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Nebraska Omaha Mission

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Omaha, NE 68144

Monday, December 8, 2014

Hey Family!!!:) Hope you had a great week!!! I cant wait to hear about it....haha sounds like dare bear did;) Gosh ew stop gettin so old!!! Well we had an amazing week!!! We had tons of appointments every day this week!! The work has really picked up here!!! I LOVE IT! we are super super busy! So many people are progressing soo much in the gospel!! We had 6 investigators at church on sunday!!!:) And they are ALL comin to the Christmas party this week and want to come back to church next sunday!!!:) Ah we cant wait! We also had one of our investigators, J, come to a baptism with us on Saturday!! It was his first time goin to one....and he really really loved it. He said he felt the spirit so strong and knows there is something special with this church:) It was a huge step forward with him!!!!:) So we have been tracting and handing out "He is the Gift" cards the church is pushing forward. We have seen lots of success with it! A lot of people are open to Christ:) Its a great way to show we are Christians and start off on a good foot:) So the work here in York, is AMAZING!!!!!! We are really seein so many miralces and success every day!!!
Haha this week also has been fun over at our house!!! We are havin tons of mice in our home!!! haha its so funny....we have set up traps everywhere and the mice will get caught by them in the middle of the night and then run around the whole house makin this huge noise cuz hes caught in the trap!! So that's been real fun chasin mice around tryin to finish em off!:) I will send a sawwweet picture of some of the mice we killed. we got 5 in one hour!!! Another thing is our home flooded last night:( We were goin to sleep over in grand island to help a couple of our sisters pack up to get ready to move and then we felt like we needed to stay here in York. A bunch of things just fell into place....this lady who we have been tryin to teach for awhile called and said she wanted to meet with us that night...anyways long story short we decided to stay at our place. We got home and it was flooded everywhere!!!! if we would've slept in grand island we would've lost our home!!!!:( Tender mercy from Heavenly Father!
Well one thing I really would like to share with you is from the talk by Elder Neil L. Andersen from this general conference. He talked a lot about how important it is that we each gain our own personal testimony of Joseph Smith. I strongly recommend reading over it again if you can!!!! It is sooo powerful. I love the commitments he asks us to do to help us gain that testimony that we so desperately need. I am going to be doin this along with our investigators this week and would love it if you all did it with us!!!:) So this week, can you each find to a scripture in the Book of Mormon that you feel and know are absolutely true. Then will you please share them with eachother, but also I would LOOOVE if you would share them with me and tell me how you know they are true! Then I want to share them with some of our investigators that we are workin with here!!! It would be an amazing way to start to remember and to be able to gain a personal testimony for yourself that the book of Mormon s true and joseph smith was a prophet, and also be a great way to share your testimony with people who are searching for the truth!!! I would soo appreciate it if you would do so! Thank you so much! I love you so much!!! I know that this church is true. I know that the world can disagree and throw all these things at us to have us believe that it isn't true. But I know it is true because of the feelings I feel when I live what this church asks me to do. I know it is true because of the feelings I feel when I read the book of Mormon. and I know this church is true because I have asked my Heavenly Father and He has answered me. This church is true. But don't believe can find out and be just as sure as I am...all you have to do is ask!! Start with the stuff you know to be true....then work up from there!!! I love you all soo much and cant wait to hear your scriptures!!! Have a great week!!!!:) Love, Sister Wilson:)

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