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Monday, December 30, 2013

Well this week has been we STILL have no idea where we are gonna live.....they can't find a place anywhere for us to stay thats safe in Le Mars...So we are still with the L. But I LOVE it there. We just get to go on splits with the sister training leaders ALL the time! It's way cool! We get to learn and see alot. We basically just help them out in their area! It's so different than Le Mars though...we go and tract in downtown Sioux City which is super sketchy. Ha Me and Sister G went tracting after dinner once in downtown Sioux City and had a strong feeling to get in the car and leave. We don't know why still...but I am glad we followed that prompting. It's just a really poverty stricken area where theres a lot of different races such as blacks and hispanics....REALLY ghetto. But we did get to meet this guy named C and P who were really really nice and listened to our message. Also this girl named S. A couple of days ago we got to go and visit this lady. She is a MAJOR hoarder and lives in a trailer. It was disgusting in her house....she had like 10 cats and 5 dogs.....her house was COVERED in poop and lots of other was way cool tho cuz she fed us...SO sweet...she doesn't have the money to do that and her husband is currently fighting was cool to sit down and eat with them and bear testimony to them. Her husband is such a sweetheart. Then we cleaned her house and did service for about 3 hours. We got a WHOLE room completely cleaned out!!! It looked SO good!
Another lady we have met is Sister B. She is a hispanic lady in downtown Sioux city and me and Sister G went and talked to her. She has had SUCH a hard life....she was a prostitute....major herion addict...and really anything in the book she has done. But she is COMPLETELY changing her life around right now. It's amazing. I had a strong feeling to start talking to her about the blessings of the temple and the atonement...weird combination but AMAZING. She started sobbing and saying this is exactely what she needed to hear and that's what she wanted to strive for. I shared with her Alma 7:11-12 ( my fav scripture EVER) and she got up and came and hugged me and said that that scripture meant more to her than anything she had ever read. It was way cool:) As we were leaving she asked for me to come back but I didn't know because I didn't think I would be able to see her again because this isn't my area....and so I gave it to her and hopefully will be able to talk with her again:) Ah Amazing person. It just shows that you can' t judge anyone and that even those who have commited the worst of sins and have messed up in their lives...that there is ALWAYS hope and you can ALWAYS turn around. Thats what the Atonement is for. Second Chances. So it's been really hard because we haven't been in our area and can't really talk to our we have been texting and calling people and teaching lessons over the phone! Haha its interesting! BUT the most amazing thing happened on thursday!!! J SAID HE WANTED TO BE BAPTIZED!!!!!!!! INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were thinking D would be the one to get baptized but J WANTS TO NOW!!!! We are working on a date because he needs to be more clear with his drug problem and other situations.....but ITS GETTING SOMEWHERE! SO cool!:) We have taught amazing spiritual lessons over the phone with him and its just a really cool experience:) Please pray for him!!! We haven't really had a chance to talk to D since being out here in Sioux we pray to return back to Le Mars so we can go visit her and see where she is at with everything so PLEASE PRAY FOR HER too! On Friday I got to go with Sister V and teach a preparation for baptism lesson to M! AH SO COOL! We connected INSTANTLY. I bore strong testimony that I knew she was doing the right thing and would be so blessed for following through with this even though all of these things are hard right now....but to just stick it through and Heavenly Father would bless her.....anddddd.....She got baptized on Saturday!!!! Even though it was really close to her not.....Satan worked really hard and all these awful situations came up.....BUT SHE DID IT! She is baptized!!!!!!!:) So cool! haha she even asked me to sing a song at her baptism with the Sister Training leaders!!!! it was SO Sweet!:) I Loved it:) Amamzing experience!
Another cool the members we are living with (L) the husband isn't a we have had many amazing experiences where I have been able to share my testimony to him through dental talk! Haha! he is a Radiologist and we talk about that a lot cuz he likes hearing about the dental aspect of it! he is REALLY quiet and doesn't talk to anybody.....but he talks to me because we have that in common! So the Sister training leaders LOVE IT and help me come up with ways to teach to him:) It's way cool:) Well remember the W? The ones where the husband just got surgery and they have serious money issues? Well we have been calling her and talking to her everyday...and I finally finished my copy of my talk to her. I wrote it out to her and personalized it for her and bore my testimony to her through it. I really hope it will help her through this time. I prayed real hard that I would say the right things.....It was 10 pages long! I hope it will mean something to her.She bawled when i gave it to her. Well there has been SOOO many experiences adn things that have happened but I am out of time so I gotta go! But I want each and everyone of you to know how much I love you guys! I pray for you all every night. I also want you all to know that God has a plan for each and everyone of us specifically. He knows EXACTLY how we feel when we are havin a hard time. He puts us through these hard things in life even though he WEEPS because he knows its gonna hurt us......and it breaks his heart to see us, His child, hurt like that. BUT he loves us SO much that he sent his son Jesus Christ to descend below ALL heartache and pain so that he could know EXACTLY how to run to our aid through these challenging things. So that we wouldn't have to go through these challenges alone. and he gave us these challenges....because he knows that EVEN though IT HURTS and is scary....but that its EXACTLY what we need at that time in our lives...and that we will grow..and become closer to Him if we go through it. So he weeps alongside with us as we struggle...but he does it out of complete love because he knows that we will reach our potential because of it. Have a great week!!! LOVE YOU ALL!

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