family!!!:) Soo crazy week!!! I got transferred!!! ha crazy...I was only in York for 1 transfer:( But since soo many sisters are goin home...they had to close York as a sister training leader area and so I got moved to Kearney Nebraska to be a sister training leader there! I LOVE IT HERE! We have 2 areas. We are over the Kearney YSA branch and the Kearney Family ward. Its soo interesting havin 2 areas. We go to church all day and we go to tons of meetings. Ha we are literally at the church from 7 to 8 every sunday.....crazy!! But I LOVE serving in the YSA branch! Oh it is soo much fun!:) It is so different from all I been used too but I love it!:) We have a baptism in the YSA comin up on Jan 3rd.:) We are really excited for her!! I love bein able to teach people our age. It makes for such a different dynamic. But its cool....I feel like this really is gonna strengthen my testimony so much more. Ha but also everybody is gettin married. We are gonna get to see a proposal in the comin weeks and help out with it!:) haha anyways this should be a really great experience!
Well I do have to say I am really really nervous. This new area reguires a lot of responsiblitity and I feel very inadequate. I don't really know how I am gonna be able to handle all that we have too....Im a little sressed out! haha but that's good cuz then I know I will have to rely on the Lord a whole lot to be able to do this:) I just have really been able to see a lot of my shortcomings and limitations lately. I really hate training and givin talks and teachin...and I am really really bad at it.( I know then why am I missionary right?;) haha) but we have to train and give talks and teach ALL THE TIME. It really makes me so scared!! I don't like to have to see my weaknesses right in front of me all the time. Its super uncomfortable! but I know that if I avoid looking deeply into myself and avoid confronting my weaknesses then I will never make them strengths. Or I will never allow the Lord to help make it a strength. I know that the Lord is allowin me the opportunity to have my weaknesses all up in my face so that I turn to Him and allow Him to change it into a strength. I have been avoiding this weakness for quite some time because its soooo soo uncomfortable...but God just wants me to finally overcome it now. Theres a quote I heard the other day..."Theres no comfort in your growth zone and no growth in your comfort zone." President Uchtdorf said in conference, "If our weaknesses and shortcomings remain obscured in the shadows, then the redeeming power of the Savior cannot heal them and make them strengths. Ironically, our blindness toward our human weaknesses will also make us blind to the divine potential that our Father yearns to nurture within each of us." I really loved that quote because I have always thought of myself as a really bad teacher. Its always been a super big insecurity I have had especially on my mission. I have made myself believe that the only reason I am a sister training leader is because I love these sisters so much, and they just need love. I can do that part. I can love. But I CANT TEACH! haha sooo now Heavenly Father is gonna help me be able to do that....He is gonna help me see my divine potential. :)
Anyways now that you all know my struggles....;) ha I just know that if I turn to the Lord during this time and have Him help me..that I can overcome this. I know this to be true in everything. If there is any struggle any of you may be havin right now...whether big or small...just turn to the Lord. its hard to have that kind of faith to just trust and rely that God will help you. Its hard to give Him every part of you. Its hard cuz you seriously have to take it all on faith. But I know if we take that leap of faith....that He will catch us in the end. He is perfect. He will never let us down. He is the one person who we can always rely on. Its like that scripture in Ether 12:6. how we will receive no witness until after the trial of our faith. We wont receive a strength until after the trial of our weakness. I love you all so much and cant thank you enough for all the love and support from each of you! have a wonderful week!
Love, Sister Wilson:)

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