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Monday, April 14, 2014

Hey family! So this week was real sad.....J passed away. :( We called her and were talkin to her tryin to come and see her at the hospital that night. She said she wasn't feelin good at all but she wanted to talk to us on the phone. So we just chatted with her....made her laugh and tried to distract her from the pain she was in. We then got a call the next morning that she had passed away after we talked to her. It broke my heart. I love her so much.....but I know that Jared now is takin real good care of her. I felt it the instant I found out. I knelt down and prayed so hard that Jared would take over...and I felt so overwhelmingly that He was:) It was cool:) I never thought when I came on a mission that I would get to work literally hand in hand with Jared.....we even share investigators:) So cool:) But this week we were able to go to her wake. (The thing where you get to go see her body and look at all the pictures they have and meet her family.) It was so cool. Her granddaughter B, was there. We had met B a couple times when we would go see J. B is 22. J used to say that I reminded her of B:) But saw me and ran out of the line and started bawling and hugging me. She said that J was wearing the slippers we gave her when she died:) And that when J hung up the phone with us, she couldn't stop talkin about how much she loved us "Sista nuns" (thats what she called us haha) It was sooo sweet....I just hugged and hugged B and cried with her. I felt like J was family to was so weird. Then I asked B if we could start meetin with her and share with her what we were sharin with her grandma. She said she would love that!!!! Then afterwards this lady came up to me (later found out it was J's daughter) and was like, "Are you the sister nun that gave J the slippers??" And I told her yes:) She started cryin and huggin me and said that We were all J ever talked about. She said she litterally thought we were angels until she saw the slippers and knew we were real people:) ha it was soo cool......she thanked and thanked us for the sacrifice we took to be here and knew that we were meant to be here for a reason. She then introduced us to everyone there. It was such an amazing experience. I love J with all my heart and know that she is going to accept the gospel on the other side:) Jared will make sure of it;) I did all I could Jared better step up his part;) haha Well we had so many other cool things happen this week:) F, one of our investigators, has a baptismal date!!!!!!!!!!! May 15th:) HOPEFULLY it will work out!!!! She still has to pray to make sure this date is right for her....but She is SOOO close!!!!! I cannot wait!!! She wants to be baptized before the end of this transfer so that I can for sure be there:) She thinks I'm leavin after this transfer!!!:) I love her!!! Its sooo cool!! so please pray for her!!:) Another cool thing is we have been able to teach a lot of c's grandkids!!! We got to teach all them to pray for the first time!!! Man such an amazing feeling:)
and last thing... I heard about the service chain for Amanda and Alexis. I loved that idea... so cool:) This week we did A TON of service :) We got to completely demolish a house!!! It was soo fun!!! We tore down walls and pulled up carpet ALL day on Saturday! We scrubbed floors and built stairs:) We are goin back next week to do it all again:) I have never been so tired in my life! We also were able to serve a couple in our ward with helpin them with office work they needed done for a couple hours:) We also were able to go and help this lady in our ward who is super sick. We cleaned her house and made her dinner:) There is many other service opportunites we have comin up this week and please tell Nikki that I am thinkin of Amanda and Alexis and doin it for them:) All the missionaries I work with love the idea:) We love you Johnson Family!!!!:) Well last thing I wanted to share with all of ya was just a thought I had. I think I tend to think that my testimony isn't a very big thing.....that it definetly doesn't have the power to change lives. I feel as if I am inadequete to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and constantly represent Him, when I am just a 19 year old girl that doesn't know that much. How am I supposed to do the Lord's work and declare a perfect gospel when I dont know it all and Im so imperfect? But I think what I need to learn is that the simple testimony that I do enough. Christ makes it enough. With His spirit as my constant testimony CAN change lives. I can't change lives....but with the spirit, miracles can happen and lives can and will change. So if any of you feel inadequete and feel like you can't be a missionary cuz you dont know enough...then think again! you probably know more than I do!!! Your testimony is enough:) Just ask for the spirit to be with you and help you and I promise that YOU can change lives :) I need to let my simple testimony change me so then I can let it change others lives as well:) Anyways have a wonderful week! I love yall SOO much!!! never forget yall are in my prayers everyday!!!:)

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