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Monday, December 16, 2013

Hey Friends and Family!!!:) So this week has been absolutely crazy...haha the C's (members we are living with) are moving either a couple days before Christmas or after...its all a crazy situation so we don't really know.....We are probably moving out this week sometime....where too tho...we don't know. Haha yea so this huge deal is going down about taking us out of Le Mars....we are the only missionaires up here though and a LOT of people are getting upset about that.....The ward mission leader said we have had more success up here in Le Mars these past couple weeks than EVER before....and we HAVE to keep us up here....So after a long fight back and forth involving our mission and Sister K are for sure staying in Le Mars!!!:) Yay!! I love it here! Even though it is rough and hard up here!!! BUT I am moving houses so tell everyone to just send me letters and packages at my mission home for now until I found out whats gonna happen!!!:) THANK YOU! ok so I have seen some AMAZING miracles happen up here.....Ill just share a few experiences real fast!!! so we went and visited this family and its the SADDEST situation....their dad has just committed suicide and was a major alchoholic and beat them and now they just have the mom and 4 kids. They are way cute kids...but one of the little boys is Bi Polar and the 16 year old girl has tried to commit suicide a couple times.....Everyone stays clear of their family...its so sad..they are so lonely. But we went and visited and Sister K said that the 16 year old girl...NEVER talks to them when they had come over in the past. She locks herself in the room. She says she is athiest and hates the missionaries. Well we went over and were reading a chapter out of the book of Mormon with them when M (the 16 year old girl) walked in. I ended up striking up a conversation with her and we bonded instantly. It was cool. She showed me all her art she does and I started asking what they meant and she told me all these horrific sad things in her life and that's why she does her art that way. It was cool because we ended up getting into deep conversations and she opened up completely to me about her dad and how kids bullied her and shes tried to commit suicide cuz her Dad did. and so then I asked her if her way to vent was through art? and she was like "EXACTLY you understand me. Whenever I'm havin a hard day, I lose myself in my art. But teachers get mad at me cuz my art is SO dark and evil...but its my emotions..its who I am." We ended up getting in this deep conversation and I even bore my testimony to her and she listened and afterwards said, "I am so glad I met you...your actually a normal person...ha I can actually talk to you..thanks." It was AMAZING. Sister kent was SO excited! This was a huge breakthrough! I love that family. Everyone judges them and looks on them with disgust (the whole ward does) but if you get to know them, they have amazing hearts and are amazing people. They have just gone through hard things in their lives. It made me realize how God loves each and every one of matter what...and to never ever judge someone. Just get to know them...and you will find yourself absolutely loving them. I promise. Ok so another person we have been meeting with is L. I have talked about her before. She is the lady that is a heavy smoker and drinker. She has had a really rough life too. Both her parents died when she was 16 and her husband beat her and all this stuff. So now she is completely alone and just had back surgery so needs a lot of help and company. We have been goin over and cleanin her house. So the other day we went over and vacummed and then sat down and just started talkin to her. We had a strong prompting to sing "A childs prayer" to her. Which is weird cuz I HATE singing. But we did....and the spirit got there SO strong. She started bawling.......then afterwards I was full of the spirit...and I just started to pour my heart out to her. I will tell you that I personally didn't say a word to was ALL the Spirit. I just went off on how much God loves her....and started crying and bearing my testimony and testifying that God lovers her SOOO much and cares for her specifically and that as God's messengers we feel a bit of that love and its amazing just how much God loves was overwhelming. I talked about how God just wants to hear from her more than anything and wants to talk to her and comfort her and help her...all she needs to do is turn to him in prayer. I talked about how God will talk back to her and answer all the questions she has through the Book of Mormon. I seriously just talked and cried pouring my heart out the whole time...and the whole time L sat there bawling. I got her to commit to pray and read the book of mormon and I promised her if she would go to the BOM with a question in mind..that God WILL answer her through the BOM. It was cool.....cuz how could I promise that? I didn't. God DID. Mom, Dad, he USED me that night. I caught a glimpse of how much he loves L and that love was overwhelming. That's how he feels about all of us. He loves each and everyone one of us THAT much. Ah it was amazing to actually feel like just a mouthpiece for the Lord. I gave my whole self to him and promised as we walked in her house that I would to whatever he wanted me too if he would just lead me. and HE DID. IT wasn't me talking to L....I promise. I myself wouldn't have said the things I was soooo bold but it worked out perfectly. and she commmited to EVERYTHING. ahhh amazing:) Then she begged me after to not leave....the feeling with me was the best feeling shes ever had she said. We explained what that feeling was amazing. then afterwards Sister K said that she has been out here for 8 months....and has NEVER felt the spirit so strong as she did in there. She said she felt prompted to not say anything and just let me do the whole thing....and now she knows why:) it was sooo cool! Heavenly father used ME!:) I want him to always be able to use me like that:) Anyways..... Then the next day we ended up goin back and moving her bed (from surgery) into her room and setting up her Christmas tree and decorating her house. She was sooo happy because she hated Christmas cuz she was so alone....but now was feeling the spirit of Christmas:) I have never seen her SO happy! She was dancing and singing and then after wards we had hot chocolate and sang hymns and read from the bOM:) She is totally loving it:) I love it!!!!! Then she gave me a scarf she made me!!!!! haah for helping her cut back on cigarettes!!!:) Ill send a picture!!!:) Alright so then on Sunday I got to give my talk. I talked on the Atonement and hard times...cuz a lot of people are having major hard times out here right now. It was way cool giving a talk as a missionary.....I didn't actually have to write a talk...I kinda just talked. Ha it was cool:) didn't think I could do that:) but afterwards....Sister W...(the cutest old couple ever) came up to me bawling and hugging me saying that that talk was EXACTLY what she needed to hear.....then all of the other members came up and said stuff like that too...ha saying it was the most amazing talk they have heard in a was weird cuz I just basically bore my testimony the whole time. Then the Stake president came up to me and said "Now I know why everyone's makin it a big deal for the missionaries to stay in Le Mars....You are the reason. With a testimony like wonder people in Le Mars are actually responding to you. You are something were sent here for a reason. you are the angel of Le mars." It Ha I cried.....that was the sweetest thing ever.....then after church Sister W ended up pouring out her heart and telling us all these horrible things going on. They are going bankrupt and losing absolutely everything they have.....she sobbed and sobbed and didn't know what to do....I just hugged her and promised her it was all going to work out...the Lord had a plan. and She asked if I could give her a copy of my today im gonna write her my testimony down and give it to her and write her a letter.....gosh I love her so much. PLEASE keep them in your prayers. They are the sweetest old couple EVER. and DO SO MUCH for the missionaries and ward!!!!! WE NEED THEM. We have no idea where we are gonna live but we are moving this week. All of the apartments and stuff up here are way too dangerous for Sister missionaires to live in so President won't let us....but I know the Lord is gonna find a way somehow because we are MEANT to be up here right now. S (this 73 year old member who is AMAZING. Seriously an angel sent from heaven...she's basically just like grandma ruth) is thinking of buying a small house so that we can live there with her!!!!! SERIOUSLY the members out here are AMAZING! there are 5 families that are members up here and they would do ANYTHING to keep the missionaries up here. It's soooo sweet!!! So we will see what happens:) But I LOVE You all and pray for you EVERY single day:) Thanks for all the support and Love I get from each of you and the prayers that you say for me:) I really do feel them and can't thank you enough!!!:) I LOVE YOU ALL!

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