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Monday, December 23, 2013

So we are still at the condies....last night was our last night there...they let us stay till the day they move cuz we have no where to go! ha and funny enough...we STILL don't know where we are gonna live and we are moving in an we will see:) We will most likely go down to Sioux City and live with the sisters down there for a couple days till they figure something out! But we figure out if S (the 73 year old lady) gets the house today:) But if not...we will live in ghetto apartments up here most likely:) Idk it will all work out:) But I don't have an address so just send stuff to the mission home and I will get it:) But Ok so Christmas we are gonna be visiting investigators and members and a bunch of members said we can use their computers to talk to you! So around sometime after 3 MY TIME. I don't know what time that is your time....but I will call you first....and we can set everything up? I've heard that google something works better than Skype?
Alright well this week will be very short because we are beyond busy right now! But this week was AMAZING! We were able to meet a new investigator...M (the lady that the spirit completely directed us too....and started bawling when we talked to her) her husband answered the door cuz Marilyn wasn't home and we were able to bear testimony to him and give him a book of Mormon and we are goin back tonight to teach both of them! so cool cuz they are Lutheran!!:) Then we were able to meet with D with one of the members Sister A. It went SO good.....we bore testimony SO strong and explained the Restoration in great detail and explained so much more about our church and how it was the true church and the only way back to our heavenly father.....I committed her to pray and ask if this church was true and if she should get baptized into it. She said she would...with tears in her eyes.....IT WAS INSANE cuz she WAS a hard core catholic...and at first wanted nothing to do with us...but now she LOVES our message and is soakin it up! She bought us presents for Christmas and cried saying we have changed her life and brought her happiness she hasn't had in such a long time. Her parents died a year ago and she's been real alone (she never got married) so I bore strong testimony of how Christ's atonement can make all that is unfair with life be made right . She was bawling and it was such a powerful lesson. The spirit was SO strong....Sister A was crying and after the lesson hugged me and said miracles are starting to happen in Le Mars!!!! AHHh I LOVE IT! I LOVE missioniary work!!! SO MUCH! I never wanna leave!!! Then we had exchanges and got Ray (the old farmer and his son) to commit to read the book of Mormon and come to church!!!! They didn't come yesterday but called and said next week they would:) So we will see...but its huge progress with them!!!! Then we had zone conference which was AMAZING. President taught a powerful lesson on the Atonement....then we had a Christmas party with all the missionaries:) Then Brother and Sister W (ward mission leader).....Brother W surgery was a really bad and dangerous one...and hes not doin good....So we fasted for him yesterday and been prayin like crazy for him. Sister W has called and talked to me every night just bawling and venting cuz they don't have money to pay the surgery and they are gettin kicked out of their house. Their life is crazy right now///:( I finally am finishing my talk and testimony that she wanted and am givin that to her when she gets home from the hospital. I have prayed and really hope I said somethin that can help her through this hard time. Please keep them in your prayers. It was amazing cuz yesterday this less active family who wanted nothing to do with the church....the dad is an alchoholic and the home is a suicidal and all this stuff but we have been meetin with them and THEY CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY! The whole family! We sat by them and it was AMAZING so unexpected....but sorry this is all real fast and short and not makin sense but I have NO time. SO much other stuff happened but ii will have to share with you next week! LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL! and thanks for all you do!:) you are all in my prayers:)
Ashley is reunited with her MTC companions at Zone Conference!

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