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Sunday, August 3, 2014

July 28, 2014

Hey Family!!! How are you all doin?? Well your all in lake powell...AGAIN. NOT EMAILING ME. soooo I assume your more than good!;) Well I am not jealous....not one bit. So its fine. Whatever. Hope your havin fun!;) Well this week was SOO crazy. Ha a lot happened. Honestly its been one of the hardest. But that's probably why it ended up bein so good. We saw soo many miracles and had some POWERFUL lessons. Ones I will never ever forget. Ill just talk real fast about a couple of em. So one of our investigators dad died of cancer this week. It was cool cuz we had no idea and decided to go over there and see how she was doin. Ended up that he had just passed away and she was REALLY struggling. I cant tell you how cool that lesson was. We just hugged her while she cried and bore our testimonies so powerfully. Her eyes were just fixed on us while we talked. I cant even begin to tell you how it felt talkin to her. It was as if there was nothin else in that room. I felt her Dad in that room, I felt Jared in that room, and I felt heaven in that room closer than I have in a long time. I don't see how people can think there isn't a God, and that He doesn't love us. He is So aware of each and everyone of us and I know he sends people to us in His place to show us that love. Well there were soo many other amazing lessons. We went over to see B...her husband and son were gettin ready to go to the county fair to show their cattle so it was kinda busy. We started in our lesson about Christ's grace. She didn't quite get the concept. We read "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox. (STOP READIN THIS EMAIL RIGHT NOW AND GO READ THAT TALK. Seriously you ALL need to read it. Its amazing!) But while we were readin that everyone got dead quiet. Her husband and son stopped gettin ready and sat down to listen. They all commented on how cool that was and the spirit was there so strong. Barbara started tellin us how she had felt so down and alone and frustrated with herself because she feels as if she is never good enough. She had gotten to the point where she was just done. Done with life itself even at times. She said it was cool cuz God knew how much she was struggling and sent us over with this talk. She knew that God was aware of her and answered her prayers by sending us to her. Once again that was testimony to me that God Really is aware of us and will send others in his place to comfort us and show us that love that He would otherwise show if He could be here. She ended up askin TONS of questions about our church and said she really really felt somethin special today. We told her all about the Restoration again and invited her to really pray and ask God if this is the truth he wants her to find. She said she most defienlty is doin that tonight and wants us to come over in a couple of days to teach her as much as we can! ha SOO cool:) Well seriously this week we had so many lessons that were just powerful. But instead of tellin you about all them...I wanna share what I have been learnin from all this. 1st off...I have learned that we can and Need to depend on that unfailing desire of the Savior to bring all of Heavenly Fathers spirit children back to their home with Him. I really have felt just a glimpse of how much Heavenly Father and our Savior love these people. How much they love us. They desire more than ANYTHING in the world to just have us, their children, return home to them. And they are always there with open arms ready to pour out their love to us....but the catch is...we have to accept it. We have to open our hearts and eyes to feel and see their love...or we wont. Its all our choice.
There's a quote that I have really been thinkin of lately....It says, "If we choose the right, we will find time. If we choose evil, there comes sorrow and time. Those effects are sure, yet they are often delayed for a purpose. If the blessings were immediate, choosing the right would not build faith and since sorrow is also sometimes greatly delayed, it takes faith to feel the need to seek for forgiveness for sin early rather than after we feel its sorrowful and painful effects." I really have been able to see and learn that a lot out here on this mission. I have seen that choosing right....even when its the hardest thing in the world....always always brings happiness in the end. Happiness that never ends. But choosing to just be a little disobedient, or just a little wrong choice....STILL always leads to sorrow. It leads to separating your self from God more. It leads to the spirit not bein with you as much and as strong. (which in reality....makes all the difference). Even if its just a little does come between you and the Lords relationship. So make the little choices in the right direction!! Any closer to God you become, the more strength you have to face life's challenges. Who wouldn't want that? Anyways sorry I am kinda goin off...but one other thing I really have been thinkin about is Christ's grace. And how beautiful and amazing it truly is. What a blessing it truly is. We all fall short. We all aren't good enough. We all make mistakes, sometimes big, sometimes just really stupid. And because of all these mistakes....we lose blessings of what might've been if we just would've made the right choice. But we need to realize that because of Christ, because of the Atonement, we have repentance. We have that priviledge to repent, and through repentance you can qualify for ALL the blessings of heaven. So don't get down on yourself, or think "Well looks like Im not gonna reach my full potential now, I just keep messin up." But, as long as you keep repenting, its as if you never messed up in the first place. THAT is one of the best blessings we have. Take advantage of it. That's why Christ did it. He wanted his gift used.
Anyways so sorry I went off this week!!! haha I love you all soooo much and just know you are in my prayers every day!!! EVEN when Im a little mad cuz you went to lake powell without me AGAIN....your still in my prayers;) you just owe me a LOT of lake powell trips next Deal. LOVE YOU!!!!! Love, Sister Wilson:)

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