Sister Ashley Wilson

Nebraska Omaha Mission

11027 Martha St

Omaha, NE 68144

Monday, July 14, 2014

Hey Family!!!! How is everyone doin?? How was lake powell?? I been thinkin about you guys a lot this week! Hope you had soo much fun...but not too much....cuz I wasn't there of course!;) Well this week was AMAZING!!!! WE HAD OUR FIRST BAPTISM!!!!!!!!:) Actually our first 2!!!:) Ahhh I have never been happier!!! It was sooo cool to be able to be the missionaires to find them and teach them everything then baptize them. It will be an experience I will never ever forget. :) I will never ever forget them!! It was sooo sweet....J.T. (the 9 year old) wrote me a letter that said, "Dear Sister Wilson, I hope you remember me forever. I will remember you forever. I love you." It was SOO sweet!!:) Tonny asked me to give the Holy Ghost talk:) I have never felt the spirit so strong. I am soo grateful to have been able to come on a mission and if nothin else be able to help Tonny and J.T. get baptized:) Heres some pics from it! So after church yesterday, all of Tonny and J.T.'s family and us all had a BBQ! IT was awesome cuz hardly any of em are members so it was a great finding opportunity! We talked to tons of them and they were all interested in why Tonny wanted to be baptized! It was way cool! I feel like we will be spendin a lot of time with that family:) Heres some pics of the BBQ:) and one other Brandi and Tonny are married...but have been talkin about how they want to be married "The right way". So NOW we get to help them both prepare for a temple marriage!!! Ahh we are soo excited for them!!!!:) So I am runnin out of time, but some other cool things that happened this week was we met with this couple named Paul and Collette. OH my heck. coolest thing ever. So they also live in the trailer park....we were talkin with them and asked if we could share somethin with em. We started teachin em the restoration and so I said the first vision....afterwards Paul (whos like a mans man. haha like hard core cowboy) started cryin and said, "Wow you can just feel just know that actually happened. You can feel it in every fiber of your being and it just feels right in here." and he pointed to his heart. The spirit was SO strong. We bore strong testimony that it IS right and this did happen and him and collette ended up tellin us all these things that have led them to be ready now to accept the true message. They knew that this is what God had prepared for them and they have been waitin to find it and finaly have:) It was SUCH A MIRACLE. I seriously cant even believe how many amazing experiences we have been able to have lately. I am soo lucky and priveldged that God is allowing me to be apart of all these experiences. My testimony has grown soo much. I know with all that I am that this church is true. This is Christs true church back here on the earth, and that this church has the fullness of the gospel. You can find truth in every church, but in order to know the rest of the story, the whole story, you can only find that here. I am so grateful to be able to have found it so early in my life. Living the way this gospel teaches truly does bring happiness that you can't find anywhere else. I have been able to see so many different peoples lives....many of which don't have the gospel. I have seen the effects of living without the gospel. I never ever want that. I want to always always have this gospel in my life and I want everyone I know to have it as well! Life is just easier with it. I know that if we put God first in our lives...everything else really does fall into place. If we make him our first priority, we cannot fail. We will always be the happiest when we first make God happy:) Well I love you guys all sooo much!!! Thanks for all you do!!! Hope you all have a wonderful week and know you are all in my prayers everyday!!! Love, Sister Wilson:)

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