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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hey Family!!! Sooooo you guys all suck. Hope yer havin fun in LAKE POWELL WITHOUT ME. Not fair. Imma little jealous....but that's ok!!!! Ill just have to make up for it by goin 9 times next year:) So comp and I were just walkin into the library just barely, and this old man yells from across the street...."ARE YOU THE MORMOM GIRLS?!?!?! COME HERE MY MORMON FRIENDS!!" So we walked up to him, first thing he says, "You both are beautiful. I want to marry you" with the biggest smile and no teeth. Haha gotta love bein a missionary.....and... I learned a new skill this week! How to burp a waterbed. Yup.
Well this week was AMAZING!!! So T and J. both passed their baptismal interviews and are gettin baptized this Saturday, July 12th!!!! We are SOOOO Excited!!! Aw the lessons with T have been absolutely incredible. He is sooo ready. He got up in church yesterday and started cryin sayin how grateful he was for me and Sister B for bringin him soo much happiness. He will never ever forget us. It was soo special. Ha I cried a little.....but not much cuz Im big and tough.;) But I will tell ya about their baptisms next week!!! :)
So we had another cool thing happen this week! We were walkin home from paintin Net nets house and this older Mexican man was strugglin gettin stuff out of his car. So we ran over and asked if we could help him. He was soo relived and thankful. We helped him load a ton of stuff out of his van then met his wife. We asked her if there was anything we could do for her. She said, "Wait..really? You would actually do whatever I need help with? Its the 4th of July though....don't you got so many other places to be?" and we said, "nope we are here to help you with anything you may need." She then broke down cryin and huggin us and said that we were angels that God had sent straight to her. She told us that she has been strugglin so bad with her health and had all these things she needed to get done by tomorrow and didn't see how a way could be made for her to accomplish it. But then out of no where 2 girls show up and ask to help. Haha She pinched us and asked if we were angels many times. It was sooo cute!!! We were able to help her get what she needed done and share the restoration with her and give her a book of Mormon:) She was soo excited to read it. It was a real cool experience:) It really strengthend my testimony on how sometimes we may feel that something is completely impossible. That there is no way we can come up with a way to fix something or solve a problem we may have. But even if it is impossible for us.....its not for God. Impossible isn't even a word to God. So quit tryin to do things all ourselves. We aren't gonna be able to do them. God has a plan, He is in every detail of our lives and will make it work out the best way, a way we could never even come up with ourselves. All we have to do is align our will with God's ,and trust in Him, and then let Him work the magic.
Well so many other miralces are happenin. We have 11 progressing Investigators at the moment and are finding new investigators DAILY. IT IS ABSOLUTELY INSANE. Le Mars is just blowin up!!! I am soo grateful that I have been able to see the change! Thank you all so much for the prayers you have said! They are really felt and appreciated! While bein out on my mission.. my testimony of the BOM has strengthened sooo much. There is so much power that comes from reading that book. A lot of the time its not necessarily what you read that gives you the strength, but the fact that you read that gives you the strength. That book is full of so much many answers. As you read from the scriptures you not only learn what you are supposed to be doin but also things that your not supposed to do. It is our map that keeps us on the strait and narrow way. If we read that book everyday we will not leave the path. We will have the necessary power to fight Satan off and win.
We were talkin in district meetin the other day about what is the most important thing you can teach someone. After much discussion we decided that the most important thing you can teach someone is how to be spiritually self sufficient. Its like fishing. You can catch the fish for them and let them eat it. They get their reward. They get to eat the fish. But the next time they want to go fishing and eat a fish, they wont know how. So our job is to teach people HOW to fish, not just catch the fish for them. Once they know HOW to fish....they can go fishing whenever they want! and that is how a testimony is built. By continually fishing and partaking of the fish. The more we fish (Study the scriptures) the more fish we catch. (Knowledge, Testimony, conversion.) And thats the key....we need to be readin the scriptures everyday, not just every once in awhile to make a difference. You don't gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon by reading it. You gain a testimony of the Book Of Mormon by reading it A LOT. Anyways sorry I always go off on random tangents....haha I just love this gospel with all my heart! These have been the best 8 months of my life!!! I have learned so much and am just so grateful that I have been able to be a missionary for my Savior, Jesus Christ. As you know our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ, but what people don't always understand is that we invite them to come unto Him so that He can work His miracle in their lives in whatever way he chooses. By coming unto Christ, that means we are submitting our whole selves, or our will, to Him. That's what it means to truly come unto Christ. And I can honestly say that by being out here on my mission I am slowly coming more and more unto Christ. I still have a lonnng way to go...but Im tryin my best:) I love you all soooo much and am so grateful for the amazing examples you all are in my life! Have a wonderful week and Dare bear.....jump the wake for me at Lake powell!!! Then crash and face plant it so I wont be so jealous;) haha jk I LOVE YOU GUYS! Love, Sister Wilson:)

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