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Monday, July 21, 2014

Hey Family!! Hope you all had a really good week!!:) I miss and pray for you everyday. This week was kinda a rough week for different reasons...but miracles still happened:) So we started the new member lessons with T this week. We had our ward mission leader and his wife, the relief society stake presidency and S all there for it! It was amazing! The lesson went really well. We taught him about the Priesthood. Then a couple days later he called US askin when we could come teach him again. He is soo cool. So we took that opportunity and went that night. He ended up tellin us about his baptism experience. So somethin I didnt tell last week was he had to be baptized 6 times cuz he kept comin up out of the water. He is deathly afraid of water and has major anxiety problems so after 5 times of it not bein valid he started to freak out. He stopped and looked at me and Sister B and said, "I can't do this. I just can't do this. Im done." He looked SO So sad. It was heartbreaking. I looked him in the eyes and said, "Yes you can T....because God will help you. Just say a prayer." He closed his eyes and said a prayer then said he was ready and was baptized! It was sooo cool! But he told us that he had never been so scared in his life. He was about to get up and just walk away but when he prayed this overwhelming peace came over him. He said he wasn't scared anymore and he just felt how proud God was of him. He said that was the coolest experience he has ever had. Ahh he is sooo special. I am sooo privileged to know him. He is doin AMAZING and gonna be such a powerful member. He already is workin on missionary work with the rest of his family:) He is preparing for the priesthood and SO excited.... And him and B are workin towards a temple marriage:) I am soo lucky to be able to see this all happening!! :)
Sooo some other things that happened this week that just wasn't as cool as T's experience, was a drug deal happened in the middle of one of our lessons. yea. We left. haha But sooo many other things happened this week, we got 3 new investigators (by talkin about country music....) (once again.....Country Music is of God. I have learned this multiple times while bein on a mission;)) But somethin that I have really really learned this week is about weaknesses. I have really been able to see a lot of my weaknesses lately...ha . Things that have always been a struggle for me, have come out more on my mission. I guess I've realized just how much I needa work on. A mission helps you prepare for your future, but it also helps you see how unprepared you really are.
So I just been strugglin a lot lately tryin to fix some things. Its hard. Ha really hard. Satan puts obstacles and temptations in our path and if we fall for them, it lessens the impact we have on other people, and causes us to have a lot of doubt in ourselves. I guess that's somethin that really has hit me. If I am not bein the best that I can be, then I can't help others as much. You have to help yourself before you can help others. Its also the same with the gospel. You can't convert someone past your own conversion. But the more and more we learn and repent and utilize the Atonement in our lives, the more of an impact we will be able to be to the people around us. So if want to help someone else, then the best thing you can do is fix the thing you can control, yourself. Help yourself. Then naturally, our examples and just by being the people we are, will affect and change their lives more than anything we could ever say to them. It touches them soo much deeper and instills in them a desire to change, which is the best thing we can do for someone. Sorry that's probably real confusing but hopefully you get my point:) haha Sorry this is a shorter email...I keep runnin out of time dangit;) haha but I love you all soo much and am prayin for you! Thanks for all the prayers in return...they really are felt.:) Let me know if there is anything I can do for any of you!!:) Love, Sister Wilson:)

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