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Nebraska Omaha Mission

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Hello Family!!:) This week is Christmas!:) WOOOO HOOOOO! Merry Christmas!!!:) I hope you all have a wonderful week :) Wow well this past week has been amazing. I seriously cant even tell you how grateful and happy I am. I absolutely love my companion with all that I am!!!:) She is my best friend. We have become such great friends...we get eachother and understand eachother so perfectly. I know that we were supposed to have been companions. I have learned so so much from her. She is soo special!! Haha we have soo much fun together and work so hard together!!!Its so cool cuz we are so when we teach...its so cool!!! I love teaching with her!!!:) I love love love serving in the YSA branch!!!! Its sooo fun to be able to work with people our age and teach them the gospel!!! :) E is gettin baptized on Jan 3rd!!!!!!!!!!!:) Ahhhh we are sooooo excited!!!! She is the sweetest girl in the world and sooo prepared and ready to make this covenant. Everytime we go over there to share a lesson the spirit is so strong. She just gets it!:) We know it is gonna bless her life soo much. She really cant wait to be baptized!!!!:) She had her mother pass away a couple years ago and she says she feels her mom close and just knows she is doin the right thing every time she meets with us:) SHES AMAZING. Oh so in the Family ward we have 2 baptisms comin up!!!!!!:) A and P:) They are SOOO special!!:) A is 20 and has 3 kids!!!! haha my age!!!! crazy!!! But they are so amazing. They just get the gospel. They are sooo solid. But then last week some stuff went down in gospel principles class and me and Sister L weren't there cuz we were in the YSA branch talkin so we missed it and apparently some false doctrine was taught by opinions and they didn't agree with it. So after church they texted us sayin they didn't agree and it really bothered them. We were sooooo worried.:( We been prayin like crazy and stoppin by to try and help overcome the concern and clarify but we couldn't get ahold of them!! Finally a couple nights ago we were able to go and teach them the whole plan of salvation lesson over and the spirit was there testifying to them the whollllle time! They completely agreed with it when we were done and said that they felt that was the truth and that all of their questions had been answered!:) SOOO they are still on for baptism!!!:)We are soooo happy for them!!!:) haha wow heavenly father REALLY helped us out there!! we could NOT have done that by ourselves!!! A lot was weighin on the lesson!!! So every saturday we play soccer with the ysa branch and fam ward together. We also invite a ton of investigators!!:) Our ward mission leader is Mexican and invites a TON of his Mexican friends who don't speak any English. we have made REALLY good friends with this couple named S and D. They don't speak ANY English.....haha but we communicate the best we can. They invited us to dinner on Christmas!!! They told our ward misson leader that they love us and want to hear the message we share that is so important that we would leave our families for Christmas:) So they are makin us tamales and we are gonna watch a movie in Spanish for them to learn more about our church and then we wrote our testimonies out and our ward mission leader is gonna translate it out for us and teach us how to say it in Spanish so that we can say it to them on Christmas:) Its gonna be soooo fun!:) Another cool thing that happened this week was we got asked to sing "Angels among us" in relief society for the Christmas program. :) That song has always made me think of Jared like crazy everytime I hear it....and I really feel the spirit.I Felt like it was a huge tender mercy for her to ask us to sing that song:) I felt Jared really close...He definitely was there that day:) (cuz we all know I cant mustve been the angels helpin out right?;)) Well soooo many amazing things are happening! I really feel like this is definetley where the Lord knows I need to be:) I have really been able to feel Him so much closer lately. I feel like Im really starting to get to know Him on a level that I never knew before. I feel like I am learning so much more how to strengthen my faith. I have really learned that having a positive attitude and obeying with exactness is an evidence of your faith. I have learned that doubt, fear, bein all sad and grumpy and feelin sorry for yourself is what destroys your faith. If we want to build our faith then we need to let go of all the negative things. Taking the negativity completely out builds your faith:) Another cool thing I have learned a lot about this week is how to act and not be acted upon. I love how if we are choosing to act then we are choosing to be a peacable follower of Christ. How do we strengthen our faith?? by acting! Somethin that I have been askin myself is if I am allowing myself to be acted upon and letting my circumstances affect me or am I acting and affecting my circumstances? Life throws trials at us all the time. Hard trials that seem overwhelming and extrememly difficult to tackle. But its up to us if we are going to let these circumstances act on us and pull us down...therefor we are being acted upon. Or if we are going to choose to act and be happy and positive. If we choose to act....choose to be happy....that in turn strengthens our faith, and when we have faith....miralces happen. Faith conquers anything and everything because Faith entails the savior to work miralces in us.:) Anyways sorry that was all over the place but moral of the HAPPY!:) lifes great! Continue to strengthen your faith and I promise happiness is the result of that! I have learned that to be completely true!:) I love you all sooo much! have a MERRY Christmas!!:) LOVE YOU! Love, Sister Wilson:)

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